Lesson that are learning in present life is being benefit to know the needed messages for us to live well in The Universe and to develop our life through it. Education guides man to live civilize according to the present period and to live with others. The education that guides to become eminence in Outside World is being as source to get fulfill in Outside contact. The Man who is developing his knowledge through education detects the ways for him and his family to live best, follows in that way and learns to live his life wealthy. Outside Education supports to live best by choosing unique things particularly for us like favorite food for self, dress suitable for self, person going by admitting with self..... in outside stages.

But Jeevayogam teaches us who knows the outer somewhat to know The Inner (Agam) and to see The Universe Creator who created us and The Universe in which we are living. The person who lives with self satisfaction in stage of living by joining with neighbors, suffers on self stage with non-satisfaction of living by joining automatically with self. Person known for being in functioning to know the function, to know for being without functioning if needed, to give rest for functioning, to know the gist of his thoughts, to renovate it, to know oneself for analyzing self for the person analyzing others through outer eyes........... as there are many things to know in inner stage for the person who knows many things in The Universe. Person who comes to know all these things in life can automatically do the duty without anxiety in self stage though whatever comes beyond happiness - sadness and though whatever falls. He only gets the quality of living as extraordinary person in The World. Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam lesson guides man to know this quality properly, completely and simply that is pertinent to each person. "Practice makes a man perfect" according to this, interest must be there to know. Along with showing the way, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam provides wise The God Grace blessings for those trying to do the effort with persistence as action to go in the way. Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam lesson supports like Bridge in Man's life to see satisfactory in Inner contact - Outer contact and to see the Omniscient (God).

Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Lesson

To live tidy
To get refinement
To get specialty (Best)
Inner-contact to get Bliss 
Outer-contact to bloom as flower
To get self-satisfaction
To know our Jeevan (Soul)
To see the Omniscient (God)

as it helps a lot to renovate, to know properly and to contact properly all thing from the cell to The Universe life and also to see The Universe Creator.

"As getting help
We will become eminence."

Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam is explained as Ten lessons in this portion.

1. Universe
2. Welkin
3. Destruction
4. Creation
5. Discontent
6. Supreme Bliss
7. Duty
8. Air
9. Thoughts
10. Ambrosia

As becoming clear by knowing Ten
We will get Universe Creator's Grace.

We will learn with teacher
We will learn with learning method.


Man living, falling and creating metabolic changes (development - downfall) in life as in Universe Creator's Creation The Universe is being a living place for millions of people. Man is able to predict and see The Universe after he finishes his life whereas he is unable to predict or unable to see The Universe while he is living. Man after finishing his life sees downfall. Man who predicts and sees The Universe while living is development. To get the development each man without worrying by thinking and thinking about the downfall stage on the events happening in his life and living by the development stage blooms their life and leads a way to know The Universe Creator who is being a reason for the birth. Let us try to see the spring in our life by beginning each day with God Regard for not to fall while living and to fall while falling.                   

"Let us Regard The God
To know The Universe
To feel The Body."


Haughtiness is high speed Gunam level changes. If arrogant level exceed it is considered as haughtiness. One automatically goes to haughtiness stage while living in arrogant by wanting peace. "Deficient Buththi for Arrogant person." By being and being in arrogance the Buththi that became to deficient (reduced) will become to mud (small level). Because of this, from genius to The God the first elixir statement said is "remove the arrogant and get the peace". As "Arrogance is enemy for peace and resistance for formation", while getting Arrogance and haughtiness impurities are being mixed in oxygen that involving in the thought consoling to do the action and becomes unable to do the action completely and refine. Man by seeing and seeing declension in the work undertaken by him says deny of this life and calls for next birth by losing the freedom and also the chances to live good life in this freedom Universe.

To avoid haughtiness, should not investigate others position, should not compare by keeping our position first and should think to activate great. Unless doing by thinking without considering favor and cons for us, we can not implement the thought into action through attracting the message carefully. In - Out, Self - Others as being without insults and being with Regard as the person seeing completeness with pleasant in presence can get energy to implement. Person thinking the energy as contempt, though by rising the life, he creates the chance himself to go by loosing the Wealth and by loosing the strength in living period. If person waiting to prepare doesn't wait to become cool, it is confirm to lose organ for assuming eat. As like this person undertaking haughtiness loses his rights and enthusiasm. Further becomes as a person suffering in fuss by loosing the peace.

God Worship will be a great support to get Peace and to avoid haughtiness. How means,

 * In order to Worship, man saves what he needs by thinking.

 * It is able for the man to experience the pleasant pleasantly, as needed level of space is created inside with reduction of powerlessness and disappearance of insults by saying out (To The God) that are inside.

 * A belief in a continuous stage that, our life becomes Wealth by Worship, leads the life journey towards winning step and gets prepared and also gets energy.

 * Man gets Body wealth and Mind wealth by God Worship methods.

Person seeing pleasant by God Worship gets needed energy and health to live pleasant in this life by God's Grace.

God Worship shows way
To get Balance state
Without immortal in pleasant
Without corrupting in sufferings.


Akangaram, one among Siddham, participating in war and the setup that stores deficit. A man's span calculation sets according to his capacity level. Contraries and the development blockages happening in each man's life is the reflection of his Akangaram's recording.

