God Yoga - Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam

Yogam that makes to know Jeevan is Jeevayogam. Yet now Yogam was being a method of contacting The God for Man's Body, Mind, Health, Occult Power, World Contact, Human Will Power, Ruling Power and such things.

As Jeevan being main for World functions, Jeevayogam announces the secrets about Jeevan. The creation of Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam guides to know The Jeevan, to know all contacts of World functions through it, to know about The Universe Creator and to know our born cause.

God Yoga, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam

As all Yogam keep God as central, we call Yogam as God Yoga. As Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam created by Sivamathi explains all things of Yogam by God Grace, we call it as Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam. The special feature of Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam is that it helps to contact The God directly. Thats why God Yoga, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam. Jeevan's contact is with Universe, Us, and Universe Creator. So, The Yogam that is being continued by joining Self and The God has made complete through Jeevayogam by Three contacts - Self, The World and The God.


CREATOR                :  Sivamathi M.Mathiyalagan
SUBJECT                 : God Yoga, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam
PLACE                     : In Dr. Kennedy's Office,
                                         Hosur, Tamilnadu, India.

CONTACT                        : +91 9443938409

Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan is the discoverer and the announcer of Jeevayogam that exposes The Jeevan.

"Jeevan's (Soul's) Yogam is Jeevayogam."

God contact gives everything            Soul is basic for living things             Yogam is king for Arts
                  Yogam ------------------------- Jeevayogam ----------------------- Turning Point


To complete The Yogam, To Focus World to Great stage by Joining Spiritual and Science, To know the contact of Nature and Artificial by each person, To complete The Life as Supreme Bliss by knowing and Attracting The Abirudhu Neuron - Gravity Power of Living and Nonliving things, To live by loving The Human society by knowing directly The Contacts among Soul, Mind and Siddham, to live for Generation and Generations I felicitate by Living and By Guiding.


Yogam is the magnificence word in this World as Great Special and as Complete Development giving for a Human.

Yogam Announces Everything from Self to The Creator. As Yogam giving Yogam-full Words, if we Learn Yogam, Yogam-full words will Make us Best in The World. Let us create History by living Best in The World.

As like this Jeevayogam joins us to The Universe Creator by announcing Jeevan as Soul to us and by explaining every contacts from Soul to The Universe Creator. It also makes us to Live Best by Renovating our Life. It makes us Best in The World by Living Best and Creating History.

Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam that gives All Specialty stands as a Best Message in The World and Lives as Yogam.

"Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam that lives as Yogam, stands Best
Let us learn it Properly and Completely
Let us attain Completeness in The Life."

JOIN ( Jeevayogam Announces ) :

Yogam means joining. Sivamathi's Jeevayogam explains three joining,
1. Self joining with Self
2. Self joining with The Universe
3. Self joining with The God (Universe Creator).


1. God Contact method ( Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam )
2. Guru to God Contact method


The Eight Efforts to do for Yogam, especially for Jeevayogam

   4. LOVE
   7. PEACE


Announcement of Yogam that Yogam is Being made complete through God Yoga, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.

I Announce The Jeevayogam

In The World, Yogam is being spoken in different ways. Yogam is spoken in two ways as truthful one and not truthful one. In the place saying Yogam as truthful one, People completely believe that Yogam is luck and that luck comes on it interest and it comes only if we try. In some time these are acceptable and in some time it is unacceptable.

If we see it deeper, some say that we can get it by education, some say that we can get it by experience and some say that we can get it in stage of neither the two things. Some explain that these three things itself is going in our life from birth to death. More than that, due to these reasons Yogam is being spoken as Truth, False and Imagination by different people (including learned people and unlearned people). Due to these Reasons some culture and religion accept it and also deny it.

At the same time, Yogam exposes that, because of Yogam we can contact with Knowledge, Spiritual wisdom, Love, Soul, Universe and  The Universe Creator. In this, people accepting others does not easily accept Universe Creator and they keep many obstacles as There is two ways of assumption like The Universe is been created on its own and it is been created by one person (Universe Creator), and different people assume that The Avatars of Universe Creator should be like this only and more than that different people create controversies and violence, without understanding the eminence and truthfulness of various Vedas created by The Avatars of The Universe Creator, more than all this different people, in various types of Yogam, sow different types of conflicting opinion and this has grown into a banyan tree and in this stage Yogam is in the stage of developed and also in the stage of not developed
. Overcoming all these conflicts Yogam is going in the way of Developing.

(All in All)

Yogam is being made complete through Jeevayogam. How means Yogam that Joining The Join is being as an explanation about The Joining of Self with oneself and The Joining of Self with The God. Jeevayogam is explanation about all joining such as joining Self with Oneself, Self with Tharani (World) and Self with The God.

1. Universe Creator (God)
2. Universe Created by The God
3. Living Person (We) - In The World
as we are functioning in three dimension stage. Person joined with these three becomes the person known All. Man looses Peace, Gets Anger, with Agony, gets Bitterness stage and attains great misery by three structures such as Contrary that is created for man on not knowing self and self thoughts in his life, Disturbance happening in an unable stage of living by joining with The Universe and the disruption happening in life on not knowing God Justice.

Yogam is that knowing all stages of man as Agam (In), Puram (Out), Supremacy stage and Second stage.

Jeevan's Yogam is Jeevayogam. That is Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.

AGAM (In) :

Agam is knowing,
Traveling way of self such as Self
Self Thoughts
Siddham - Self thought functioning way
Measure of Akangaram (Arrogance) in Siddham
Confusion of Gunam (Speed Level of Thoughts)
Energy of Aasai (Action Center of Thoughts)
Unwanted thoughts in Mind
Dust in Arivu (Knowledge)
Contrary in Anbu (Love)
Opening of Gnanam's gate (Spiritual Wisdom)
Wounds in Soul
Root causes of Universe Creator (God).

"To know Agam, Anadhagam must function."

PURAM (Out) :

Puram is knowing Self and traveling method of Self outside such as the method of Self Thought acting while exposing in Sense organs, Contact method of Self with Self's Kith and Kin...... like except Self with other Living beings and the contact method of all sources such as Five Elements of Nature, Plants, Nature and Artificial in The World.

