Human Rights to uplift the society

Human Rights: The Word Power

 Human Rights to uplift The Society

Human gets Uplifted in The Society by Contacting and Contacting in The World Properly. For Contacting Human Rights - Word Power is being as Great Support.

All function messages in The World are being announced by Words.

"Let know the Words
Let live by knowing Great level Living method
Let Announce by Living
Let uplift The Society by Human Rights."

Human Rights 

It is necessary to think better whether Human Rights means of doing things that we like ? Further Human Rights is a needed and important thing. It is based on knowing, discovering, using and sharing things such as politics, spiritual wisdom, science, medicine, justice, protection, savings.......... So, this is the one we would know when we try to act and think each things by knowing ourselves. That is Five organs, sense organs, Siddham (Kalam, Iyyargai, Gunam, Aasai, Akangaram, Buththi), Knowledge, Love, Spiritual Wisdom, Mind and the rationality, beware, vigilant which is the external structure of Soul, are the things to be known through humanity by us within ourselves. Human Rights is that using by refining all these things with humanity for the welfare of human society. 

Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam presents Word Power.

Human Rights - Word Power

The importance of Word's contact is indispensability for Soul body function (proper, make proper).
So ,
         World is functioning by The Words
         Veda says.
         Soul body function gets development by Words
         Science says.
         By Word's integration methods Human Society rises
         Culture says.
         Person Knowing Word's Functions Properly
         Guides by Knowing, Feeling and Living in The Life Method.
         So it helps The Human Rights to uplift The Society.

                                                            - Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan says.


RESEARCHER : Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

NAME            :  Human Rights - Word Power

DATE             :  11. APRIL. 2010 - PRESENT

PLACE            :  MY HOUSE,
                         NO.10 MAIN ROAD,
                         THANJAVUR, TAMILNADU, INDIA.


Word Power - Title Image.


Thats an Poet
Thats an Arts
Thats an Art
Thats an outcome of Nature
An Inspiration exposing Artificial
Outcome of generation's happiness-sadness
Welcomes everyone
Embraces everyone
Felicitates everyone
Contact for everyone
This is also an source for all functions
Makes everyone fame by The Development
Makes everyone affliction by The Downfall.........
An amazement out-coming in sound, soundless, appearance, disappearance, dream and thought
Welcomes The Hero of Amazement with Love as Come (Words)
Let live The World. Let live The World.. Let live The World...
As Words felicitate The World every-time.
Words are boon for The Life.

Word is Philosophy :

Philosophy - Sivamathi's Philosophy on Human Thoughts.


In this World as Great Special, Complete Development giving for a Human, a Magnificence Word is YOGAM.

A Word.

Yogam giving Word is
Yogam-full Word.

Pleasant Word - That is
Pleasantness Word.

Interest-full Word.
Good-luck giving Word - The Word
Given if that becomes Pleasant.

Unmeasurable Happiness giving Word.

Word that Welcomes us
Word that Welcomes us to us
Word that Welcomes God.

God Graceful Word.

Complete Word for Those trying - That is
Complete Improvement Giving Word.

Word that makes to rise Humiliate person
Word that makes to rise and see the rose person.

Word that does not have head-weight - This
Word Functions all Powers inside The Head.

Word giving solitude - That is
Word giving peerless Power.

Word that gives Power - That is
Word makes to get All.

Word with Three Letter* - That
Word shows Three World.(*Yogam in Tamil version)

Softness Word - That is
Eminence giving Word.

Swear-full Word - that is the
Word giving Calmness.

Great Word - That is
Greatness giving Word.
Word that suits for All Words in The World
Word given by Yogam makes all kinds of Letters Best.

Makes Wisdom as Science
Science as Spiritual
Spiritual as Yogam.

Yoga Grammar is common Grammar for all Grammars. 

Through Yogam one can come to know Everything.

Happiness will catch us if we learn Yogam
If happiness catches us, Sadness will not come close to us.

If we become complete in Yogam, mendicant can also become King
If we become contrary with Yogam, King will also become Mendicant.

Outstanding Education (Yogam) among All Educations.

Learning Yogam is enough for us to achieve our Aim.

Heaven's Gate will always be open for those
Learned, Read, Known and Activated by Knowing The Yogam.

God will give anything for The Word Yogam.

Our Tongue must be lucky
To say The Word Yogam.

Yogam Glows as Atchayapathiram (Mythical vessel which never becomes empty).