The reasons for filling Akangaram's capacity level are,
 * Incapacity of understanding

 * Incapacity of sharing
 * Giving advice without knowing the capacity

 * Thinking as banality

 * Showing negligence
 * Having urgency
 * Not knowing the necessity
 * Loving others than us

 * Having Proud
 * Being without removing Jealous

 * Getting contrary in Sense organs function
 * Not getting balance in Body's function

 * Being without storing energy
 * Spending the energy unnecessarily
 * Not eating after getting hungry

 * Not eating even after getting hungry

 * Seeing Positive - Negative

 * Not doing duty by knowing the period

 * Not doing the duty within period

 * Being with level crossing affection and unmeasurable love

 * Being without thinking

 * Derailing in thinking

 * Having expectations

 * Being without realizing Solitude.

 * Without seeing pleasant in this Birth, looking towards next birth.

 * Shedding tears in Learning

 * Not leaving blood in preserving

 * Without looking at creation, giving importance to look towards destruction

 * Violating God Justice

 * Seeing happiness in affliction

 * Trying to match and see unmatchable words

 * Saying lie knowing by the heart

 * Likes to hurt self - others

 * Being without Humility

 * Despising the Five elements

 * Saying Blame without knowing Universe Creator's role.

If one fills Akangaram's capacity little by little, he will travel in favorable way by seeing downfall in life. Because of this the devotees those know The God has guided by God grace to live without vice as "Purify The Siddham daily". The reason for saying "Sleep is best medicine to remove grief" is,

 * Siddham's recordings are being renovated in Sleep.

 * Gets energy to activate the renovation best.

as getting energy to purify The Siddham. As a man standing steady in unsteady life "Sleep" is the boon given by God to those living in grief and happiness. So, if we live without seeing blame on sleep and saying mistakes on sleep, we can get the chance to make our Akangaram's renovation best. We must live by knowing to seek The Adharam and to avoid the damages for living Quality life is the First Wealth. The Devotees those know The God Justice that Needed wealth will come to those following the first wealth completely, lives without vice at any situations and for anything. As anxiety and vice are birth for Akangaram's living place Mahakavi Bharathiyar,                         

"No fear No fear
Fear is not there - Though sky
Break and fall on apex
There is no fear.............."
(English Version)

Through his poet lines he sent the message with God Grace that "Avoid the anxiety ; Don't see vice. problem will automatically hide" to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who was sowing seeds as energy for Freedom thirst. As Gandhi became prepare to experience, it was able to make basement to get Supreme Bliss Freedom and became as Mahatma Gandhi.

Though Lesson taught by Experience is being Yummy like Ambrosia and also Bitter like Aalakala Visham (Poison), a man crosses Iyyamam and Niyammam when observing and attracting the message given by Experience without giving priority to happiness and sorrows got in it. A man adds Cons for Health's Welfare by scrutinizing unlimited Aasai and unmeaning experience. Though God given needed favors for man to succeed, success is being in terminus unknowing stage as man attracting and joining the cons. Universe a miracle Warehouse rich of everything. If everyone search the only what they need, it is absolutely sure that they can detect and get it easily. Rather than having thirst in Search, if we be without distress and drunkenness, it is able to see Success in Search. (For success) viewing us becomes as steps, viewing others becomes as grave, By knowing this, if we follow in it, man gets valor without viewing others house. To get valor being without jealous and handling patience gives Best. Further to add best to best God worship gives Eminence. Let us Regard The Universe Creator without reason and avocation to get Eminence.

Avoid the fear
Get the Valor

Accept the being
Finish doing the possibilities

Akangaram to cool
Avoid inertia.

To solve distress
Think the need.

Leaving Mind Tired
Removes Sorrows.

To become best in learning
Don't reluctance in standing.

To get great
Work with assurance.

To get Eminence
Worship The Universe Creator.   


Nothing is banality in God's creation. Those are considered as belonging of banality stage while violating the justice created by The God. From The Karnan who is considered as philanthropist to The Guard who is guarding as whomsoever living in Great eminence stage are attaining low quality stage from eminence life while failing by not living in God Justice. As wealth of life given by The God is determined according to the living stage, person living without volutating the track in the life, without making to volutate others, without changing from self stage and also living without violating self stage processions quality in Universe. As it is possible to get strength and wealth needed to come possession through Quality life, deity through his devotees announced Moral Justices that helps man to live the life formally formalities.

"It is able to face the following only by accepting the being" is God Justice. Though known The God Justice, to make the known as experience, person removing the dross in experience is the person who tries to live relieved life. Person getting interest to experience the completeness given by The Universe has the display to see "Universe in the self and self in The Universe." Not to get the unfortunate stage living Blind despite having eyes, deaf despite having ears, dumb despite having mouth, we must avoid requesting more than the need and should get energy to live by knowing the need.

To get energy,

 1. Not showing high interest in knowing.

 2. Not alleviating inertia

 3. Not abusing without knowing

 4. Not having high haste

 5. Not advising in unwanted stage

 6. Coming forward to help in wanted stage

 7. Not getting infatuated without knowing Aasai's capacity.

 8. Without
living by seeing the status, practicing to live with quality. 

 9. Without seeing Jealous in race, practicing to see patience in understanding.

 10. Avoiding Arguments.

It is must to follow these in the life.

The reason for saying "No sorrows for courage man"

'This man, this work shall thus work out,' let thoughtful king command;
Then leave the matter wholly in his servant's hand (517)

According to this Thiruvalluvar's Thiru statement there must be courage person knowing the action and the method of activating. It is must to investigate the action many times before registering the action in Body's Register. "Destroying is easy than creation", this might be a destiny that is easily matching to World Practical chapter, however Agilanathan's (World Hero) destiny is that as it is rare to psychology department, it is must to contact the Universe properly to register in the body. Improvement can be seen only in proper contact is possible statement relevant for practical life. To make possibility as favorable, we must seek to do the action that doesn't give Cons to us and others.