"To know Puram, Function of Sense organ must become Proper"


 * Method of contacting the parents who created self
 * Method of making parents to contact us(self)
 * Method of learning and using properly everything such as habits, food, dress, education.......... which taught us to know contact
 * Method of living quality in Universe as knowing everything is First Stage.

"To know First stage
Knowledge must avoid Akangaram"


 * Giving Soul to the parents who created us and to the body created by parents
 * Making to take the shape
 * Creating World
 * Making Soul Body to function........... as Second stage is of knowing The God who is functioning every functions from Cell to Cosmos

"To know The Second stage
Deference rich Devotion is needed"

As Jeevayogam guiding to know the above mentioned four stages completely, we are saying that Yogam is made complete through Jeevayogam.

Let us know Jeevayogam as Yogam to live without hurting other beings (Souls) by known Sense Organ and by known thought, though not knowing The Soul.

"To know Jeevayogam
It is needed to become refine."


The word Jeevayogam is one of the motto to know The God. The promise is that those known the completeness of Jeevayogam completely and properly can only know completeness of Yogam. That is only possible.

தாரகமந்திரம் =  தார் + அக + மந்திரம்
தார் - Processed solid mixture used for processing.
 - Inner function
மந்திரம் - Word used to know The God.

As Jeevayogam helping to know and divide that path to be traveled for knowing The God like the Asphalt used to divide the traveling path. Because of this we are saying Jeevayogam as one of the motto.

It is able to travel if and only we know the path, as how this is possible and promise statement, like that it is able to know the completeness of Yogam only by those known Jeevayogam's completeness completely and properly.


Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Symbol.

 * The World created by God is circle shaped.
 * Circle gives beauty in shapes.
 * Circle comes when joining completely the dot created in one.
 * One World
   Created World
   Creator's World
   World that creating in creations

as everything acts and activates by accepting in the circle (World) which is set as the function functioning within self. Acceptance is joining by accepting the acting and activating thereby. We are saying "ம்" (Mmmm - Yes) for such acceptance. The example for this to become possible is we can say the saying of ம் (Mmmm) while hearing the story said. Like that,

 If dictum is said
 If reason is said
 If cause effect is said, as
 If said to learn
 If said to learn without dross
 If said to experience for the removed dross later
 If said to experience after removing the dross created in experience
 If said to accept the experience
 If said to share the acceptance
 If said to experience by rationalizing the evolution theory created in sharing

as to know, to experience, to share, to create, to accept, act and activate in creating stage as in the completeness becoming stage if we hear as ம், if we hear to say further as ம், 'ம்' will make hearing in learning and learning in hearing best and also fulfills our life in completeness. Jeevayogam's symbol indicates this.

"To function in completeness
To function as completeness
Let us regard The Universe Creator."

To join oneself in The World created by The God and in the function functioning in God Justice by subjecting in order of God, it is must to join us with the integrating sources of God Veda, in ripen thought of God incarnation and in flowing God devotion. Jeevayogam's symbol is framed as a way to join God in us and to join us in God and also as Function of Attract power. In the circle of God World, Jeevayogam only makes us to know God creationism and to know the contacts from Body to Mind, Mind to Soul and Soul to Universe Creator.

We will say ம் to accept the functions of God creation. Jeevayogam's symbol explains the complete joining in outer stage and the joining of oneself in God's stage.

"Let us know God creationism
And live Pleasant."

At present the contacts are oneself and The God.

" Jeevayogam teaches to contact the perfect contacts as God, World, Oneself "

To know this perfect contact, we must know the following contacts. So Jeevayogam explains all the contact stages.


The contact is the way by human beings utilized to join with us, Our Relation, Living Things, Plants .................................. and all things in The World and also with The God.

Contact Method :

The journey changes depending on the way like that the way changes depending on the journey, so that the contact method also changes depending on the contact.

The contact methods are,

1. The Attachment (affection) Contact Method.
2. The Education Contact Method.
3. The God Restriction Contact Method.

1. The Attachment Contact Method :

The Attachment Contact Method is being taught by The Parents, Relations and Friends what they know in their own knowing.

2. The Education Contact Method:

The Education Contact Method is teaching through The Eduction created by The Great knowledge Person's plan.

3. The God Restriction Contact Method:

The God Restriction Contact Method changes to each and every Person and it is different. So the Person who lives by knowing himself can know The God Restriction Contact Method. Jeevayogam helps to know my self and The God Restriction Contact Method.

The contact stages are,

1. From The Body to Soul Contact through The Universe Contact.
   (In this stage all People try to contact The God & This is Common Stage)

2. From The Universe Contact to The Soul Contact.
   (In this stage Spiritual and Science Department people try to contact The God & This is
     Common Stage).

3. From The Universe Contact to The Universe Creator Contact.
   (In this stage Devotional People try to contact The God & This is Common Stage).

4. From The Body Contact to The Universe Contact.
    (In this stage all people try to contact The God & This is Common stage).

5. From The Body Contact to The Soul Contact.
    (In this stage Devotional People and Science Department try to contact The God & This is
     Common Stage)
6. From The Body Contact to The Universe Creator Contact.
    (In this stage All People try to contact The God & This is Common stage).
7. From The Soul Contact to The Universe Contact.
    (This is only The Spiritual Stage).

8. From The Soul Contact to The Body Contact.
    (This is only The Spiritual Stage).

9. From The Soul Contact to The Universe Creator Contact.
    (This is only The Spiritual Stage).

1. From The Body to Soul Contact through The Universe Contact :

To know the Soul, to contact with The Soul, we have to renovate by knowing The Sense organs, Siddham, Knowledge, Love, Spiritual Wisdom and Mind that are being before The Soul. To renovate these we have to renovate our thoughts by integrating. Further we have to be in God's thought forever and ever. We being in God's thought by renovating our body makes World Contact proper. Proper World Contact only shows God way. God's guidance gives way to know and contact The God.

