Joining Bridge for Science and Spiritual.

Self, Universe, Universe Creator

By : Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

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"Come to know, We will Announce
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"We will learn with 'Teacher'
We will learn with 'Teaching' Method
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Make the learning as 'Duty'
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Decision is that Reforming
The Functions of The Thoughts,
The Thoughts of The Functions pertinent to
The Great Thinking and Action.

"Decision is becoming as proof in
Science and Spiritual."
- Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

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Thanks to The Universe Creator


        Let us know the basic structural methods about life.


        Five kinds of living things exposure, Five kinds of actions is important for Man's life.

                Curry Leaf


        Bat is the living being that doesn't match two stages  In Bird's community that hatches brood by laying eggs and In Animal's community that lay offspring. As the Bat that got ability of hearing minute sounds, got a single organ for eating and excreting it have got the ability of flying and to hang upside down. Because while eating stage is there as creating stage is not there, it has got the ability of living pleasant even in Dark Room.


            To digest the average food eaten and the thought taken in by man, Liver is needed to secrete 4 LITER OF BILIARY daily. "As path renovates journey becomes comfort" like this Liver in the non burden stage completes its duty smooth and pleasant. According to the food eaten and the thought taken in by each person the biliary stage changes. Biliary stage is being in God's creation as to go down towards the Intestine for Food digestion and to up towards Brain for Thought digestion. While Thought's interaction in eating stage and Food's interaction in thought's interaction is there The Liver becomes subjected to confusion rich stumble in stage of partitioning its biliary. As this stage continuing and continuing by strong contrary the Liver's action subject to damages, the biliary secretion stage changes and the food's digestion and thought's digestion are affected. By Food digestion's damage Gastric, Liver, Pancreas, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Kidney, Anal Canal and Pituitary's endocrine gland further Hypothalamus the controlling center of Body function and Pineal Glands the the controlling center of mind function are all being affected. As man's very important minute functioning organs in The Soul Body functional structure are being affected, the man's self stage growth (Body development) and common stage growth (thought activation - Mind development) are being affected.

          Improper Biliary running is being as a very important Mile stone for the down fall of Soul Body functional development. As The Lord's gift The Liver activating best, Man's body and Mind by getting growth and by getting fulfill in self stage growth, sows the seeds for society's growth and becomes best as constructive man. As Best getting refine and as Food - Thought not becoming contrary, it is confirm of becoming Bliss by getting Universe Creator's Blessing in Spiritual Wisdom growth and World popularity in Scientific growth. Like the banyan tree's tentacles food for transformation and thought for creation is very important. To know the necessity we must not show negligence in food and unnecessary in thoughts. Blood the last nutrient evolution of Food and The Neuron [Neuron (Abirudhu Neuron) the reason for Living and Nonliving beings functional contact] that went to The Lungs the controlling center of Breath's events to confluence the heart in needed level, for thought activation the needed oxygen are being produced. The Food is being a very important source for the production of Blood that is being an important base for taking the produced oxygen throughout The Body, by knowing and realizing this let us realize the importance of being without contrary in eating stage and without interaction of eating in thought activation.

For not to make The Liver's duty anxiety,
                                    "Hungry and Eat ! Taste and Eat !
                                     Will get refine as activating by thinking".



            Tortoise, that is said as an example of Five Sense inconspicuousness is making it, to live wealthy by making its Breath energy as the center, to protect itself. If tortoise locate itself inside its shell, it has the awareness of not coming out in any situation for others. Breath energy is being a complete root for Sense inconspicuousness, Proper functioning of the sense, to be awaken in awareness for, each living organisms. For a human almost 320 liters of Breath energy is needed for a day.

For a normal human,
                         Thinking Power     = 120 liters
                         Activating Power   = 100 liters
                         Digestion of Food = 100 liters
Like Breath energy's distribution is needed.

For an achiever,
                         Thinking Power     = 120 liters
                         Activating Power    = 140 liters
                         Digestion of Food  = 60 liters
Like that, only Breath energy's contribution is differing for a normal person and an achiever.

       In times we not experiencing The Natural air, man uses the artificial device Fan for fulfilling his Puram (Outside) Body needs. Man In times of not getting Breath energy for fulfilling his Agam (Inner) body needs, God in his(Avathar) creation has created sleeping and yawning to get Breath energy through it, is the special feature of God's creation. Many events in The World quality are being fixed by color, like this color gets participation even in Breath energy feature. Yellow color breath air is needed for knowing The God in Spiritual Wisdom Department and for making research in Science department. Green color air is being base for moving food towards Gastric and also for digestion. Red color air is being main for man awoke from anger fire to get his stage. Blue color air has an important role in activating in order to others. Black color air is useful for removing the unwanted.