"Small twig also helps to poke the tooth" as to what is the eternal philosophy of this statement is that there is nothing in creation that doesn't gives use.

Whate'er they fail to guard, o'er lips men guard should keep;
If not, through fault of tongue, they bitter tears shall weep (127)

It is must to guard our tongue to contact properly with everyone without considering as toff or poor. As like that if the words that comes from the tongue without guarding will slip by fault in proper method and the life of the person who pronounced those words will get vice by sorrow and will be subjected to inability for recovering grief.

So only "Using The Words properly" is must to learn and must to adhere for man to undertake success in his life. Person living by considering him as best gets chance to view development stage. Person living by considering himself as best not only development stage but also gets chance to fall. By realizing that every living beings are created with containing best in God's creation, without knowing Living things great eminence, without knowing the reason for its creation, one must not act by thinking anyone and anything as banality by valuing as trivial. This is the one which is most important to keep in their thought's recording for each man thinking to live best.

"Mud knows
Earthworms' eminence

Flower knows
Honeybees' Divyam.

Cow will realize
Grass's greatness.

Plants will announce
Mud's worth.

In God's creation
Everything is Awesome.


'Knowing the journey makes the journey simple' as how much it is possible as like that 'Making try to modulate gets strength for analyzing' is also that much possible.

  * Renovating oneself by scrutinizing

  * Using sense organs according to the need

  * Avoiding on trying to see the blame rather than trying to weed out the blames.

  * Providing first preference for devotion that affection

  * Not considering even the enemy with enmity
.................. modulating like these sets as strength and bridge.

As "Murugan" doing his action Best and Refine by analyzing (By considering action's best) we are calling his best as "Murugan for beauty" and "Murugan King of Arts". Well known person of the action done will be known by the outcome of his action's refinement, for this Sculpture is an illustration. If Sculptor who sculpts the sculpture joins the action done by him, it will be known by the affluence of sculpture. Sculpture that doesn't have Soul will also glow with brightness as if having Soul. That sculpture's templates gets World popularity. If a man does an action with delightful on seen and with worries that wasn’t seen, that action’s outcome will not only gives worries but also gives blemish. Because of this it is stressed through Vedas to do The Duty without considering the results. If even a man going astray  attempts to walk Veda's way, he gets the chance to get eminence greatness like Turret's Kalasam.  Kalasam's appearance explains "Sensitize the strength by including affluence". The life of the person making the explanation as function will be reverenced. Person following the reverence without poverty, gets the wealth without poverty. "Gandhi who saw refinement in poverty received place without missing in all respect rich newspapers. Person searching relevant reasons to be poverty in his life's refinement, gets stage of not adding shore till his Kaalam there and lives as burden for the mud.

Women's burden is credit for the mud
Man's burden is expense for the Celestia.

We know that analyzing unknown crediting and knowingly increasing the expense is not beauty to the fame giving life by realizing the reason that God is for crediting and man for expense. To activate the known, to refine the action, to see refinement in affluence, to strive till sought level or with full vigor, to get Universe Creator's grace, to fulfill the vessel (Body), Let worship and Regard The God daily by removing destitution.

As through Regard The Siddham gets renovated and The Sense organs function properly and completely, it is possible to contact The Universe properly. By Proper contact Sin and Puniyas are corrected and renovated. By renovated Siddham and by Puniyam's benefits, it is able to make his life wealthy. After paving the way for Wealthy life and while preparing to go astray, Danger is also coming together. In the battlefield unknown of danger we will be doing war oneself and suffers by losing relief. As how it will be if a person sway stumble doesn't have stilt, like that the happiness got by the unfulfilled non-relief experience will not give complete delights. Universe's function joins in personality of the person who known to activate the thinking and to think the activation. Action and thinking to co-ordinate,

 * Must activate the possibility

 * Must move with Regard's support to not think even by mind about impossibility.

 * Must live by joining with Nature without joining with wish.

 * Must put forward the duty without seeing the pleasant.

 * Must get God support to put forward the duty.

Arts to dissolve in air by getting wound to eliminate knowing the reason, we must complete doing the duty well within the period before Kaalan (Death of The God) comes. 'The life of the Person being not only knowing this but also activating belongs the flowers in their foot not after death but also being without disappearing' is Vedas Words. To follow according The Veda, to remove the agony,  person following in the way by knowing the way can live by knowing and joining The God function stage. As living is being one time, to sow for Regarded  living for generation to generation let us try to get completeness by keeping forward The God in all actions to get strength, artifice giving strength and the energy to follow artifice way.

Not to mix Blood in tears
Not to bloom the blood in mud
Not to pay silent prayer by flower
Let us seek The God to peak level.


Who ploughing eat their food, they truly live:
The rest to others bend subservient, eating what they give (1033)

The Agricultural field that is making refinement before spreading seeds in the land is worship-able. Person living by analyzing the mind before doing the action will be followed by all others as respective to greeting.

Analyzing oneself is primary and main one for renovation. Person analyzing oneself without discrimination gets strength and becomes as Fruit. As person living as fruit becoming as seed for many people's guideline, to protect the vigor of the seed, we must seek The Universe Creator strongly. Swaying without understanding and lamenting without knowing will be source that is being as bridge to lose the strength for strength. To remove the source completely we must get complete in Regarding The Mulavan completely with complete effort, to get completeness even in three junction that is Body, Mind and Soul as we must get strength to activate strongly for refining Sense Organ's function in stage of not adding Sludge in three types of energy. Body's strength is being got by food. As Mind's strength is being got by God's Grace, God's devotee Thirumoolar says "If Mind that becomes refine, Mantra is also that". Than the willpower given by Mantra, as The Willpower given by Mind's refinement giving much energy, Thirumoolar says that If Mind becomes refine, it is Mantra.