Knowing the Soul and contacting The Soul is an eminence action. If we come to know The Soul, we can join our Soul with The God. If our Soul joins with The God, our birth gets fulfill. Each man's aim is to get fulfill in the birth.

From The Body to Soul Contact through The Universe Contact is being as important one, as completeness giving and as best to each man who tries to contact The God.

"To know The Universe Creator
Let us know The Soul."

2. From The Universe Contact to The Soul Contact :

           (In this stage Spiritual and Science Department people try to contact The God. & This is Common  Stage).
The Way from Universe Contact to Soul Contact.

From Universe Contact to Soul Contact

(Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam explains how each man living in The Universe contacts with Soul)

From Universe contact to Soul contact is that renovation of our living method in The World and the contact methods with The World people and through this contacting The Soul by renovating our Body. As like these contacts help to know The God by those people involving in Spiritual Wisdom and Science.

Contacting to Spiritual Wisdom is that knowing the spiritual wisdom, by knowing from World contact to The Soul contact and by contacting it, knowing the Universe Creator and contacting him.

Knowing through Science is that by using the knowledge that we have and through Spiritual Wisdom messages and through our devotion, knowing The Universe Creator by knowing The Spiritual Wisdom.

"By getting The Spiritual Wisdom
Let us know The giver of Spiritual Wisdom"

3. From The Universe Contact to The Universe Creator Contact :

(In this stage Devotional People try to contact The God & This is Common Stage).
The Way from Universe to Universe Creator's Contact.
From Universe Contact to Universe Creator Contact
(Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam explains how each man living in The Universe contacts with Universe Creator)

From The Universe Contact to The Universe Creator Contact is that we living in The World with The World, if the contacts with the World becomes proper, if being proper, we can know The Mulavan (God) by making all contacts proper.

The contact that is being like this gives way by supporting completely to those who tries to contact The God through continuous Devotion. Devotion that is being to those trying to contact through devotion must be Pure, True, Best and noble like sky's high. Devotion that is being like that gives everything and exposes everything. At that time that devotion gives complete God contact.

"By Complete Devotion
We can attain completeness."

4. From The Body Contact to The Universe Contact :

From The Body Contact to The Universe Contact is that if our body becomes proper, the contacts happening in body becomes proper. If contacts happening in Body becomes proper, the world contact becomes proper. That is getting God contact through proper World contacts.
If contact becomes proper, everything becomes proper. A man who wishes to see God, Join God and to contact The God, if follows this contact, his effort becomes complete and gets success. He will understand his journey in God way. Knows The God. To follow this contact, one has to make his body contact and World contact proper. Have to join these both.

"Making contact proper
Let us know The Mulavan (God)."

5. From The Body Contact to The Soul Contact. :

From The Body Contact to The Soul Contact is that contacting The Soul by knowing the sense organs, Siddham, Arivu, Anbu, Gnanam and Mind in the body.

Person contacting this contact through devotion, knows everything through devotion.

Person who contacts this contact through Science department by knowing everything, analyzing, finding solution and have to know everything by following by it.

"By knowing everything
Let us know The God who is being as everything."

6. From The Body Contact to The Universe Creator Contact :

 Through his Body's renovation, Integration of Thoughts, Mind's purity and Spiritual Wisdom's strength, can know; contact The God. God's thought and God regard is one of the best ways to renovate The Body, to integrate the thought, to make the mind pure, to get The Spiritual Wisdom and to make it strength.
Knowing The God and Contacting The God makes our life best. To learn The Yogam, exposes everything.

"By knowing The Mulavan (God)
Let us know The Source."

7. From The Soul Contact to The Universe Contact :

From The Soul Contact to The Universe Contact is that by knowing The Soul knowing contacts from Soul to The Universe. To follow this contact we have to first know The Soul. Spiritual Wisdom is needed to know The Soul. So that only it is Spiritual Wisdom stage.

If we come to know The Soul, God exposes everything. So if we come to know The Soul, knowing The World contact will be easy; complete. Further, knowing Soul gives Best and Supreme Wisdom.

"Let us know The Soul
Let us get Supreme Bliss in Life."

8. From The Soul Contact to The Body Contact :

From The Soul Contact to The Body Contact is that knowing The Soul and renovate by knowing The Body. For this contact we have to first know The Soul (By getting Spiritual Wisdom).

Can know and get The Spiritual Wisdom in two ways,
 1. Through our Devotion or by others blessings.
 2. Knowing by renovating The Sense organs, Siddham, Arivu, and Anbu that are being before Spiritual Wisdom and then knowing and getting The Spiritual Wisdom.

Can know The Soul by getting and knowing The Spiritual Wisdom through our devotion or through The Blessings. By knowing The Soul, through Soul contact Sense organs, Siddham, Arivu, Anbu and Manam that are not being known and renovated yet must be renovated by knowing The Soul. At that time contacting The Universe Creator becomes complete.

After knowing and renovating the sense organs, Siddham, Anbu and Arivu that are before Gnanam and then by knowing and getting The Gnanam, we can come to know The Soul. By knowing The Soul, we can know The Universe Creator completely.

This contact (From Soul contact to Body Contact) is suitable for those coming to know The Soul through devotion.

"Let us know The Universe Creator
By knowing The Soul."

9. From The Soul Contact to The Universe Creator Contact :

From The Soul Contact to The Universe Creator Contact is that contacting Soul and then through it contacting The Universe Creator.

Universe Creator is after Soul. If we contact The Soul by knowing, we can contact The Universe Creator by knowing.  Further, we can join with The Universe Creator. It is Spiritual Wisdom stage as Spiritual Wisdom is base for knowing The Soul.

"Let us get Completeness
By knowing The Universe Creator."


"In this stage All Living Beings try To Contact The Universe Creator."
Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam explains contacts from Universe Creator to Universe Creator through this.
From Universe Creator Contact to Universe Creator Contact
(Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam explains Universe Creator's creations)






Eight steps of Ashtanga Yogam, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.