If we learn completely The Yogam that has many Specialty like this, we can live with many Specialty in The World and can create History.


From Universe Creator to Universe Creator's Creations is contacted by The Words.



" Letter's form is the shape to Sound
  World's shape is form to The Letter
  The World's form is God's Thoughts
  First thought of man knowing The God is
  By Regard ......  By Regard ......  By Regard .......
  Regard By Letters ....... Regard By Words ........
  Regard By Regard ....... Regard By Regard ........
  Regard To Regard To Regard."

Regard is helpful for Human Society to improve more & more.



While using Words Properly, Completely and with Clear Pronunciation in Proper place will make Human Rights to uplift The Society. Crime will be reduced & Happiness (Love, Affection, Friendship, Human well Relation.......) will be created in the Society while using Human Rights Words.

Word has Important Role in Human Rights to uplift The Society. Word is continuing till now from the beginning stage of Man. Word is being as Human's Rights and also helps to uplift The Society.

Words' Life is World's Life :

Philosophy - Sivamathi's Philosophy. Philosophy and Life.


Action is created by Experience.
Thinking is Created by Actions.
Thoughts are created by Thinking.
The Contacts of thoughts are Created by Words.
Words is Created by Letters and Sound.
Letter's Sound is created by Human Right's System.

While Pronouncing The Words
While Writing The Letter's Shape
While Creating Words through it
While Creating the sentence from Created Words
as all these are being as Action's Contact Method in our present Life.

So saying each word,
By Considering Safety of Human Rights
By Considering Wellness' Best of Human Rights
By Considering Improvement's Eminence of Human Rights................
we can know that all messages like these in Human's Life are created by considering Self's Happiness Experience and Self's Future Generation's Wellness. We practice live in methods like Happiness from Human to Human, with Human Right's Safety and with Unity of Society's Feelings.

Let us Live and Grow with Happiness by Regarding and Felicitating The God who gave The Words.

Word is of two types,

1.Single Letter Word
2. Compound Letter Word.


A Letter being Separate without contacting any other letters and contacts itself. And Contacts The God. Like this that word gets Specialty. Not only it gets Specialty but also gets completeness for being Single. It becomes as one that getting Specialty completely.

"As got Complete Specialty
It Attains Completeness."


Word is created by joining of many letters. That one word contains Vowels or Consonant - Vowels or Consonant or Arm Letter. Soul, Body, soul Body, Equipments these are all needed for Human. As word contains the man's belonging the word becomes man's rights. As how man uses The Soul, Body, Soul Body, Equipments as like that he must use The Words properly, completely and carefully. Which Person becomes contrary with The Word that Person belongs for punishment. So that the man must speak The Word carefully with need. If Man becomes contrary with Word his Soul becomes contrary.

"Let us systematize The Word
Let us become proper in life".

The Letters' sound is created as Words' shape.

Letters is of four types,

1. Vowels
2. Consonants
3. Consonant-Vowels
4. Arm Letter


Vowels are based on The Soul. As it is based on The Soul it is being Supremacy Letter. As it is Supremacy Letter it glows as God Letter. As it is glowing as God Letter it is being important Letter for Man. As vowel is important Letter for man, he must use it properly.


Consonant letter is related to The Body. As body being Support for The Soul, Consonants are being support for Vowels.


Consonant-Vowels are related to Soul and The Body. Consonant-Vowels which is based on The Soul and The Body is created by joining of Consonant which is based on Soul and The Vowels which is based on The Body. As like that Soul Body is created by joining of Soul and The Body. Soul Body is being Great Support and Important for man to live in this World.

"Let us purify The Consonant-Vowel
Let us Purify The Soul Body."

ARM LETTER - [.'.] (Special Letter in Tamil Language)

       Equipment is being protection for Soul, Body and Soul Body. Equipment as Three Dots [.'.]  keeps full stop for Soul, Body and Soul Body. What this sentence means is equipment glowing as Three Dots keeps full stop to Soul, Body, Soul Body and completes it.

" Made complete  - Three
Making complete - One
We will make these complete properly."

The sound of Words are being important for the exchange of the words.

Language's Sound is of two types

1. Sound of Nonliving Language
2. Sound of Living Language


Sound of Nonliving's language gives Nonliving's Sound. Sound Level is important for Exchange. Sound of Nonliving's Language gives Nonliving's Sound level.