Living a stable in unstable life is equal to the travel done by eye-patch person in unseen woodland. As God Worship being great support for incomparable relief, Person attaching this stage by knowing becomes as a person crossing in any stage. As it is not possible to attach The God support pleasantly till last for the person who has crude ear and the tongue that doesn't give benefit, morality messages are being provided as ambrosia to nor the sense organs through God Worship. As a chance is there even for Devar those ate Ambrosia to lose their beauty, the chances are heaped quality in The Universe to live as a man heart and rich approbation. Person getting by searching in the heap gets the chance to live by getting clarity. If a man at the time of getting the child tries to announce The Mualm (God), he gets the chance to get The Mukthi.

Person trying to activate completely the possibility though known or unknown about the result becomes Karma Yogi. Though it happened to experience The Karma deed by Kaalan's support, God Worship supports to be without sufferings. As God is being The Creator of everything, God's Mercy is being beyond everything like caste, religious, religion...  Agam (In) must be clear to get uncountable energy rich Mercy.

Agam to get clear, Mind must get peace
Mind to get peace we must avoid confusion
To avoid confusion understanding is needed
To understand, we must know
To know
Interest is needed  
To get The Interest Energy is needed
To get The Energy God Worship will support.

We must undertake God Worship without hubbub, with Peace and without urgency. By undertaking and undertaking The God Worship our life will become grammar for precedent and it is confirm to lay quality life without head-weight (knowledge egoism). We must adopt patience in understanding to get persistence and to think Great.

To sustain in Patience
We must avoid Proud.

To get valor
We must weed out Jealousy.

To realize each one's needs
We must need God Worship.


As sculpting the mud, Seed becomes tree
.As sculpting self, becomes Quality in Universe.

            The sloth of cuckoo for trying to build the nest,
            The worries of peacock to walk by rising the feathers,
            The consideration of cow's teat as its burden,
            The pride of porcupine by thinking its quills
            The belittlement of cuckoo by thinking its color..........

          as the life of those making unreasonable worries as theirs becomes as spring loosed grove. Desert also gives benefits. But spring loosed grove becomes burden to Land as a living place of sadness.

                                 Sculptor to sculpt the sculpture
                                 Carpenter to sculpt the wood............

              needed instruments and its sharpness are necessary, as like this man to sculpt himself consciousness and perseverance are important.



                Than having seeing power for fulfilling our proper needs, we must have consciousness for not seeing unnecessary. Person living proper like seeing the wanted and not seeing unwanted by having in thought that ocular's light is being for making our life's way quality, designs the improvement way to endless limit (still living).


                 We must get consciousness to do the action tidy and refine within the time. Because action done by the man makes his life premiere as meaningful.


                            To know ours need
                            To understand the known
                            To activate the understanding
                            To experience the activation
                            To correct the experience
                            To share the experience after correction
                            Perseverance is being needed.

              Life of person who likes to renovate and life of the person who involves for sculpting goes wealth towards prosperity. There is a chance to live without cons though a man did not use the material wealth properly that he saved in his life. But if we did not use the organ- sense organ wealth that is inability to create by us given and given by The God in this birth properly, we will become misfortune person who added needed level cons for this birth and next birth.

Result increases
By weeding out weeds.

Quality will know
By obliterating bran .

Persistence increases
By pouring fertilizer

Adventure becomes favor
By removing cons.

Vedas will understand
By not doing arguments

Can establish personality
By removing apprehension.

Let Worship God
To establish personality.


              God Regard supports to view The Man's thoughts towards The God that is traveling towards The World. Regard is being as a way for man to live, grow and to guide. One of the eminence truth indicating by Mahabharatam is Regard's glory. Regard helps to know The Universe Creator's eminence as feelings and as flexibly. You will be Regarded through Regard. We will get pleasant by knowing complete in this birth through God Regard. To get the pleasant, to get completeness in function, Let us regard the giver of functions - God.

                                           Made to see Pottri
                                           Made to hear Pottri
                                           Made to feel Pottri
                                           Made to flex Pottri
                                           Made to say Pottri
                                           Shape giving eminence Pottri ! Pottri !


                                                          ஆ + கா + யம்

ஆ   - Soul
கா   - (க் + ஆ) Body and Soul joined Soul Body
யம் - Joined with God.

           Welkin (Vacuum) is very important need for animate-inanimate, mobility-immobility as for everything's development and downfall in The Universe created by The God. Man to get success place welkin must be fulfilled in him. Except the man living in his chapter, as every Souls changed self as welkin, all those are living Supreme Bliss. Man to become as welkin like wide spread welkin, he must surrender The Universe Creator with wide purpose. Man making even impossible surrender as possibility surrendering is possible to glow as possible having, promise
getting, knowing everything and to create success.
           Transformation will be raised in Universe by Universe Creator's grace. Makes to get eminence growth. Eminence, makes The universe to transform. Then, World will realize that "To feel The Thiru (God) portrait is enough". There must not be Big Wound to get welkin. We must pleasantly use the words given by The God to not have the big wound. "Person using gets usage" consoling to this man getting usage becoming refine and being without wound by refining gets
Welkin (Success place). Person without big wound will be praised in Universe by God's grace.