   1. Ulagam          -  Universe
   2. Pulangal         -  Sense Organs
   3. Siddham         -  Thoughts Acting in this Way
   4. Arivu              -  Knowledge
   5. Anbu              -  Love
   6. Gnanam          -  Spiritual Wisdom
   7. Uyir                 -  Soul
   8. Uruvakiavan  -  The God

Yogam's sections : The Activities of Eight in Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam with God's Support.


Self Activities is that we do by our own without any others help. There are three connective activities. They are,
 1. Ulagam ( Universe - Living and Nonliving )
 2. Pulangal ( Sense Organs - Feel, Breath, Speak, See and Hear )
 3. Siddham ( Buththi, Aasai, Akangaram, Gunam, Iyyargai and Kaalam )


Self Activities is contacted by Ulagam. If we do our self activities properly, we can contact with Ulagam.

As living place, as growing place and for The Universe to be best, Let us renovate oneself to join Best with The Best. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
(Universe is being as center for Living, Nonliving things and Universe Creator)

Broad spread Universe is the gift given by The God for God's creations that is being as living place, growing place and as the place that make us to grow. Universe function's doesn't change though living things in The Universe change, though its habits change. As it is functioning in Universe Creator's control, Universe is the great eminence that is functioning without any change in those living in it by its revolution and in order to pros and cons of creationisms living in The Universe without affecting.

"Universe Creator's Property
Broad Wide Universe"

As Living Place and as Growing place, Universe to become best let us renovate oneself to join best with the best.


Self Activities is contacted with Pulangal. If we activate our Pulangal properly, we can see The God by self activities of Pulangal.

Sense Organs functions' development sets as comitment for Life's best, So we can see improvement while activating Sense Organ's functions properly without making wound. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

Sense Organs

(Sense Organs is being as center for Universe and Siddham)

God have given with Grace the facility rich Universe outside and wealth rich Sense Organs within oneself for the living things to live comfort. As using The Sense Organs functions according to the need in needed level, Sense Organ function will be best as brightness rich function. Like The Sun giving brightness to The Universe and to the living thing living in Universe by its shininess, living being with clarity Sense Organ function will shine with rich Brightness in Universe.

   Wounded stage
   Septic situation
   Disturbed function
   Worries filled shivering
   Others damping
   Unnecessary stagnation..........

as living glow and refined in Sense Organs function without these stages, life gets wealth.

As Sense Organ's development becomes commitment for life's best we will see improvement while activating Sense Organ's functions properly without wound.


Helps for the growth of the body and the growth of the mind through seeing.


To get best in our Soul Body functions through Hearing, it is being as source for knowledge development and for Gnanam contacts .


   IN : By speaking it helps for the development of life through our thoughts outcome.

OUT : Through eating it strengthens the body to make the functions best.


Through Breathing it leads for the freedom of Soul Body.


Through feeling it uses for the Body's protection and for Mind's refinement.


Sense organs is contacted with various parts of The Body.
The contact parts are,
  * Siddham
  * Arivu
  * Gnanam
  * Anbu
  * Universe Creator


Siddham means it is the traveling way of our In and Out thoughts. It has six parts. They are (From the soul body feature),
 1. Kaalam
 2. Iyyargai
 3. Gunam
 4. Aasai
 5. Akangaram
 6. Buththi
KAALAM       : Time measurement
IYYARGAI      : Climate energy
GUNAM         : Measurement of Functional speed
AASAI            : Functioning Center
AKANGARAM : Acceptance of Arrears
BUTHTHI        : Correcting stage.

It is contacted with Siddham by function of our body.
The functions are,
 * Correction
 * Activation
 * Sharing


It is contacted with Arivu by thoughts.


It is contacted with Gnanam by Universe Creator. If we Regard The God we can get Gnanam. If we get The Gnanam we can contact The Sense Organs properly through The Universe Creator.


It is contacted with Anbu by Aasai. If we utilize our Aasai (One part of Siddham) in a proper way, we can contact The Sense Organ through Anbu.


It is contacted indirectly with The Universe Creator by Universe and by Soul Body Functions. It will be contacted, if our Siddham is pure.


The Sense Organs functions are,
 * To lead our body in proper way.
   It will lead our body in a proper way when The Siddham is purified.
 * It will help to contact with The Universe Creator and The Universe.
   If The Sense Organs are used in a proper way by us, if the sense organs do their proper functions, it will contact The Universe Creator and The Universe.


Sense Organs' contact functions are to contact with,
 * All parts of The Body
 * Siddham
 * Arivu
 * Anbu
 * Gnanam
 * Soul
 * The Universe Creator


Contact Functions in other parts of Body is to make contact with each other and to make function in a proper way.


Its function helps to purify Siddham. If our Siddham is purified, we can activate our our thoughts and functions properly. Then only we can contact with The Universe Creator.


Its function helps to develop the knowledge.


If function in Anbu is to take Anbu in a proper way by Loving The God.


Its function helps to contact with Gnanam by proper contact of The World and The Universe Creator.


Its function helps The Soul Body to get The Soul Energy well and wealthy.


Its function is one of the ways to know and contact The Universe Creator.


Sense Organs is needed to us in various ways.
The ways are,
 * To contact with various parts of The Body.
 * To contact with Universe.
 * To contact with Universe Creator.
 * To be brave and brisk.
 * To do our Body functions.
 * To activate our Body in proper way.
These are some needs of Sense Organs.

"Let us know the sense organs in proper way and use in proper way."


Sense organs functional needs is to,
 * Activate our Body
 * To correct our Body
 * To lead our Soul in a correct way.
 * To do our work brave and brisk.
 * Sense Organs are used to make function in our body.
These are the functional needs of our body.

"Let us be like a human by using sense organs properly. "


Sense Organs' In function is to,
 * Make contact with all parts of the body
 * To do correction in our body
 * To purify The Siddham
 * To activate Power in our body.
These are some important sense organs' In function.

If we activate our sense organs properly, its out functions activate properly.

"Let us know the function of sense organs and lead our life better."


