Guru is a person who leads us to get clear by explaining Knowledge, Love and Wisdom which are needed for a man's development. Guru is the one who makes us refine by explaining the things between the birth and the death and also the things there beyond death. Guru guides us for great life, being in the stage after parents and before The God.

"Guru stage is the mid stage of making man as Human"


Fulfillment of Myself is knowing oneself, contacting The World properly in which we are living and properly knowing about The Universe Creator.

My biography,

NAME                : Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan
DATE OF BIRTH  : 11 April 1968
POSITION          : Founder & Chairman, Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Trust
INTENTION        : Making Jeevayogam complete & Publishing it throughout The World.
HOBBY              : Myself and My Creator being in Contact.
FAVORITES        : Knowing that everything is connected with everything. More than this His
                           (Universe Creator) Action.
MY QUOTE        : "Life's amazement will be seen in Life
                            God's amazement will be seen in everything"
LIFE PRINCIPLE : Making everyone realize that everything is his (Universe Creator) action.

Inner and Outer clarity is needed to do The Duty.
We can know the duty's completeness by knowing The Jeevan.
Spreading The Jeevayogam's sharing will be a chance to get Heavenly Bliss.


Life's Function is one. But we have divided Life's function as two big divisions. One is Science and other one is Spiritual.

Scientific need is in Spiritual and Spiritual Need is in Universe Creator.

                                                                  GOD'S SIMPLE


Scientific need is the effort to get our need from The World.


Spiritual is needed to know that our need is there in World, World need is there in our-self,to know about these two needs, to know The Creator of these two & to live happy by joining The Universe Creator.

The guide of Great persons are needed to announce The Science and Spiritual.



Moral, Thing, Happy And Beneficence are Needed for The Life.


Thoughts, Action, Experience and Shares are Needed for knowing.


Matha, Pitha, Guru and God are Needed for The Yogam.


(Mother), PITHA (Father) :

Parents are glowing base for human evolution growth. Not only that, their duty is to grow properly with clarity in body and mind (clarity needed for both parents and children). Important message for parents is that they should grow their children by announcing that beyond them The Universe Creator who created them is responsible for the creation of children.

"Parent stage is the first stage of making man as Human"

My Third Daughter, My Father, Mother

Matha :
       M. Vellaiyammal

Pitha  :
       M. Mariyappan

My Parent is Best couples. Why means they will not do any of their action without sharing the messages within them. In their life in situations like from poor to rich and from rich to poor they lives by understanding each other.

To such a couple I was born as their third child on 11 Apr 1968 nearly 23:00 on the travel in bullock cart. I like them very much and at the same time if I act as they wish only they like me very much. Each man will like to live as he wish. This is common theory. At the same time if what he thinks is Great, he will scarifies anything to achieve it. This is Achievement theory. In this Achievement theory only, my Life is being created and My life's Studies, games, understanding, messages to be shared, Life's uplifts, researches, Philosophies, Discoveries, Social and Environmental Services were also created. In between this common theory and achievement theory many variations in understanding of thoughts and actions come between my parents and me. This creates a great gap between me and my parents. This gap was being as a chance to know about understanding and to complete my achievements.

"Problems doesn't occur between Theories
Problems occur between People only by scarcity in Understanding"

"Problems doesn't occur, we are itself creating it."



The Guru is mediator between the human beings and The God.


The Guru is guide line for The God Yogam.


 1. Matha, Pitha, Guru and The God.
 2. Seeing Guru gives millions of virtuous deed.
 3. Surrender to Guru. The God have to come.
 4. If there is no Guru Blessing, There is no God Blessing.


Mr. MOORTHY (Madurai City, Tamilnadu, India)

CONTACT YEAR   : January 1993 to February 1994

Common view on Yogam
                 "Hard to get
                  If we get, it is Yogam."

Like this only many people is taking about Yogam in many ways. Because learning it is very difficult and the efforts to learn it is more difficult and if we learn also living on it is much difficult. If we live so in that method that is Yogam.

'It is possible if we try' We on saying this, Are we expelling it by saying that trying is difficult ! Yogam is capital word, wishing word, precious word ......... among Words in The World. After giving great positions to this word and to know the meaning of that word and saying that contacting the actions related to that meaning is difficult.


"Then are we saying that it begins with pleasure and ends with difficulty."

It is pleasure if every one accepts that beginning with pleasure ends with pleasure. As it is on one side, it is awe to hear that Yogam has various ways and in it itself there are two differentiation viz. Scientific Yogam and Spiritual Yogam.

Yes, The world is 'Bramandum' (tremendous).

In that tremendous the wonder giving wonderful message is Yogam.

When I hear this the feelings that arose within me to know and experience it is Jeevayogam.