           "Person having holiness in the heart is Blessed" as it is mentioned in The Bible. In Soul Body the meeting part of Thought and Food through Air is Heart. There only the needed oxygen is produced for a thought to become as an action. Pulangal, Siddham, Arivu, Anbu, Gnanam, Mind, Soul as everything is subjected in Soul Body functional structure. To get holiness in Heart, as getting Purity in Sense organ's function, a single stage that is possible by us, all the above said will get holiness. Breath energy does Great support to make The Sense Organ pure. "Live* Breath Exercise" that observes the Breath which is functioning continuously daily helps The Sense Organs to function properly and to get release form the function contrary. To explain the importance of Breath energy in Practical,
           An eminence event that 'Soul is being till the Breath is being'
           In Creationism formation the Living beings that is living Best by making Breath as center
           In God's events, the incarnation events that explaining eminence of Breath energy
as God is guiding in various stages for his (Avathar) creations to live Well and Best. Man going in the way by knowing the way in guidance, improves in his life without pain by knowing the way.

               Man to live Well it is important to know that our Soul Body functional structure and others Soul Body functional structure will change according to their Karma reaction. If we come to know we will get an eminence stage of not considering Highs and lows without comparing self and self's ability with others. As except man all other living things are living in non comparing stage, they are living wealthy, well and natural by doing its duty completely. As an ordinary man's thoughts is normal and the results for it is being got in The World easily, 120 liter Breath energy is sufficient for his thinking ability. Breath energy participation is useful to rise the life of the person living in the stage of not comparing with others by knowing his stage. The Breath energy will not use to rise the life of the person who making his sense organ's function wound by Investing others stage and saying positive negative without viewing self stage and as it is useful to remove his unnecessary messages by investing, his life is needed to suffer by shortage. Further eating while thinking and thinking while eating as food - thought becoming contrary by not systematizing, at that time100 liters breath energy respective to the digestion and 100 liters breath energy respective to the activation will not be enough for the life, so the man as normal subjects by changing to two stages like wealthy-poor, wellness-illness, happiness- sadness and becomes as poor person in living. Man living by systematizing uses Breath energy participation completely to live his life refine and affluence on self stage without changing in any situation.

              As ambition person's thinking is needed to detect by searching in The World and further it is needed to align for getting clarity by detecting, 140 liters Breath Energy is needed. As naturally an Ambition person being without viewing, without seeing, without hearing and without talking the unwanted, activates his thinking by not joining the dust in his sense organ functional ability energy and by using sense organ's functional energy properly and tries to use for succeeding. As avoiding eating sometimes and doing the eating properly, 60 liter breathing energy respective to digestion is used best and affluence and the food energy does great support for them to rise further more. Those person realized that it is needed to suffer by losing energy in stages like enmity and allied exchange in affection, are being in non-disturbed stage of mind by thinking The Universe Creator whatever happiness-sadness happened and they are able to attain their ambition and to glow as morning star in the department oriented to them. The reason for the rock made up of mud to rise in value and quality than mud is that the penance made by the mud. Though nature is pleasant, as the mud particles accepts the disasters for more and more years pleasantly without opposing and without running away, it becomes as rock by tightening through God Grace. Also the man without scattering his thinking and in order to that not seeing positive - negative on others, the person doing the duty without becoming upset till the time comes and does the duty and achieves the achievement. Creates the history.


           Though unable to know and announce his body deficiency and by realizing that his parents chased him away without knowing and understanding the true stage, Thomas Alva Edison is the person who attained eminence stage by trying with persistence mind in stage of not seeing blame. The person seeing comfort without getting tiredness in self stage at any situations can get fragrance in life and can rise as philanthropists of giving fragrance to The World after living. Man to glow as success rich person in his department he must be as,

                             * Loving person
                             * Person abdicating the love
                             * Person not getting worries in abdication.

Person being will guide by rising to peak level.

                                            "Let us know the comfort in breathing
                                             Let us get comfort comfortably."


As removing arrogance, we can get Praise.