Sense Organs' out function is to,
 * Say Regard (Pottruthal)
 * Do breathing properly
 * To contact Universe Creator by Regarding.
 * To speak useful if it is necessary.
 * To feel the blessing of The God.
 * To hear the powerful words of The God.
These are main function of sense organs' Out function.

"Sense organs' Out function is our Universe Creator's words."


It is said that In function of sense organ will lead the life better.

Sense organs' In outcome is that if we do the proper ways to use Out functions, we can get In outcome of sense organs.

The outcomes are,
 * Siddham will bloom
 * Arivu will work best
 * The contact will complete successfully.
These are the useful outcomes in our body.


Sense organs' Out outcome is ,
 * We can see The God.
 * To get free breathing
 * To speak to The God.
 * To think usefully
 * To hear well.
These are the outcomes of using sense organs properly.


 * Sense Organs' In - Out outcome is to join the function of sense organs and leg and hand.
 * In - Out outcome is to use our body function properly.
 * If we use our sense organs we can get a powerful outcome.
 * In - Out outcome is that we can utilize it properly.
 * If we utilize the outcomes properly, we can get blessing of The God.


In Gunam there are three types,
 * If we utilize the three types of Gunam properly, we can get sense organs' functional outcome on Gunam's level.

 * Gunam's level is that in which level we are using our Gunam.

"Let us use the outcome of Gunam's level in a proper manner (way)."

Continuing The Sense Organs, when other sense organs come, each Sense organ's Gunam speed level must be at the same level.


"Life journey becomes best as going in unpain way", so let us know to renovate the thought going way, The Siddham and get best by travelling according to it. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
(Siddham is being as center for Sense Organs and Knowledge)

"As knowing the way, Life becomes best"

It is possible to debut the action, if only the thoughts that are coming out of Mind and the thoughts that are going in form Universe make its travel through the path Siddham. Person trying to refine Siddham's path improves towards improvement path. The person living by realizing that renovation is the only way to live best, attains Eminence stage.

"As traveling in non-pain way, Life journey becomes best", So let us know to renovate the thought traveling path, The Siddham and get best by following it.


After renovating the needed corrections in path of Siddham, exposes to Sense Organs for contacting The Universe.


The Saver saving the improper thoughts and contrary thoughts traveling in Siddham.

Simple Way in two types of Routes.
Akangaram - Improper Route

It is impossible to travel balance in improper Road, like this the person traveling in improper Root known Akangaram can't travel in balance.


It is being as amazing support for the thoughts to debut as action.

It is best for our Aasai (Desire) to be in balancing state in thinking, actions and in activations. - Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam
Aasai - Balance Route

It is best for our Aasai (Desire) to be in balancing state in thinking, actions and in activations.


If only the thoughts expose in relevant speed, the conductor can function simply and the action will debut best. Gunam (Speed power) helps The Thoughts to travel in Siddham's way through its three divisions that is Thamasam - very slow speed, Saathvigam - Relevant natural speed and Ratchasam - Very excessive speed.


As Life gets wealth by traveling on joining with Kaalam, The God has joined action method appropriate to time level. As Kaalam being in Direct control of Deity, the person trying to do the duty without considering time but within time attains success in Life.


An action to debut, natural stage power giving with Grace naturally is Eminence Cooperator.

The Siddham of the person who is able to do The Duty without getting contrary in war, without seeing happiness in Sound and without keeping fore The Kaalam, gets renovated and the action becomes best.


Sidham (Budhdhi) Correction Connectivity Center.
Siddham - Natural System in Soul Body

Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam explains Siddham's natural activation methods.

We are contacting The Universe in two ways.
1. In - Out way
2. Out - In way

The thing we contact reaches The World with Soul energy, from Mind the contacting things as thoughts through Spiritual Wisdom or Knowledge joins The Love and contacts The Siddham. In its continuation through The Sense Organs it contacts the organs (Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth and Skin) and reaches The World.

Thing we contact in The World reaches The Siddham through Sense Organs from the organs. Thing that reached The Siddham reaches in Mind with the support of The Love.

Thing moving in these two ways, records in the places to be recorded. In this recording by continuous functioning method, it does its experience action further and further.


Siddham (Budhdhi) Correction Center.
Siddham - (Buththi) - Correction Center

 It is not only enough to have desire for renovating the thoughts, but it is must to activate The Siddham.


Knowledge is the boon given by God for man to live well in practical. Let us use necessarily for our stage to get clear. Surely we will get Brightness as avoiding unnecessary. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

(Knowledge is being center for Siddham and Love)

Amazing tunnel given by God to contact The Universe satisfactorily even by Normal man.

Knowledge is the boon given by God for the man to live well in practical. Let us use necessarily to get clarity in self stage. We will surely get brightness as avoiding unnecessary.


Activating Center. Joining Center. To get function and to get joining, Let us live patience by avoiding hatred. Let us develop. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

(There is a saying Love's Contact is for everything.That Love is being in between Knowledge and Spiritual Wisdom)

The Love, which is a joining bridge and Energy source for Knowledge and Spiritual Wisdom is being in direct contact of God function.

Functioning Center. Joining Center. Let us live with patience by removing hatred to get function and to get joining and Let us develop.


God Brightness exposing way. Blame unseen man, mistakes unseen man...... as the person who got satisfaction and relief in Self stage and in Universe contact stage becomes qualified to get Spiritual Wisdom. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
Spiritual Wisdom
(Let those willing to get Spiritual Wisdom and to be as Gnani (Person who lives by using Spiritual Wisdom), know that it is being in between Knowledge and Mind)

Amazing guider of God functioning.

God Brightness exposing way. Blame unseen man, mistakes unseen man...... as the person who got satisfaction and relief in Self stage and in Universe contact stage becomes qualified to get Spiritual Wisdom.


Mind is the base source for all actions made into practical by man to become best. Mind is The Mastermind for The Life to shine. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
(Mind is being as base for contacting. And also being center of Universe Contact, Self Contact, Spiritual Wisdom and Soul, Universe Creator)

Mind is the base source for all actions that are made practical by man to become best. Mind is The Mastermind for the life to become best.