Sound of Living's Language gives Living Sound. While saying Soul Words (with Proper Respect) It sounds living language sound. Nonliving Words also gives Living sound, when means while we are using it with Proper Respect according to situation Properly.

Language is of two types

1. Self-Reliance Language
2. Diffidence Language


Which Language is being God Contacting Language, That Language is Self Reliance Language. Further which Language doesn't Include with anger, sadness and bad thoughts, That Language also becomes as Self reliance Language.


Which Language Governs itself that language subject to Self Governing Language. The Language subjecting to Self Governing is being used to create Confidence and self Courage in Solitude.


Which Language doesn't subject to any Governing, that Language subject to Republic Language. The Language subject to Self Governing is used in the stage of not ordering or Advising .


Which language subject to Power that language becomes Power Governing Language. Power Governing is being Support for Agonies like Order, arrogance, Speed, Sadness.


Which Language speaks The God Deride without God Contact that word looses its Self-Reliance.

Theory of Word Chapter- Theory of Life Chapter.

Theory of Word Chapter is that using The words Properly and Completely. As like that Theory of Life Chapter is joining self with The God Properly and Completely.

"By making Proper The Theory of Word Chapter
Let us make Theory of Life Chapter Complete."

Come forward to see Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan's Bio Philosophy.


The Twain that lore of numbers and of Letters give
Are eyes, the wise declare, to all Earth that live. (392)

According to this Valluvar's Thirukural Numbers and Letters are being two eyes of man. The Letter that glows as one eye among two eyes is being as Language. The language that glows as eyes is being important need in human's Life.

"Let us see The Language through Eyes
Let us see The Eyes through Language." 


Language sounds with Sound. Our Gunam (One part of Siddham) is computed by seeing that Sound level. If sound is calm The Gunam will be Pleasant. If Gunam is Pleasant the answer will be pleasant. If answer is pleasant, happiness will be increased.
If sound is hard The Gunam will be unpleasant. If Gunam is Unpleasant The answer will also be unpleasant. If answer is unpleasant Anger will be developed. If Anger is developed Siddham will be destroyed.

"Let us use pleasant Language
To protect The Siddham."


                                 Language's Way - Good Language - Good Way
                                                                 Bad Language - Bad Way.
Language gives Good way for those using Good Language and Bad way for those using Bad Language. This is Language's Way.


Language is coming out by the air.  We are contacting The Language that is coming out by air through air. We are correcting The Language that is contacting by air through the air.

"Language's Way is The Air that is being Basis for All."


Music contains The Language. Language contains The Music. Language we speak is exposed by music (Shruthi). This Language's Music is Basis for the Creation of Song.


"Language's Heaviness -  God Method."

Each action done by joining The God will be Proper and Complete. Each action done by joining The God is Language's heaviness.


The Language's Character is based on The Language we Speak. If language is Good, it establishes Good Character. If that is Bad it establishes Bad Character.


Voice of Cuckoo is Natural and Voice of Flute is Artificial. But both are created and Specialized by The God. As like that the life of both are of two types, it is nominated and created by The God. So let us get Special in our Life by receiving (accepting) it.


"Person knowing The Words knows The Living Method."-Sivamathi

This Sentence Exposes the strong of The Word. This Sentence has got the strength of words as its strength by explaining that if we know know the words it is enough to know the needed methods for the life that we are willing to live.


As the Words are Simple the language we speak is also Simple. As The Language is Simple The Life is also Simple. As the Life is Simple it is simple for us to contact The God. Let us use the Simple Words to contact The God easily.

Do we know that Word's decision decides The Life ! ?

Philosophy - Sivamathi's Philosophy on Decision.


As The Words got the wealth the life filled with words also gets Wealth.


 Words fallen in Mouth means the Words that are fallen in mouth through ears. By falling goes inside. Words went inside again raise in Mouth (According to Situations). The words raised in Mouth blooms and comes out (To Contact). Words comes by falling, Raising and Blooming. If fallen words are Fact and well, the words raised and bloomed will also be Fact and Well. The Fallen words to be Fact and to be Well our Surroundings must have Fact People and Pure People. Our Joining must be there with People like that. If our joining is with Bad people, then Bad words will only fall in ears and Bad Words will only raise and Bloom.

"As Good Words Raise and Bloom
Good mind also Raise and Bloom."


  • * Protector in Mouth is The Protector protecting by not blooming unwanted bad words from Mouth.
  • * Word's true Bodyguard is one who is protecting self by using Unwanted, Bad and Lie Words.    