        Whale is the amazing creature that explains this to The World through its life. The Whale that is one of the penance child of The Sea Mother who gets happy by thinking, takes very serious effort to complete its thinking. Whale through its life makes realize to The World that,
                                   * Eat with hunger
                                   * Eat by tasting
                                   * Activating the thinking
                                   * Systematizing the thinking
                                   * Working with persistence to make creation
                                   * Without reason being without doing avocation
                                   * Loving the neighbors
                                   *  Unity feeling paves way for improvement.
Though being less in counting, Whale is the living thing that lives solitude.

           Rain water is the water that could not be created even by The king ruling The Soil. Among the living beings enjoying by experiencing the rain water's magnificence plants are mentioned very importantly. Those experience the rain water and keep it within it for some time by attracting and though its keeper doesn't pour water, it has the feature of enjoying by 'keeping the presence'. Like the philanthropists Karnan who gave to the peoples who asked to him, the rain water gives water by God Grace to those asking it. The reason for saying "Rain water is Soul water" is that the sea mother skewers by heat and transforms her and flows as water for other living beings to live. To progress the adverse poverty, 'Rain Water' is the wonderful event among amazing events created by The God. "World doesn't be without Water" according to this the water that is glowing as very important one for welfare of the body is being 70% in Human Body. If the water energy that is being as source in Soul Body reduces, the Soul Body functional structure subjects to infection by the creation of stages like skin becoming dry, hacking cough, feeling irritation while passing urine, digestive problem........... Creationism's subtlety is that exposing Urine, sweat, tears ........ in these stages to increase water level. The Water that is being support for the food digestion and thought digestion is used 3/4 percentage for food digestion and (Indirectly) 1/4 part for thought digestion as water mixed in the blood. To know the praise of creations in creationism seasonable changes and natural distress are created and guides to live properly by knowing the magnificence. "No Avocation without reason" becomes very very matchable one for God events.

                Tears is one of the amazing gifts given by The Universe Creator for living things. The increase of hotness created by contraries in Soul Body functional Structure like Pain, Agony, sadness, worries ......... are exposed as tears. "Living with particular level gives way to live well", the statement that saying this shortly is "Level gives Span of life". As everything is created in level in creationism "Using levelly, gives uses" is mentionable one. Water, Heat, Air, Space as everything is created levelly in Soul Body functional structure. Heat's capacity in Man's Soul Body structure is 5 %. Man to live well Heat's capacity is most needed. While Heat's balance changes Health Hazards are created. Heat capacity is used 1/2 percent for food and 1/2 percent for sense organ's functioning and to protect the body as per external conditions. Person who doesn't see positive-negative in the functions of Five Elements which is created to do support for living things' protection and development, gets the chances wealthy to live affluence. Man acting as known on his unknown is equal to the mirage that shows non-present water as present in sunny times. Like the mirage that is unusable for usage, Man's this ability becomes unusable for creation and gives cons. Having humility for announcing known things and bravery for announcing unknown things supports man for protection development.

                As wounds are not there deeply in the life of the man having humality and bravery, he refines himself the possible level to spend the life pleasantly. Understanding is most important to protect self, the sense organ's functions of people based on self without making wound and the man to protect water and heat balance in our body with renovation. To understand, whatever be the situation, it is right to consider the situation of people based on those actions without viewing it in our situations. As all the seeings are being recorded in our Body's functioning as sight, by renovating the thought "Eye is there for seeing" as "Eye is there to see the needs", the chance will be got to see the procedures to attain our ambition as sight by God Grace. Systematizing the seeing sights, we can see the sight helping to attain the improvement with proper.

              Though the functioning of Large intestine structure that is changing fat droplets of the fat in the food and Gallbladder's structure that is having bile for helping large intestine's digestion, is different it is one of the very very needed stages. Though many people participating in our life structure is of different attitude, they will be glowing as needed stage. So that only "using" any of the things is considered as very great Art. Person who got pass in refining oneself becomes completeness got person in using. Like "Unprotected teeth becoming caries", the person missing to protect the thinking with tidy becomes quality loosed person for living by erecting the head and to live bowing by others.

                                                       "As Soul Body functions
                                                        Getting Eminence
                                                        We will live great."

CURRY LEAF (Murraya koenigi)

                                                 "Energy Calculation Amazing Limit."