Soul Body : It is about how Organs connected with Sense Organs in Soul Body Function's Mind Contact.
Yoga Manam
(To glow The Mind as Yogam, Make Mind Yogam-full)

Yogam + Manam = Yoga Manam
Yogam           : Let to know The Contacts
Manam          : World Contact & Connector
Yoga Manam : Yoga Manam is making to know that Mind is being as Yogam for Life contact

                                        'Those known The Mind, knows the way'


Soul Body : The ways of Contact from Mind to The Organs.
Yoga Manam - Correction system
(Renovation is important for The Mind to glow as Yogam. Let us renovate our Mind and become Yogam-full)

'Those make The Mind refine, attains refinement in the way'

Refining or renovating The Mind actually denotes the renovation of thoughts. Yoga Manam Correction activity is that renovating the pros and cons if so being while activating our thinking and thoughts into experience.

"If we come to know the contact methods properly,
We will get the chance to wipe the sorrows."


Soul is being as basic factor for creating and to be created. Soul is giving energy for all stages in life like hair growing, getting completeness, seeing improvement....... Soul Energy is Eminence Energy. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
(It activates Living and Nonliving things and it could not be activated by any other source without God support)

Soul : Functional Source.

Soul is being as source factor for creating and to be created. Soul is giving Energy for all stages in life like growing hair, getting completeness, seeing improvement......... Soul Energy is Eminence Energy.

"Especially, it keeps full stop for the contraries that oppose great action's integration of Atheism, Theism, Science, Spiritual and Cultural theory."

BLACK SHADOW (Obstacles for knowing Jeevan) :

Soul is surrounded by Black shadow which hides the Bright light of The Soul.  (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
Black Shadow
(Like black clouds hiding Sun's brightness sometimes, The Black shadow hides the brightness of Soul.)

Jeevan has Bright light. Anger, Sorrows and Arrogance which are contrary and non-renovated thoughts within us form Black shadow and hides the bright light of The Soul. A way is there to block everything. Mercy rich God have created Rationality, Vigilant and Beware between The Soul and Black shadow. If these three comes out, it will renovate the contrary and non-renovated thoughts within us. Pin size hole is enough for these three to come out. These three come out and not only renovate the contrary thoughts but also makes us clear.

For knowing The Jeevan it is must to remove The Black shadow. It is needed to know The Soul completely for knowing The Jeevayogam completely. As Soul's bright light coming out, The Agam becomes bright. As brightness occupying Agam, those things in Agam gets renovated. As everything becoming renovated, we will become complete. Completeness

"Let us avoid the contraries
Let us attain completeness".

"As how the air tries to remove that black clouds, as like that our Soul Breath, to reach The Soul, suffers a lot to remove the Black shadow around The Soul. Regard that we say mingles with The Soul Breath and completely supports for the effort of The Soul Breath."

Surrounding the great eminence function, The Soul function  Rationality, Beware and Vigilant are revolving as protection and as source like the form of Adara Chakra for The Soul. Though Vigilant, Rationality and Beware are separate structures, they all are acting and activating by joining.


As it is possible to see the sights by contacting with the vigilant opened ocular, like that The Vigilant joined with Soul which is in third stage of in - out contact and in first stage of out - in contact helps to make the message into action (in - out contact) and to make that action into message (out- in contact). If the eye joined with The Siddham becomes renovated, it is possible for the seeing sight to record and to activate the recording without hurts. Renovated Siddham helps to give support like fertilizer for the ocular's consciousness, like that The Vigilant surrounding The Soul to become strong.


Alert responding reply is Beware. In in - out contact and in out - in contact Beware is being in second joining stage of Soul. Beware helps helpfully to contact with Rationality the out - in contact and to get the in - out message that is exposing from Rationality. Consoling with The Veda statement "Person having Holiness in Heart is Blessed", the oxygen got in holiness stage of heart helps to strengthen The Beware.


The best of God creationism is that each creation in God creationism has a special features. According to the best of God creationism, Rationality is exposing as special feature of human's creationism. Though man knowing all his life's wealth through World contact, Rationality is needed to refine and to use it. Rationality will be rich of energy based on their Born cause. World contact besides making to lose the wealth of Rationality, it can not make wealth. It is possible to make wealth only by The Universe Creator's contact. Though Rationality, Beware and Vigilant are being in a single circle Rationality is being as first connection in In- Out contact with Soul and in third connection in Out - In contact.


Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam - Virutchaga Path.

Jeevan (Soul) : Jeevan's Virutchaga Path

First Path, The path needed to become complete. Small seed blooms as tree. As like this, small way in Virutchaga path blooms as depth way. Like Nature and God helping for small seed to become tree, Virutchaga Path helps human creature to make born cause into actions and to make the action complete. If the tree wants to grow, it will bloom out even by breaking a stone. As like that, small hole in Virutchaga Path helps to come out by breaking everything (Black Shadow). We must be ready to get the help. Let us become man of virtuous conduct by creating and by getting the help. It is necessary to get Universe Creator's Grace for creating the help.


Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam - Thulliya Path.

Jeevan (Soul) : Jeevan's Thulliya Path

Thulliya (Precision) Path helps to get success by completing born action like the weighing scale that weighs justification and precision.


Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam - Nirrai Nillai Path.

Jeevan (Soul) : Jeevan's Nirai Nillai Path

Like the eye helping as concept for relieve giving thought and fulfilled action, Nirai Nillai Path (Fulfill stage path) helps to get fulfillment and to stand steady in fulfillment. [Relieve could not be given for a man by anyone at any situation. Because relieve is the one that is to be got automatically through his action and through his contact.]


Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam - Jothimaya Path.

Jeevan (Soul) : Jeevan's Jothimayam Path

Eminence if Body, Mind, Soul joined.
Amazement if Knowledge, Peace, Energy received.
Mukthi if the three Knowledge, Love, Spiritual Wisdom got. etc.,
In the row of best giving three, if the three paths known Virutchaga Path, Thulliya Path and Nirrai Nillai Path knows its way, we can get Dharshan (Vision) in Jothimayam and eminence developed life in Jothi's light.


