Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam

Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Organization is created for announcing Jeevayogam to this World. This organization introduces Jeevayogam to this World for World people to learn Yogam and to get best through it.

Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam was registered legally on 05 August 2011 under Government of Tamil Nadu. Registered Number is 1241 / 2011 and qualified for ISO 9001:2015

It is an organization registered under Indian Government MSME (TN11D0002666)

It has acquired trademark for its logo which is published in Journal No. : 1757-0 Dated : 08/08/2016

It has also got copyright for its book "YOGAM KALAI IYYAL" L-63159/2016

It was created by Mr. Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan. It has 10 Trust Main Members including the founder. It works on basis of Nonprofit.

Native Place

Native place is the place of birth, place of education, place of work/business, place of service and place of self and common development.

"If native place is Negative place, it is best to change it positive place"

Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Training Center

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Yoga Training Center,
No. 4/438 A, Moovendar Nagar,
Bagalur Road, Hosur,
Tamilnadu, India. 635109


6 am to 10pm everyday

+91 9443938409
+91 9486855644
+91 4344244409

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Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Office

Address :

Plot No. 24, Sipcot Staff Housing Colony,
Opp. LAL, Mookandapalli, 
Hosur, Tamilnadu, India. 635126

Opening Time : Monday to Friday - 10 am to 5 pm

Contact :

+91 9486855644
+91 9150286044


* Jeevayogam stands support for man to live the life pleasant and healthy leaving worries, sorrows and sadness.

* Jeevayogam gives chance to expose the devotion within us, to see The God through it, to know The Jeevan in the path shown by God and to make it Holy.

* Activities of Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Trust members begins from knowing oneself, to the administrative responsibility, humanity services, social services and doing their functions and responsibilities perfectly with Universe Creator's support.


Jeevan is common for everyone. As the intention of Jeevayogam is to know The Jeevan completely, every Jeevan (any age, any religion, any caste, any nation) can learn The Jeevayogam.


* Devotion
* Humility
* Courage
* Love
* Patience
* Understanding
* Peace
* Acceptance
* Self Discipline

And a great wish to know The Universe Creator is needed.


According to today's Life style also by using the gap between the actions properly we can live greatly and sharing what we experience is Jeevayogam. Jeevayogam comes as continuity of Bakthi Yogam, Karma Yogam, Gnana Yogam, Raja Yogam.

Jeevayogam explains detail starting from the Universe to The God contact, the contact between each of them and the methods to know it is explained completely.      

   "Further the contact between Pulangal (sense organs) and organs,
    The contact between Pulangal and Siddham,
    The contact between Siddham and Arivu (knowledge).
    The contact between Anbu
(love) and Arivu,
    The contact between Arivu, Anbu and Gnanam (Spiritual wisdom),
    The contact between Gnanam and Uyir [Soul, Jeevan]
    The contact between Soul and Uruvakkiavan (Universe Creator)"

Jeevayogam not only explains it completely but also gives the chance to know completely.

"The outcome of Sense Organs (knowledge power) is steady of life
To know The Soul by The Soul
To Join with The God"

As Jeevayogam explains completely and properly.

"Anger giving humiliation
Regard giving Eminence
Breathing giving freedom"

as from things that man makes practical to

"Food and thought
Goodness doing pulse
Natural quality of Ten Kinds of vital air"

those things making into actions, Jeevayogam make proper method to understand by Man himself not like unripe but like ripe. This is Specialty of Jeevayogam.

"Not only for ascetic living in asceticism.
Not only for The Yogi thinking about Yogam all time
But also for normal People living by suffering"

Jeevayogam's Special feature is that it made precise for the basis properly that helping to make Yoga Success.

"Difference between exercise and Aasanam
Systematizing Aasanam and Yoga Aasanam
Contact between Yoga Aasanam and The God."

Jeevayogam's completeness is exposed not only by explaining detail but also it says completely about the methods, usages for All the Aasanas starting from the health to The Aasanas that helps to know The God.



We will learn with teacher
We will learn with learning method.

 Shape in world
 Movement of shape
 Adjust of movements
 Run of adjustments
 Contact of running
 Share of contact
 Modification of shares
 Analyze of modification
 Share of analyze
 Maturing (maturity ) of shares
 Make of mature
 Make, of the God - know
 Learn. Happy to learn.
 Make the learning as duty.
 Announce to all world members(living beings)
Full knowledge - that is
Glittering in full knowledge,
Join to learning
Getting God bless.


To know,
Soul to The Body contact & Soul to The Universe Contact
Contact with Human & God
Contact method & Universe Secrets
All The Vedas in The World & Yogam.  

If we begin to think
Meeting becomes Peak.

Thanks to The Universe Creator and all.