Protector in Mouth is Word's True Bodyguard.

Word's Bodyguard deserve for God Contact.

Sage is one who gets Proper God Contact. For Sage The God World will be his own.


We are speaking The Words with The Mouth. By it The Speaking method is Meai (Fact) and False. So we differentiate Mouth as Meai Mouth and False Mouth.


Which person speaks as Meai(Fact) and Pure that person's mouth is Meai Mouth. For Person with Meai mouth the words will come by joining with The Body. Person speaking with Meai can join with The Body. Person joining with Body that is joined with The Soul can be able to join with The Soul. Person joined with The Soul created by God can join with The God.

"If we Join with The God
We Can get Happy Life."


Which person falsely obey and speaks unwanted bad words that person's mouth is False Mouth.

"Person with False Mouth have
Hell as his Belongings."


Outcome of Duty
Justice of Discipline
Integrity of Dignity
Worship of Discipline.

 We are arguing with Words.


Our Duty is to know The God. To know The God we want to know Self, we want to know The World and then can know The God. To know The World we want to know The Words. To know The Words we must use The Words by ennobling. Duty will outcome while using The Words Ennobling. Life's Duty is to Announce The God. Duty will outcome while arguing in words.

"Duty to Outcome
Let us know The Words"


Justice is being deserved to Discipline. Justice is comprised of Words. Words also contain Justice. Words Justice is to use The Words Properly. If he miss, he deserve to Punishment.  Arguing in words is related to Justice. Arguing properly in words is to respect The Justice.


Words has Dignity. That Dignity is being as same and honesty for all words. Word's Dignity is that not speaking by submitting. Arguing in words must also be like that only.


Words also belongs to Discipline. Words belonging to Discipline are being used Properly. Proper Words guide for Complete Life. While Arguing in Words, While using words belonging to Discipline its Worship will be well.


Words are contained with Letters. Words made by letters are contacted by joining in Soul, Body and Soul Body.


Words got great Pretension. As using words of Pretension we also becomes Pretension. If we get Pretension, we can also get Spiritual Wisdom by God's Mercy. If we get Spiritual Wisdom we can join with The God.

"Thanks to The God who gave chance to join The God by Words' Pretension."


As we play, Words are also playing. We are playing the Games taught by our Parents. Words are playing The Games said by The God. The games said by The God are Special than the game we learned. As playing Special game, we will get Specialty. As like that only Words get Specialty.

"Let us play God's Game
To get Special as Words."


If it is Life, test will be there. If it is test, puzzle will be there. As like that words is also of puzzles. Words itself is of Puzzles. Puzzle made of words are being puzzle for words itself. This is only being Puzzle for words.


War is established by Words.
War is happening by Words.
This is Words' War.


Word is one among five organs - Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth and Skin. How means The Eye one among Five organs are being two. Letter is glowing as one among Two Eyes. Words take form by Letters. So words are glowing as one among Five (Five Organs).


Thoughts Outcome is being Five. That is The Outcome of Thoughts is being as Seeing, Hearing, Breathing, Speaking and Feeling.


The Outcome of Thoughts is being Five. The Outcome of Thoughts is being as Seeing, Hearing, Breathing, Speaking and Feeling. In these Word is being as One. Speaking is of Words. So Words are being one among The Outcome of thoughts. Further Sense organs are being joined with The Siddham. So word is glowing as one of The Sense organs joined with Siddham.


Words are spoken according to Gunam (Speed Power Center) and situations. The Words spoken in that manner are differentiated as two - Desire Words and Arrogant Words.


Words spoken with desire are Desire Words. Desire words are spoken with Affection, Desire and Love. Desire Words impetus Desire. Impetus Desire brings Affection. Affection creates Devotion. Devotion gives Spiritual Wisdom. Spiritual Wisdom gives Yogam. Yogam gives All.

"To get All
Let use Desire Words."


Words spoken with Arrogance are Arrogant Words. Arrogant Words are outcome of Anger, Sadness, Speed, Power. Arrogant Words further creates Arrogance. The Creation of Arrogance gives Destruction to Siddham. Destruction of Siddham affects The Soul.

"To live with Siddham
Let us Avoid Arrogant Words."