Jeevayogam is the pearl that was created when I tried to know this awe of Bramandum. I saw the Guru and exposed what I want to know.

Me     :   Bramandum
Guru  :   That is Creator's cosmos.
Me     :   Brahma means ?
Guru  :   It is one of the names of The Cosmos Creator among millions of names .
Me     :   Cosmos means ?
Guru  :   The place where we are.
Me     :   Earth  ?
Guru  :   Cosmos includes Earth, Moon, The Sun, Stars .
Me     :   Oh ! This is only Bramandum.
Guru  :   Let us come to the point.
                    [My travel on questions was too long.]
Me     :   Bramandum itself a creation means in it Are there two differentiation viz. Scientific and
Guru  :   Scientific - To know the Creation.
              Spiritual - To know The Creator [The God].
Me     :   It means?
Guru  :   It is the secret of The Creation.
Me     :   Is it possible to know it ?
Guru  :   If you know about the common basis between Scientific and Spiritual !
Me     :   Is it possible!
                    ( He gave me blessing that Practice makes a man perfect)
Guru  :   In the Effort you will come to know The Creation Secret.

By saying this he went by sending me away.

I am inside me, The World inside me, I'm inside The world as like this my travel on searching was there when I analyzed within me to know the methods of The Secrets about The Creation. It took one year for me to know the result for my search. Creation Secret created as Thoughts. Who created the Thoughts in me made the creation of the Creation's thoughts. With God thanks, With Supreme bliss thanks and the Happiness mixed with Supreme Bliss tears I went to my Guru and Exposed.

Padaithavanukkum Padaikkapattavaigalukkum ulla Thodarbai Padaitthavanea Padaikkapattavigalil Padaipavigallukku mattum unarthuvathea Padaippin Ragasiyam endrean. (Tamil version)

I said Secret of Creation as The Universe Creator itself making to analyze only to things making Creations in Universe Creator's Creations about The contact between Universe Creator and Universe Creator's creations.

With tears of Supreme Bliss Guru said "Magnificence of God Worship". He said The message that is to be known by The Universe. Again and Again said Creator, Created things and Creating.

I saw him itself by opening my eyes in Meai (Fact). Guru thanked the God in The flow of happiness with Agam. In that thanks this Disciple also got The chance to participate.

"Let live The God
Let live The Creation by The God
Let live everything in God's Creation"

As Felicitation and Regard with flow of Thanks The Journey with God went from Body to Mind."

To start The Journey from Mind, By knowing from mind he said me to go in search of Magnificence Guru. I went with God blessing.

"Let live Guru
Let live Creator of Guru."

As my journey continued further.

Thanks to The lord and The Guru.

He is an Amazing Person who made Me to Know The Meaningful Religions.

Think about The God, Your Thinking Becomes True

If we Regard The God Namam, all Amazement will be Created in Our-self.

He often Says,

" Though we are Hungry, Eating and Enjoying The Eating, Thinking about The God is Maha Mantra.

I will say the correction of life as the first turning point. God gave me First Guru's contact for knowing the contact from the Body to The Mind.

"He gave The Base To Realize The God itself"

Thank God


Mr. Deva Thiavu Lahari (Thirunelveli,Tamilnadu India)

Contact Year : March 1994 To May 1995

My Travel in Spiritual Way : Ashram.
In my Spiritual Journey, second stage is Manujothi Ashram.
Manujothi Ashram is The confluence of family people in God contact.
Place of Nature surrounding and 24 hours Prayer happening place.
This was a chance for me,
   To join in Spiritual Speech
   To read Vedas
   To know and live in Ashram Life
   To live in ascetic life for a particular time.
   To know and live by practicing(General) Food Activity method.
   To know and live by practicing(General) Body Activity method.
   To know and live by practicing(General) Mind Activities method.
I was supposed to go to my native place with Guru Deva Thiavu Lahari's Blessings as my parents arranged for my marriage.

I will say the second turning point as the continuous travel of great changes in growing way.

God gave me second Guru's contact for knowing the contact form the Mind to The Soul.

Message that I like in his speech,

"Give first preference to The God in the thoughts acting in yourself."



Jothimayam Krishnamurthy (Avanyapuram, Tamilnadu India):

Contact Year : April 2005 To April 2008

I will say third turning point as exchanging life's great experience in learning and exchanging with Universe Creator's support to third person. God gave me third Guru's contact for knowing the contact from The Soul to The Universal Creator.

Message that I like in his speech is, 

"If we are living in God thought The World will know about us either we live or die, though we are simple, poor or rich, whomever, at any stage.

Pottruthal (Regard) :
"Ohm Attchayanathar Pottri
 Ohm Sivamathi Pottri"

Explanation of Pottruthal:

The God will give whatever you need.

Sivamathi :          

         The God will give full knowledge.