"Space does not changes by time
 Soil does not perishes though money given."

       Considering degrading The Space and Soil gives a chance to take birth again and again in this soil land, as Universe Creator created The Five Elements to protect his creations, saying blame on the protections is big mistake. So to avoid the mistakes 'Don't say blame to live without blame' as through Wisdom Godmother Avvaiyar has explained to record in Infants mind that "No need to slander anyone". The one that must keep in mind as fruit is that The Devotee's message that is explaining Deity's Justice must be followed throughout the period.

          God has made the creating power as duty to the fruit as plant's fruit is having a great feature of exposing self after making it little by little strength and refine. Person activating by knowing his duty becomes best rich Semmal.

To do the duty best,

        * Effort is needed

        * Full Knowledge is needed.
        * Must be without insulting even iota to get solitude.

        * Must compliance with Kaalam. 

        * Must join with The Nature

        * Interest must be needed for knowing.

        * Authority must not be to do governance.

        * Must be without,
                 Floating in Pleasant
                 Upsetting in sorrows.

         * Must be great person in forgiving and forgetting (mistakes).

         * Must have the eminence of not seeing comparison with others.

                 Must be as a person got completeness to keep forward The God thought in all these.

           Person doing the duty by keeping in mind that "Let us do the duty", gets the chance to get God Grace by joining with the period. As by doing duty the life goes wealthy towards Clarity for being without anxiety in Agam - Puram, the person gets the chance to know The Birth's reason for what he born. As person making the experience teaching lesson as property by purifying, gets God's mercy to rise further in his life,
                                        Not seen turmoil
                                        Not seen vice
                                        Not seen riot
                                        Not seen wound...........

as his life goes towards improvement by dissolving contraries.


          Hibiscus plant's flower that is growing by keeping Soil as base through viewing The Space explains that the contact in between Soil and space, the contact in between Space-Soil and The God is being joined by duty. The reason for God to explain the joining through plants is that as plants doing its duty refine within particular period without moving its duty by an reason, God exposing his God joining through plats that is joined pleasantly with him. Each plant have got many specialty, in it Hibiscus plant's specialty,

       * In and Out are used as medicine for the growth of Soul Body functional structure.

       * Root, Stem, Leaf, Bud, Flower as everything is of medicinal feature.

       * Acid without sourness and the astringent without pungent as it is being best medicine for the secretion of digestion water in small intestine.

Chancellor of Celestia
King of Earth

Hero of Vedas
General of success

Philanthropist in giving
Eamon in taking

Let us know The God Justice
Let us live pleasantly


                Divine Incarnation Jesus Christ's arrival by announcing through Morning star announces pleasurably that Chancellor of Celestia has been incarnated in The Earth. Like the electric bulb discovered by Thomas Alva Edison's perseverance glowing as Morning Star of Science, devotion is considered as Morning star for devotion. Through Devotion it is able to see The Universe Creator, God to expose this through his creations he exposes by creating himself. God Becomes teacher to announce by experiencing anonymously the pleasure - sorrow that is happening in exposing. Though Aadhar God itself comes as incarnation, The God justice is that to live without damages it is must to become refine in renovation. God doesn’t ease any restrictions for him.

               Clouds while flowing as rain, it doesn’t give the water by differentiating the plants as it gives uses, it doesn’t gives uses. As rain water doing its duty without seeing discrimination it is compared to Soul Water. Let us try to go Heaven (God World) by leaving discrimination as discrimination non seen analysis helps man to become fruition and to become strength. Though stumble is there in doing effort rather than trying to see the improvement, as we must not pay the effort backward without making effort as work and without making work as success, before doing the effort,

       * Use the complete knowledge          

       * Activate by examining (thinking) and scrutinizing

       * To do an action “Is it possible by me?” rather than this we must give first importance to know “Is it useful for me?”

        * Without calculating the time and at the same time we must keep the timings in the thought.

         * Must be persistence in believing us than others.

          As undertaking like this “Effort will make Thiru action”. That is it gets best from the term of action (work) to the duty. As undertaking the duty it joins us to God feet.

“Effort will make Thiru work.
 Duty makes to join The God.
 Timings come to hand for the man doing duty.”
        Are all the adages that explains Duty’s specialty.

         * Spider works without seeing day-night to set its house.               
         * Woodpecker activates by thinking without considering Nature’s obstacles to fulfil its needs.
         * Owl doesn’t relict to crawl The Universe to soothe its hunger.
         * Crane doesn’t consider its body illness to attain its ambition.
         * Hen doesn’t become anxiety by affection to do its duty........           

In God creation,

     To do Adventures ; we have to get energy in the body to bear Agony. We who got the energy than trying to undertake the effort for achieving, searching the possibility is more. As search becoming cloy, “Avocation not knowing the reason becomes time delay” according to this justice, as ambition’s aim going far, life will view old age.

          To accept the possibility and to make the acceptance as chapter (Life) not only the eye but also the thought must be rich of bright.

       Rabbit’s life
       Solitude for மள்ளு

       Tortoise’s patience
       Amazing Justice.

       Elephant’s trunk
       Life’s belief        

       Crab’s persistence    
       Quality of becoming Well    

        Rock’s Affection     
        Breath's பரிதவிப்பு

        To know daily 
        Let us know the four     
        Let us live pleasantly.