Sense organs - Seeing, Hearing, Breathing, Speaking and Feeling , in it word is being one among Five. Speaking, one among Five Sense organs, is through Word. Without Words Speaking will not Work. Sense organs is being one important part in our Body. Sense organs has contact with Siddham. Siddham is joined with Soul. So if Sense organs is affected it is affected till The Soul. If one among five sense organs - the Word is Affected, till Soul it is Affected.

"Let us use the Words Properly
Let us get Victory in Life."

Person who know the word knows the life method.
Person who know the life methods practice to live.
Person who practice to live will create guidance of living method.
To feel the creation, Regard The God.

                                              "The world is running by the word."


Life respect is one of The Word respects. 
There is no separate words like Respected Words because Word is itself respect. To explain this briefly letters is itself being a reason for creating of The Words. Thus there is no separate letters like respectable letters and non respectable letters.

Soul - World function's movement is being exposed and created as letters and words. We know that knowing this exposes this truth.


Reverence is base for Life's development.

Reverence is not changed in The World.

While changing the reverence, life's base is also changes.

 "When we are giving reverence to the word Greetings
  At that time only others will give reverence to us."

Reverence is giving development, success and happiness.


Person who want to live in Yoga(m) life, first he must use the complete chance to know himself. That is the rule of yoga(m) life. I could realize that both to know myself and great messages tried to joining my self are same. Because I speak to others. Other speak to me in that without knowing the speaking method, its important in these stage the question such as why they speak like this? why I speak like this? comes out from myself. The truth is that there is no good word or contrary word in the words we speak. Instead we must know about the word containing letters and its usage methods. "Let us know the word and practice to live in the living method".


Eating and speaking is considered as important need for soul body activities because in the growth of soul body activities a sense organ has two actions that is activating from outside to inside and from inside to outside.


 Food and thoughts ( speech ) are considered as important reasons and factors that exist a cause of occurrence as control room for taste activity, control room for body activity,control room for mind activity, control room for sense organs, expose of basis to the soul activities and outside world contact methods, our life's growth activities and activity growth.


Digestion takes place in                     
1. Food
2. Thoughts ( speech )


The need for hungry is important to consume the food. when there is hungry on that time only the glance of digestive system and activation of wastage's ( excluding the strength from the food ) in digestion will active properly. At this time the exposure of food strength and the orders for its actions, proper power can be given by the brain by that power activities the body eats needed level of food, exposes and stores the basics strength and disposes the waste properly. This will help the body to use it.


Speaking is one of the method to expose the soul body energy activities. If we want to expose that in which way the eye sees, ear hears, skin feels, nose breaths it is exposed only by the words that comes out from the mouth.

The word is expose of activating method, the world are any one inside the world, the long continuity in life like the questions as which, what, how, why, how come........deeply, the answer, understanding, sharing, in that exchange of modifications help to us, the sound and ratio of the sound, to create and correct the actions.
We can know the great explanation in life when we come to know about continues and anxiety and depression due to disappointment though in the beginning period of ancient people who dose not about the word,infant in any period.

The speaking method is one of the five methods of expose our thoughts. A person get the eminence in life when the person lives by knowing the complete method of speaking like by knowing the need to speak, speaking good, speaking wealth.....

To get great eminence we must know that eating and speaking are opposite activities.



The method of eating the food it is the method going from outside to inside and also being the method that comes down from up.


Speaking method is from inside to outside and activating from down to up

Announcement about Word Power.


The need for the bile secreted by liver is very important to participate on sharing of the water energy in the soul body activity contact. When we are eating the food the bile goes down and while speaking the bile goes up. Eating and speaking will helpful for the growth of our soul body activity, world contact when we make corrections in the method of digestion (eating & speaking) 


All universal confluence like the food, air, water, heat, space, contact methods of sense organs confluence in the thyroid glands.                 


 The Words that arise from us makes to contact for Universe Contact, From Universe Contact to Our Sense Organs, From Universe Contact to The Mind and The Soul and The Contacts of Soul Body, The Universe and The Universe Creator.


We are living in The World that is functioning by The Word. In it The Word makes us to Uplift in The Society.

Let use Wealthy Words
Let Regard The The God, giver of the Word
Let Live Wealthy Life.


Words taught by Parents is to Contact Human
Words taught by Teacher is to Contact The World
Words taught by Guru is to join us with The World
Words taught by God is to enjoy in All Things with Supreme Bliss

As word is used to Get Human Rights and to use it Properly.

                                     Thanks to The God and Thanks to The Word.