He often says to me, 


                         "THE SOUL TO THE UNIVERSAL CREATOR"                                        


                                                         IRAI IYYAL KRISHNAMOORTHI

The God Image found in my Father-in-law's village inside The Soil. In my God contact The God ordered me to call that God Image as Attchayanathar.

After that my Important Duty in life became to Worship and to service Attchayanathar. I Surrendered to God at any stage as

   "Even in times of Happiness coming
    Even in times of Sadness coming
    Attchayanatharukku Arrogara.

    Though inhabitants speaks Jeering
    Though Relatives speak by Derisively
    Attchayanatharukku Arrogara.

    Though Wife Worships
    Though Daughter goes without Worshiping
   Attchayanatharukku Arrogara"

Attchayanathar gives everything to those surrenders.

Attchayanathar, if we came as that,
"There are minds that swell mercy
There are minds that wipes Tears."



Arusuvai (Six kind of tastes in Food such as Sweetness, Sourness, Saltiness, Astringency, Pungency and Bitterness) is being one of The Basis for The Soul Body to get development. All Arusuvai got Magnificence rich Specialty. Bitter taste has important Role in development of Soul Body Function. It helps a lot To kill disease virus, At the same time to remove unwanted thoughts.

If man removes Unwanted thoughts he gets chance to attain Purity and to get Holiness. People are worshiping the bitter taste rich Neem tree as considering as God feature.

Neem tree's Specialty :
* Neem leaves cleans and molds The Skin.
* Neem seed removes The Stone in Bile.
* Neem Stripe helps as medicine to remove impetigo.
* Neem stick is helpful to brush The Tooth.
* Windows, Tree ............ made with Neem Wood acts as Safety defense for House.
* Neem Root makes head Cool, Removes Dandruff and creates interest for mind to seek The God.

As got these many Specialty we call Neem tree as God Herbal.

"By Regarding The Mulavan (God)
By Removing dust
Let us know The Magnificence of bitter." 



 1. Pattru (Hold) the helpers helping to know The Aathar (God)
 2. Regard The God to remove pressure (Body - Mind - Soul).
 3. To activate The Duty, don't see others.
 4. Agam to get wealth don't blame others.
 5. To do The Duty, don't consider Kalam (Time).
 6. In stage of not knowing Action, Don't provide advice to get Fine.
 7. Agam to Bloom, Regard The God.
 8. Keep in Mind that Correcting gives chance to get Eminence than Blaming.
 9. Don't call the Danger by Advices in unheard situations.
10. Worship The God regularly to become Well.



 1. Wonder is given By God
     Let us maintain it Pleasantly.

 2. Immai (Life in World) to Bloom and Marumai (Rebirth) not to bloom
     Let us be without Blaming The Nature.

 3. Let us Felicitate The Magnificence rich Rain water by Mind.

 4. To Raise Peak level, Let us not charge Blame even mustard size.

 5. Not to become Wilt, Let us not Derisive The Heat.



 1. To get God Grace, Worship Pleasantly.

 2. By Regarding from Mind
     By Removing the Dust
     Get The Magnificence.

 3. To Get Attchayam (Get The Gift)
     Regard Lord Attchayanathar.

 4. To get Fulfill
     To Get Mullumathi (Full Knowledge)
     Regard Lord Sivamathi.

 5. Agam to Blossom
     To Live Best in Universe
     All time Regard The God.

Let us Pray to see The Guru.
Let us see The Guru with God's Mercy.

"Let us get Guru's Grace
 Let us get God's Grace."

"If we see Guru, it is Billions of Happiness
 If we see God, All is Great Happiness."

Thanks to Guru.
Thanks to God.



Guru is the one who knows the functions of World and development of life in basis of creationism. Disciple is the one who takes the great messages of Guru and the actions needed for World development to The World with service mind and humanity.

First Disciple



Jeevayogam Revathy is called with love as Jeevayogam's First Morning Star by Sivamathi.

As Revathy tried to do effort with full effort by accepting Word's Chancellor Sivamathi's words completely, she got God Grace.

People say "Seeing Guru gives millions of virtuous deeds", by guidance of Sivamathi who is beyond Guru, I got millions of virtuous deeds and also the good fortune of seeing The Universe Creator.

"We will get wealth in life by parent's guidance
We will get clarity in life by teacher's guidance
We will get great stage in life by Guru's guidance
We will get eminence in life by Sivamathi's guidance"

First pearl which got eminence by Sivamathi's guidance. Pearl given as strength by The God for the development of Jeevayogam. A device used for the continuation of creationism by Universe Creator's Grace. 

"Eminence created by Sivamathi"

"We will learn with teacher (Guru)
We will learn with learning method."

"Millions of virtuous deeds to see The Guru"