        Castor oil helps to be steady in standing for long period. “யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்“ is possible for the devotees know The Deity like this for the wealthy wealth reduced people’s life Castor oil becomes favorable. Person’s those learned to make the action as duty by weeding out favor – cons gets best by The Duty. Face to get Best, Agam (In) must get clarity. Agam to become clear viewing oneself and undertaking God Worship to join self with The God as if we try to revive the life constantly, we can get completeness. Like the face shown by The Agam, if we undertake The God Worship that qualifies our thought’s quality, our Soul Body function becomes refine. As getting and getting refine, this Birth becomes pleasant and we will do our duty without worrying about the magnificence rich death.

         As flowing continuously river water’s purity will be seen by taking and taking, if we regard The God continuously, it will give great purity for us and satisfactory satisfaction for the people belonged us.  Like the breath being as support for Soul Body functional growth, Regard will be support for Soul Body functional refinement. As walking stick’s help needed for person loosed his leg, if we seek The God support while our life being wealthy and well, life will be raised by getting eminence to slippery free affluence. Person living soft will live with support that not attained damages. As seeking God support, damages will never be in the life. Mind strength of bearing anything will come and join tremendously. Than becoming tired by seeing Agony, a strength to work with prudence will be created. As eminence creation gives greatness, we must agree with renovation to attain greatness and to get eminence. Accepting Agreement is pertinent to weed out the contrary. As plow being as support for plowing industry, proper agreement supports for establishment of greatness.

          Vehicle without Linchpin gives danger.
          Health less body will not give Energy.
          Unrelieved Pleasant will  not give satisfaction.
          By loosing satisfaction, we can't live wealth.

        "Don't distress by thinking about impossibility
         Don't praise by thinking about Possibility."


            Besides Pot made up of mud will be used, the coin made up of mud will not be used. Though shape is one, it will not be used for usages. An action that is being simple for one will be seen rare for others. Rare and simple will be set based on the doer of the action and not on basis of action.

'This man, this work shall thus work out,' let thoughtful king command;
Then leave the matter wholly in his servant's hand (517)

            Making to do the action and helping to do the action by knowing quality as a person must be known for making to do the action through others without self.

            A thing's value will be valued based on each person's situation. For example,
     * Food will be seemed big than Gold for hungry person.

     * Smile will be seemed great than Ornament for a child.

     * On harvesting heat given by Sun will be considered big for the farmer...........

            According to The God Justice, nothing is there to consider as big and small. As per the situation action will be considered as important. Action's best will be set on basis of action's exposure method and the using method of exposure. The invalid coin is considered as absence though presence, like that if a person's skill is not exposed in apt time it will considered as absence though present. In God's creation, the energy is created for all in Birth to develop their skill according to the situation on each person's desire. Person developing the skill by knowing the skill, attains great level in life. Person not developing his skill though known his skill and though having chance, suffers by moaning in old age by loosing wealth. Senility period will be considered as pin bed for those not using young period wealthy on developing way.

              As interest and chances to know the needs are got in birth, the person who gives supremacy to make him standard than viewing others stage while growing, tries to renovate oneself by knowing everything about self as self, interest appropriate to self, self's ability, renovated things in self, needed things to renovate, self's compliance, self's contrary.......... As plants helping to purify Outside (Puram), Devotion helps to purify The Inner (Agam). If man develops his devotion stage, his breath gets the energy to renovate him and all the people based on him. Water flowing in the river is best for the river. As like that proper words spoken with limit adds best not only to the tongue but also for that Soul Body structure.

Purity giving Praise
Unlimited Supreme Bliss.

Wealth giving strength
Living stage is Paradise.

Patience giving valor
Illiteracy removes the weeds.

Tiredness non-seen sleep
Arena of Freedom life.

Famine non-seen effort
Chance to go throughout Universe

Fear free life
Quest for placement.

Permanent Devotion
Position giving Mukthi.


           Worship to The God supports to get successful functional structure and not the drunkenness Soul Body function for the red water to be as hot water in our Soul Body function. In functional structure of God our Soul Body structure is created to produce the red water (Blood) daily in our Soul Body functional structure like the water in the well is increasing.

        "Timings this is lie - Just
          Air filled bag" - said Pattinathar. As how the air being released while a hole occurring in the air filled bag, Time level that this Soul Body will live this level of time will also become less by the reduction of Breath energy given by Soul energy because of Contraries and the determined time level becomes lie, while living by failing the method.

          Like the water in the well becoming dry because of contrary thought and improper usage, as suitable for the red well in Soul Body functional structure to become dry, as Breath energy power going

           As man's governing function is being mixed with The Blood, it is first need to renovate the thoughts for non-reduction of Blood water. As making necessary into levity, life will be pushed to unnecessary urgency. Whether urgency paves way for degradation of proper Soul Body or not it will surely creates degradation for theory of Life's Support. As for the proper renovated Soul Body function to degrade 'urgency' becomes as base, those people known and those unknown this getting interest in knowing without analyzing the known things will become base for non-conscious hollow life. Through this The Mulatharam Chakra losses the strength completely and the life goes feet by feet towards destruction. "Plight becomes property for urgency" as known this the elders starting from that day said ஆற அமர செய்
"ஆற அமர யோசித்து சொல்". As "Acting by thinking adds best to the action's refinement" Kavimani Desia Vinayakam Pillai has said that "Mind do the thinking, you do the thinking Mind".