Universe Creator - Activator of Creations and being base for everything. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
Universe Creator
(Creator of Universe activates it. Universe Creator exposes the secret of Creationism by coming as incarnation.)

Creator, Activator of creations and being Source for everything.

Universe and everything those in Universe as Creator of everything and Activator of today and even forever.


As Universe Creator is being base for the functioning of Universe, Let us know The Universe Creator for knowing The Universe. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
Universe to Universe Creator
(Universe to Universe Creator contact explains the methods of contacting from Universe to Universe Creator.)

As Universe Creator is base for everything, let us know The Universe Creator to know The Universe.


As Universe Creator is base for everything, Let us know The Universe Creator and then know the things that are impossible for us to know.  (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
Universe Creator to Universe
(According to the saying, 'if we know The Universe, we can know everything', We can know everything in The Universe by knowing The universe Creator.)

As Universe Creator is being source for everything, let us know The Universe Creator and know the things that are impossible to be known by us.

Regarding is the bridge too know The God. Regarding helps us to make purification. Purity makes to join with the God easily. Because The God and all creations of God are pure. So pure joining with the pure is possible one.


 * Regard is pronunciation of God Namam. By pronouncing and pronouncing The God Namam saliva secreted in mouth with sweetness helps to make proper the function of bile needed for food digestion and thoughts digestion. By this food energy and thought energy is got proper that is needed for Soul Body function. So the work done becomes Best.
 * Wanted and unwanted thoughts in our Agam will be renovated.

 * The ways and the recordings in Siddham will be purified.

 * Needed energy will be got to make proper The Soul Body and Sense Organs function.
 * Soul energy is protected without wasting by spreading.

 * Energy will be got for contacting The World properly.

 * By proper World Contact, Soul Body Functional contact gets Fineness like Soul Body best sense organ function, renovated Siddham, wealthy Soul energy.

 * Soul Body that got fineness, Soul Body that got functional contact wishes to get Universe Creator's contact.

 * Regarding helps a lot to make the wish of Soul Body for getting Universe Creator's contact into action and to fulfill the action.

Jeevayogam = Jeevan + Yogam
Soul + Joining

Regard helps completely for Jeevayogam to fulfill its joining (Soul Joining) that helps to join completely and properly the three contacts as The Soul Body with Soul, World and Universe Creator as Self - with Self, with World, with Universe Creator.

Making Cosmos as iota
Making iota as Body
Making Body as many things
Making many things as function
Making function as Joining
To make joining complete
Regard given by
God Pottri ! Pottri !

                     The saying "God contact gives everything" is basic root cause for my life.

The basic reason for the creation of Jeevayogam is for the exchange, exchange activities, exchange re-activities, exchange corrections, results and usages; this is joining of five that is myself, my three Gurus and The Universe Creator.

"Jeevayogam is the marvel of God revealing God stage"


On January 06 to 08 2014, we conducted the Yogam program in the function of ICAIE 2014 in Anna University (Chennai). At that time we published a Spiritual Book of the name Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam. In that book we have explained about Learning Yogam, Sense Organs, The Importance of The Word, About The Breath and The God Regard.


To know The Love Regard The God
(Regard is glowing as important power for contacting The God. "To know The Love Regard The God' explains the contacting messages this contact.)


If we come to know about the ancient people's activity stages or about the beginning stage of the child to its ending stage, when it will help us to know and understand the Yogam.Because explaining the complete stage of life is the prime duty of Yogam.


The living method of human, to explain properly, completely, simply the methods to live that is to learn inside, outside - moral way, to follow in grace way, to announce by the love, to explain that The Universe, all living beings in The Universe to give first preference for worshiping The God.

'All happenings are God happenings' we can accept this only when we feel that what ever we are doing, we must know it. I teach this truth as first learning. Because this is the duty of teacher.

Let us Learn
Let us Do
Let us Enjoy
Let us Share
Let us make the Duty in learning
Let us Teach.

  "The World is doing the duty
 We shall also do our duty
Let us obey The God and see The God
Let us join The God and live happy."

Duty makes a man complete. Let us get best by doing the duty satisfactorily, to complete man's life. To do the duty satisfactorily Live* Breath helps completely.



Duty of breath : 

1. Know the smell.

2. ……………………..?

  •  * We will know the another duty without know the smell.
  •  * It may be, we will know to continue that duty.
  •  * It may be continued then, the breath is the strong help to know the contact between duty & our self.

In Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam, The Way of Live* Breath in Happy Place.

Happy Journey (Happy Place)

(Amazement of Creationism, Nature's beauty.)

In beginning of Man's life he don't know what is the path he want to go, the methods to go, distance needed to reach and the life's living place created by this. Saying don't know like this is also an idiocy. Because it announces The Sense Organ created within us to know these, The Living things that are living Universe Life through it, structure of Nature and the methods functioning by it.


Breathing Exercise :

Listen the breath in between the actions.

Universe love : If we activate Free Breathing through God Yoga, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam, Desire will be Left, Negative Point will remove, Happiness will Increase, Award will be Got & can see Universe Creator.
Free Breathing for Best Breathing

(Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam explains the necessity of Live* Breath)

Live* Breath helps to contact properly and completely, to contact the functions of Activating Center - Love.

"Love's living place is being in between Knowledge and Spiritual Wisdom."

Love is Nature.
Love is Parents
Love is Studies.

Love is Vedas.
Love is Science.
Love is Experience.
Love is Friend.
Love is Spiritual.
Love is Pure.
Love is Love and
Love is God .......

observe all these sayings, we can come to know that Love is being as joining Bridge between all the actions happening from The Birth to The Death.

People say that "If love is there, we can Live and Rule all World."

When the man tries to go to other planets by crossing the space, there if he tries to grow the plants with love, it will help him to live there and in any place.

When the plants get glitch in growing by pouring the water, people say that if we grow the plants by pouring the love it will also grow.