       The curry that is living and growing as this meaning has iron energy and is useful as solvent to dissolve unwanted cholesterol. In Man's body cholesterol's capacity is 5%. Man subjects to recession while capacity increases and to tiredness while capacity decreases. For muscle functioning 1/2 percentage and for food digestion 1/2 percentage cholesterol is used. Curry leaf like the heat herbal Neem (Azadirachata indica) leaf gives heat for the man's body structure and is of strength rich for helping digestion. The Curry leaf that is growing form plant to the tree is being as welfare life giving for many living things. Man to grow height curry leaf's strength is useful. As the ratio of the curry leaf that is used limit, giving and getting the advice by knowing the limit guides to rise in the life.
            Peak is one of the nature's structure that quotes Greatness. Peak that is standing raised and glowing with strength is the various evolution development of Mud's praise. Though rich in persistence and strength its base is mud particle like this undeniable eminence truth, though a man raised by wealthy wealth for him to get eminence greatness it is very important need to live by refining and by making proper his habits. It is must to avoid the unnecessary to know the need. Water flowing in the river is best for river as well as the water. Than river water specialty is less for the water in the lake and the living beings living in the lake. Because river removes its dust on the same day. Man living by removing the dust gets the quality of becoming greatness rich man.

                 Crow by seeing Cuckoo's calling ability
                 Cuckoo by seeing crow's living ability
                 Turkey by seeing Peacock's beautiful feather
                 Peacock by seeing Turkey's body
As being in stage of not seeing imbalance it is living Supreme Bliss by doing its duty Best. Than becoming Anxiety by seeing glitch, the life of the person knowing methods to remove the glitch belongs to efflorescence. Life of the person that begin in sanctum not to fall even went to grove,
                  * Stage of not seeing old age in living method 
                  * Being without seeing happiness in development and contempt in downfall
                  * Not to become disappointed in sadness
                  * Not deducting the duty's time for sleep
       By knowing the stages like this we must do the duty sane with consciousness and with the speed relevant to us. 'Person doing Duty without considering result rises in the life' is a certain one. To know the certain, let us try to live uncertain life by removing destruction. As involving the trying with effort, we can live the completeness got life wealthy and will live standard in thoughts even passed our life. Living is God given Boon. If we know to use the boon, living the life is easy and will be set as rise giving. To live wealthy person seeing peace without getting stress in Aasai reaches his aim. To attain the aim, chances is strongly there for all living beings. Person by knowing the aim following in its path by knowing the procedures, without passing Kaalam glows as Light House.

              The Heart that is working continuously like the breath is being as a meeting point of food and thought and also production warehouse for Oxygen. For a thought to debut as an action 1 liter oxygen is needed. In order to this person viewing self gets fame in Universe. Wanted thought storage is strength for Life's growth. Unwanted thought storage increases the Irutarai that is in Lungs and sets as base for shortage to fulfill the needs by spending the oxygen and by reducing the capacity of lungs.

             Person having itches can not be without itching, like that person seeing happiness by analyzing others stage can not be without interfering. It is important to keep in thought that The Head is one though some body parts in man is two. Because the cerebellum acting and activating by knowing the taste is in head. As seeing others stage, the stage of not getting energy available by taste that is needed for our Soul Body function will be created. Food eaten by not realizing the taste will set as strength for the body, except this it will not set as energy,
                       * For the Sense Organ functions
                       * For the Eminence got by it
                       * For the prominence got by greatness
                       * For name, fame............ as the development got by greatness.
Further self, self's family, self's society, self's country as it is impossible to help for high level development.

             Eczema damages The Soul Body and makes to deform. Itches and eczema are created by the body's Allergic conditions. As like that Jealousy, wickedness, saying blame, despising, gibing ............. activities like this becomes belongings of Mind allergic as per God creation justice. As mind affected by allergic thoughts respective to the growth are not coming and some time are scattered in impossibility stage of doing into action though coming. In the stage of not knowing that each living beings in the Universe created by God has each special feature,
                 Thinking banality by seeing size
                 Calculating span without calculating energy
                 Gibing by making shape superior and by ignoring the eminent............
man making this practical becomes fool. Veda's statement is that as good and evil are being vast searching their needs will diagnose. Even in our Soul Body functional structure good - evil doing bacteria and evil doing virus is also there. According to the attract power attracted by each person the diseases will be caused. If we undertake the surgery in body to cure the cancer created by virus, the body gets affected as by increase of cancer viruses in The Soul Body through the outside air's energy. Though doing mistakes is not only man's feature it is considered as the appropriate character of all living things, the person trying to improve without trying to correct the mistakes will not only go without attaining magnificence but also promenades in The World as skewered person with foolishness and the person loosed eminent and as the person loosed knowledge.