             Blood must be best for thinking and for activating. As The Blood that is coming promenade throughout the body, is being base for the action to outcome best and for giving consolation,
we must not encourage hostility while eating to add fertilizer for blood production. Hostility feeling will be blockage for Yogam and source for Disease. To get Purity,

           * Avoid Hostility
           * Don't Blame
           * Don't see fault
           * Don't get Jealous
           * Don't feel Praise
           * Don't speak Hard words
           * Don't join with moron
           * Don't use destitution
           * Don't speak without knowing
           * Don't get self-conceit
           * Don't involve in contempt
           * Don't be attracted by blandishment
           * Don't make despise as duty
           * Don't get anger
           * Don't rise by boiling
           * Don't feel levity
           * Don't dominate
           * Don't fill arrogance
           * Don't lose relief
           * Don't belittle elders
           * Don't accept contraries.


                 "Frog spoils by its mouth"
  As itself is being source for its life's end by exposing its place through its sound for becoming itself as food, while exposing inexpressible words without proper, people say "Frog spoils by its mouth". Person who tries to renovate him in his living place and in his storing place, gets chance to attain Best. Than trying to attain maturity in development, it is not beauty on trying to get development in maturity for improvement. Though each thing is created with beauty in God's creation, without reducing that beauty and to further live enhance contrary must be weeded out. It is nature of seeming their thought as great and relevant to them. If need is not arose, it is no need to interact, see blame and say fault in each person's nature.

            Man's life will be formed according to his innate condition, so to become great let us look to analyze without comparing life's stage with others. The comparison than adding fertilizer to life's burden, it will not be used for the strength, so the person renovating and sculpting  oneself like a sculptor for strengthening him by analyzing self ability, renovating things, removable, knowable.......... gets the quality of praising by keeping sculpture. We must practice to like properly to develop our qualification quality. Proper life is that our desire, needs, habits, practicing method, aim........ like the person as giving importance to make these favor to him, must also give importance in not making these cons gets the chance to attain not only great stage but also to get eminence stage. Person undertaking the effort without break attains Great stage. Person undertaking the effort with God Regard attains an eminence stage.
             Among various duties in life, the important duty is that attaining eminence stage. One among the thing that each man must notice is that self stage change must not be subjected to disappointment and must not give disappointment. Very important need to get eminence is acting by realizing that changing oneself and disappointing oneself is different. Though acting by knowing the need gives wellness, interest is needed to know. For knowing,
                    * What is our need ?
                    * Our need in which situation needed ?
                    * To get the need who is the person guiding us ?
as knowing all these is very important.

                               As renovating by knowing quality
                               Tin too becomes Gold.

                               As being in thinking
                               Rising in letters
                               Function becomes nature.

                               As knowing the presence
                               We can receive the receiving.


           Universal Justice is that if contrary is weeded out, we can see the way to improve, as the contraries of man living in The Universe who is created by eminence creationism becomes burden to the development and favor to the downfall. Person going into Universe justice can only go into God justice, Not only word strength but also the person having action wealth can only succeed, Becoming Vision after time is passed will not be useful for viewing like these undeniable truth Death will come in the respective timing is also truth.

            Life that not expecting the death is excellent. That is welcoming the death while living is not beauty for the life living. At the same time welcoming the death while coming is not only beauty but also gives energy. The thinking and worries about the death will not come to the person who is doing his duty duty correctly. Our duty is to activate by thinking about the development in the life living. Further it is possible for us to activate it. But in living stage though thinking about the downfall stage, Death we can not activate it. Because Birth and Death are subjected to God's governing. Trying to do the possibility is property for the rationality rich man. Capitulation to The God helps as bridge
to refine as rationality rich man. By the accepting way of surrendering The God we will get energy by God's mercy to remove by understanding the wanted and unwanted things in life. Further we will get chance to understand and activate the understanding in way of making the prong of the ax named contrary blunt that is damaging our Soul Body functional structure. For understanding,

           * Worries not seeing stage is needed
           * Old age not seeing stage is needed
           * Patience in hearing is needed
           * Praise not seeing stage in saying is needed
           * Clarity to know the want is needed
           * Bravery to remove the unwanted is needed
           * God Worship is needed
           * Rationality of not seeing affection, enmity is needed
           * Not only floral homage but also the ability to give silent homage is needed
           * We must do the duty without suffering by worries.
           * Knowing individuality is needed
           * Comparison non seen Greatness is needed.
           * Diversion non seen humbleness is needed.
           * Knowing the Sayer and hearer stage is needed.
           * Knowing the meaning of word is needed
           * It is needed to say the words and Sayer in non degrading stage.
           * We must avoid wants non knowing words and unwanted words.
           * It is needed to avoid the Joining by action diversion joining in three timing (past, present, future).
           * It is must to know the completeness of three words viz Energy, Wit, Mukthi.
           * Needed to know the function of sense organ and organ without wounding.
           * Non blasphemy thinking is needed.
           * It is must to know the contact functioning of three of three - known, needed to know and unknown.
           * "We are being unity by Soul
              We are created and transforming by Soul's creationism", we must try to know this creationism theory.
           * We must know that while thinking becoming as function like mathematical chapter of numbers, it has formulas.
           * We must know that the Letters and Numbers are Body's eye, Soul's eye, God's eye as contacted with thoughts.
           * We must know that by Universe's revolution all functioning are revolving.
           * We must activate by knowing that everything will be viewed in Creationism's vision.

                                                         "Dignity of Words
                                                          Celestia Paradise."


            Than creating destructing is very rare action.


"Rare Rare taking Birth as human is rare
Rare in it rare to take birth without koon, blind, deaf, dumb" said Spiritual God mother Avvaiyar.

            * Koon is the feeling of got hurt by wound
            * Blind is the eyes that viewed inappropriate view
            * Deaf is the ears that heard unpleasant words
            * Dumb is the mouth that spoke the words not useful for anything.