For The Environment protection, growing The Plants and removing the dust is alone not enough more than that the most important one is that man must be in Love and make The Love to spread it throughout all living beings (Humans, Living beings,Plants & Five Elements of nature).

Try to do like this. Then The Environment will be protected and in that situation we can also live in wealthy protection.

So, "Love is Environment".

While conserving the protection with Love, all the situations surrounding us will be pleasant. As like that if each man try to know the methods and exercises of Live* Breath, they can live their life happy and also can make the surrounding people happy throughout the life time.

If a separate man comes to know his Breathing functional stage, that man will come to know about The World Breathing System. We are calling this as,

Free Breathing
Best Breathing
Natural Breathing
Live Breathing.

So, Love is Live* Breath.

Benefits of breathing exercise :

 1. Relax.
 2. Sleep satisfaction.
 3. Health improvement
 4. Habit of peace
 5. Energy output
 6. Getting energy to action (before - after)
 7. Correction to the record of action
 8. Best action
 9. Live happy


If Volume changes, it will become killing measure.
Each thing has a particular volume.
Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam has contact beginning from Universe to man's Jeevan and to The Universe Creator. So, Self correction is World best correction.


Life is the one that subjects living beings' activation methods.

Life is that creation of each methods for each community of living beings and like the continue cycling method the life method is also getting cycling exchange.

Soul's moving as World moving, Soul's revolution as World growth in functioning methods as the method functioning continuously, as the mode of functioning in any direction, hiding - appearing - growing - dying - exposing by involving in evolution changes, all these in everything as each, as joined in the joint effort and it is being even like the mode of functioning revolutionary in revolution exchange is life method.

In it the human life is set up in the liked manner of each person and the important one is that each man has to chose himself and must try to live.

Man's life for living 16 portions and the living method is set up in the pertinent manner for living as life method.  

In this sixteen methods which method to choose and to set up as the method based to them is their wish.

In this sixteen methods,
"First Five is being dissolved in Body
Second half is based on the things that is based
Third three based things is being guide for functioning
Fourth one is to contact the guideline
Fifth one is being as energy source for everything that contacts"
That is man to live in this World these five methods as power, as contacting methods, to function by depending, as the thing to activate by depending, all these things in our body in functional structure methods in revolution methods, is set up in revolution functioning feature.

Among this sixteen methods in this said first five methods, we can see only the first three methods for some persons satisfactory and for some person one or two or three being as less (amputation). As like this though faults happens in these three, those people realizing that remaining 11 methods are there in life, can live the life by getting pass.

"Our life in sixteen."

Sixteen Wealths : Let us avoid the unnecessary by knowing the necessary.

As how Wealth is needed for a man to live comfort in Puram (Outside), these sixteen wealth is glowing as important in this World for man to get Inner purity.

Let us avoid unnecessary
By knowing the necessary.

Eyes' Natural Activity : Way shown by human eyes.


Yoga Chakras - Let us work ! Let us improve !

As how Gravitational force is being as main reason for The World to revolve, like that 6 Aadhara Chakras supports for the body to function. "Do the duty, don't expect the result" according to this each Aadhara Chakras doing by accepting each responsibility. Along with this it gets magnificence.

Let us work ! Let us improve !



Sagashara Namam Chakra - Main part of All Activities.
Sagashara Namam Chakra - Source only gives Completeness !

Situating itself in top, it is being as source for all actions from the apex to the sole (உள்ளங்கால்).

Source only gives Completeness !



Sense Organ's Connector.

Siddham will not come for Aadhara Chakra's function. Siddham will come for Aadhara Chakra's activation.

Mind, Soul and Aadhara Chakras is of Direct Contact.

For example,
Road is not needed for a vehicle's functioning but the road is needed for vehicle to move.

Aaginai - Let us know The Quality Let us get Wealth.

Aagnai that controls five sense organs is being base for the functioning. Quality seed only will give wealthy tree. As like that Aagnai's quality function only gives wealthy sense organ functioning.

Let us know The Quality
Let us get Wealth.



Anadhagam Chakra - The Spring of Love.
Anadhagam - Let us know The God By knowing The Love !

"Anadhagam is base for Love". As Anadhagam bloom, Love becomes fruit. Anadhagam is the place where Love blooms and becomes fruit.

Let us know The God
By knowing The Love !



Manipurakam Chakra - Renovates Heat Balance.
Manipuragam - "Balance is Magnificence."

Heat is necessary one for a flower to bloom. If the same heat increases, that flower dries by combustion. At the same time if heat is less, blossom of flower also gets late or gets affected. So, heat balance is important. Manipurakam does this magnificence work (Balancing heat). Manipurakam renovates the heat balance in our body.

"Balance is Magnificence."



Swadhishtanam - Creates Great Generations.
Swadhishtanam - Let us get energy Let us make Amazing !

Swadhishtanam helps the Newness to get glory. It gives eminence to the efflorescence by storing energy in it. While using The Swadhishtanam's energy properly, body's healthiness, body's protection power are made excellence.

Let us get energy
Let us make Amazing !



Mulatharam Chakra - Gives Wealth to life.
Mulatharam Chakra - Let us Get ! Attain use ! Of Source Wealth.

Wealth is needed for Man's life. Mulatharam as a philanthropist providing the source wealth for the life. Mulatharam is being Aadhara Chakras beginning stage and as the storing place of Pranan's energy and power. To store Pranan's energy and power, we have to reform the negative thoughts, anger and hatred ............. created by it. That is, Pranan's energy and power is used and stored only at clear actions. Pranan's energy and power is  priority energy among other energy and power used for an action.

Let us Get ! Attain use !
Of Source Wealth.

All Adhara Chakras are functioning by God's Grace. It is must to purify us for getting the functioning of The Adhara Chakras that are functioning by God's Grace. We must give importance in observing oneself to see comfort in purification. Observing oneself will be as a chance for joining with self and also for renovating oneself. As using the chance wealthy, we will get improvement in Life.

"To see the improvement
To get the Completeness

Let us Regard The Universe Creator."