                                            "Guile bites the loyal people's life
                                             Though guile bites, maneuver will not effect."


             The Yellow colored Liver that is helping as Mother for Food digestion and Thought Digestion secretes Bile. The Bile that is having acidity and alkalinity though increases in level, the gallbladder is being in the way of using it later by storing. Liver, its secretion level and the gallbladder are affected because of the reasons like,
                         * Not eating after hungry
                         * Not eating even after hungry
                         * Getting contrary in thoughts by food
                         * Getting contrary in food by thought
                         * Making worries as property of us ..................
Further because of this problem digestion gets affected. Because of digestion problem Body, Mind development as Soul Body function itself getting affected. The liver of the person who is keeping worries as thought gets tired to the duty, by keeping this in thought that yesterday is completed, viewing on yesterday events helps as blockage for improvement. So let us try to take affluence in past to get development for not becoming deteriorating by thinking about completed. Today is present. The person seeing pleasant in presence and the person doing the duty with responsibility travels wealthy to see spring in life. Tomorrow is non-happened event. Planning the non-happened event and spending today in that planning will give only damages for the life. Being without expectation and planning with clarity in tomorrow event will be as base to avoid damages. All the thought thoughts in our Soul Body functional structure is being as source to activate oneself as recordings. Than strength needed for thought's recording, lots of strength is needed to renovate those recordings properly and to remove unwanted thought's recording. Because of this reason, it is explained that the man activating by knowing his functional life needs will become seed for development and unnecessary intervening becomes strength for downfall.
Further, through this donkey picture that carrying packs "Look me Yogam comes", the burden of the person who sees oneself will be as comfort burden, will be as needed burden and will be as property helping for life. The burden occurring by the result of the desire of seeing depth in others stage will become as burden that makes                      Yogam,

                           * Affluence Life
                           * Refine giving life
                           * Joining
                           * Luck
                           * Knowing Self
                           * Knowing Universe function clarity
                           * Joining with Universe Creator
............ as the reason for mentioning all this is in Yoga method first See You ; Renovate ; Get Prosperity. This explains that, if it happens like that. all other things will change and gets renovation.


            Lotus's specialty are that though its petals are more in counting it is arranged beautifully and its blooming by seeing Sunlight. The National flower Lotus is also glowing among the living beings that are glowing as an example for man's life. Through its life feature, it explains to The World that,
          The person who considers important along with renovating in stage of not colliding with contrary though having how many and how many infinite thoughts, sees wealth in Life.
         Man must activate his development effort in light having stage like Body Strength, Mind Wealth.

             World is very big eminent Academy. To learn and to clear in it humility and clarity must be there. The person seeing imbalance in acceptance, that is the person seeing imbalance in Sayer's stage will not attain improvement. The person trying to improve will not see the Sayer's stage and will see only the word's meaning without seeing variation in needed advice. "Nature" is the amazing Mother who explains life's eminent truth. While grass plant grown in between paddy plant, If learns to take paddy by removing grass, if knows to live by systematizing self stage, man will be as pillar like back bone and brain not only for development based on self stage but also for The Country to get development.

            Though Gold's rate is valuable, as it is being low of strength in self stage ability, to make its strength wealthy if any of the material like Copper, silver...... is mixed with it, it exposes its ability as avocation (Jewel shine) only by joining with the reason and without joining in disclosure. Like the ability of buying Gold by seeing its quality, the man who lives by choosing needed things to get wealth for life in happiness-sadness events happening in life, gets chance to become Mahatma. Like The Phoenix bird, the person learning to stand with zealous by getting energy and without getting burnt in fire of worries, will live standard without dissolving in thought though time passed away. Purified life is equal to the Paradise. The person living by seeing equality in Agam and Puram, gets success in the department that he likes.

              The man who is calculating economy in his life, if lives by having concentration in calculating body-mind welfare health in his practical life, he will get amazing energy to correct and renovate by viewing in equal stage on both happiness-sadness without judder jump in happiness and without getting upset in worries. To rectify the economy scarcity, we can renovate by seeking others help. If our Agam-Puram welfare source gets affected, only those person can help them to get energy rather than that there is no use by others.

                                                        Ever decrease Wealth is
                                                        God Grace Wealth.

Guide shown by parents is for self development
Guide shown by teachers is for life development
Guide shown by Jeevayogam is for Jeevan development.

So, let us follow the guideline shown by Jeevayogam to get development in self, life and more than that, for the development in Jeevan.

Thank you All and The Universe Creator.