          Than creating recordings in Siddham, it is very very rare action to make the creationism transformation and to make without knowing shape. Person having Siddham disruption, Thought disruption and non-clarity thinking doesn't have chance to live quality in The Universe. Man living without chance lives and falls as unqualified and  quality less in Universe.

To live quality in life,
          * Siddham must get renovation
          * Siddham to renovate Sense Organ's function must get purity
          * To get Sense Organ's functioning pure, we must get Life functioning method.
          * To know the life functioning method, we must know the giver of life functioning
          * To know the giver of life, we must live by worshiping those making us to live in The Universe and those sent us in way.

          By praying and by guideline of Universe Creator we can travel in God's path by removing destruction path and by getting renovated Siddham. 

                                               "God's Grace
                                                Makes rarity simple."


          Siddham is the name of path structure where the thoughts coming from Mind by getting Soul Energy traveling from Soul Body before attaining Sense Organ and contacting The Universe.Siddham has got six structures (Out - In stage) namely Buththi (Wit), Akangaram, Aasai(Desire), Gunam (Character), Iyyargai (Nature) and Kaalam (Time).
                  "If path becomes clear, journey becomes comfort" and
                  "If path becomes comfort, journey becomes heaven" explains importance of Siddham's path purification. Siddham to be pure is very important one for the man to be well and live strength. Thinking to become best and action to process Siddham is being as an important source, so the person without sound Siddham promenade The Universe daily.

          In The Soul Body functional structure Siddham is the only part which a man can renovate with his effort. That too, it is able to renovate only the four Buththi, Akangaram, Aasai and Gunam in Siddham. All day to day events that the man contacting in Universe reaches The Soul through Siddham. Man's Soul Energy to be affluence Siddham is very important source. "Person known The Siddham is Siddhan" as he lives his life days wealthy that everything is God action though poor and though rich.

         "If path becomes clear, journey becomes simple" as, if
Siddham the thought going path is clean, it is possible for the thought to become as an action and action to become best, Devotees known The Deity says "Clean The Siddham daily".

                     1) Don't see Blame
                     2) Don't say faults
                     3) Avoid the expectations
                     4) Do the possibility completely
                     5) Do the impossibility with full effort
                     6) There shouldn't be unwanted interaction in others stage
                     7) Don't test and see the strength
                     8) Don't increase the unwanted needs
                     9) Don't get domination to pay the governance
as following this, it is possible for Siddham to undertake renovation work. As doing the possibility pleasantly, it is possible for impossibility to come into pleasant.

                           "As Siddham becoming pure
                            All work becomes Victory."


            Buththi one among six parts of Siddham helps as source to the man for not doing the mistakes and to correct for those persons done the mistake. So that only we are calling Buththi as "Correcting Center" and as "Outcome of Events".

          Like Silver's peculiarity
          Like lizard's destitution
          Like hen's grant
          Like Crab's shivering
          Like Crane's celebration
          Like Peepal's fuss
          Like cat's softness
          Like squirrel's silent
          Like Owl's howl
          Like Post's drift

       Buththi acts as ambrosia gland and as Aalakala Visham (Poison).

"As wound running malignant
Sense Organ function loses action"


                Like the stir of hen in midden
                Like the sleepy dog
                Like the hot seen cat
                Like the wound seeing comfort in itching
                Like the non-reason search
                Like the arrogant unforgotten even in death
       Akangaram acts. Extreme want and unwanted as by attracting and filtering very high speed and slow speed it makes to spread as drain within it.

                  "If river flows with water for river and
                   If water flows in river for water" best adds, than it if thoughts flow in Akangaram's drain, it will not best for that thought and the the thought carrying Soul Body. Though God given with Grace the amazing castle for Akangaram's opening to not open often, man lives by loosing greatness through living  high by distorted comparison and by removing avoiding eminence comparison. "In hole pot water will not stay", like this person getting Akangaram looses the authority. If we find in devoid place, we will not find, like this by searching in dark, we will not get even the presence,
if only the man realize this eminence truth, he can rise in life.

                     "Wonderful World filled with needed facilities
                      Wonderful Soul Body filled with wanted structures" as World and Soul Body is being affluence by Universe Creator's Grace, the person protecting the affluence or further trying to make affluence gets improvement.
Person making the affluence dilapidation, further and further setbacks. Than surging up in rage, trying to see prudence with patience paves way to see success. Like giving importance for self desire wishing to live best, person giving importance for renovating self, lives standard for generations and generations. To Live standard and to live affluence renovation only is best.

       As Akangaram becoming very spicy
       Hill will also reduces
       Mountain will also become mud
       Gold will also become bran.

            The strong of Akangaram's strength is to make the presence as absence and to show the absence as presence. The life of the person seeing strength in strong will become as an example for quiver.

        Boiling stage to change
        Boiler must become cool.


             Like The Atchayapathram
             Like flowing River
             Like Air making to flow
             Like High stage seeing comparison
Aasai acts. The Aasai that is glowing as Acting center and Activating Center is rich of ability acting with demonstration like tortoise. To announce that The Aasai giving creation is source for destruction, Buthar has said that "Desire is reason for Destruction". Person known to activate the non-level Aasai with level, gets chance to come promenade throughout The Universe as amazing inmate. 

Jeevayogam makes The Yogam complete. Because yet now the methods to know Jeevan isn't explained directly. The method to know Jeevan in Jeevayogam is on the method of knowing The God. The method of knowing Jeevan is by the support of The God.

"Lets know The God
 Lets live happy with God's grace."

Thank You all and Thanks to The Universe Creator.