Contact - Soul to Body, Soul to World, Soul to God

Expansion of Live* Breath which was researched by Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.

Live* Breath is a thing that lives throughout the life. At the same time, if each living beings want to live according to its life, Live* Breath living in the life let us know necessarily that Live* Breath is needed to live pleasant life.


When knowing Live* Breath is connected with Contact : Soul to Body, Soul to World, Soul to God, we can know that everything is on its way. By power of Live* Breath Whole World Natural Functions.

Live*Breath - Free (Live) Breathing for Best Breathing

Live* Breath system is Natural system and it doesn't have any special practices in live. At the same time, it is necessary to know all Soul Body functional systems are functioning naturally.


Air's Attract is most beauty and most danger among The Attracts of World functions. Air system is main reason for the move of each thing. Air system is being reason for World revolution. So, Air circulation system is being very very important system for any of the contact though Living or Nonliving, though any type of living thing living in it, though cell in cell, though tremendous in Cosmos.

Let us also know Live* Breath
Let us know in us
Let us know with Universe Creator's support.

Project Details :

Name       :  Live* Breath

Place     :  Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Training Center,
                       Hosur, Tamilnadu, India.

Date      : 16 June 2013 to 15 July 2013

Participants : 24


Project participants :

       1.  N. REVATHY
       2.  M. SIVAKAMI
       3.  V. UMAMAHESWARI
       4.   K. VIJAYALAKSHMI
       5.   M. MALINI
       6.   M.K. KANNAN
       8.   M. ELANGOVAN
       9.   T. NAGALAKSHMI
     10.   A. NAGAJOTHI
     11.   S. ELANGO
     12 .  V.N.  PALRAJAN

Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan who disclosed Live* Breath to The Universe.


         1.  G. PREETHI                          -  GOD CONTACTER
         2.  E. PAVITHRA
         3.  K.K. LOGAMBAL                  -  GOD CONTACTER
         4.  P. MURUGAN
         5.  PADMAVATHI
         6.  VEERAKUMAR
         7.  VIJAYARANI                         -  GOD CONTACTER
         8.  YAMUNA SRI .V                   -  GOD CONTACTER
       10.  E. PAVITHRA                        -  GOD CONTACTER
       11.  MOHAN


            While observing Live* Breath, it gives Rest, Gap, Energy etc between Actions. So it is able to Contact with The Three Contacts that are Soul to Body, Soul to World and Soul to God.


Duty of Breath :
       1. Know the smell.
       2. ……………………..?

  •    * We will know the another duty without know the smell.
  •    * It may be, we will know to continue that duty.
  •    * It may be continued then, the breath is the strong help to know the contact between duty & our self.

The Contact Message Picture of Live* Breath in God Yoga, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.

                                                   LIVE* BREATH IN HAPPY PLACE
Breathing Exercise :

       Listen the breath in between the action.

Benefits of breathing exercise :

     1. Relax.
     2. Sleep satisfaction.
     3. Health improvement
     4. Habit of peace
     5. Energy out put
     6. Getting energy to action (before - after)
     7. Correction to the record of action
     8. Best action
     9. Live happy

                                              ( Live* - Natural Practice & Activity )



Mr. Sivamathi M.Mathiyalagan is Leader of The Project Live* Breath. And also Founder and Director of Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jotimayam Trust.

Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan explaining The Project

       We know that The Universe created by God is made up of Five Elements. We also know that the plants and we are living with Five Elements' Support. We also know that Five Elements are helping separately and also in combined stage for humans to live. Now we are going to know about further Messages and Experience about Air's importance and its Magnificence Powers among The Five Elements. Breath is suitable for all kinds of Functions.

                  " Live Breath, Pleasant Breath, Sweet Breath."

                 " Comfort of Live Breath is Jeevan's (Soul) Comfort."

                 " Jeevan's Comfort is Jeevayogam's Comfort."                                       Thank God.



      Breath has contact with The God. The body that is functioning by Breath is breathing each day, each minute and each second. As like that the breath serves us throughout our life without taking rest for even a second. The service done by The Breath to us is being as an essential, important and a needed one. So this service glows as great. Breath by this service fulfills all needs of us. 
                                                    "Breath gives Comfort."


         If Breath stops, we are not in this World. Breath functions non-stop. It is being an important one for us. So In God Creation Breath functions nonstop without known to us and without our permission.

                                   "Let us Praise non-stop
                                    The Non- stop Worker."


         Air moves the things. As like that The Soul Air - Breath goes inside and moves which are needed to be moved. Breath is needed to move everything, to exchange everything and to activate everything. Breath's service is needed to move our thoughts and to join the contacts. Observing the breath is important to move the unwanted thoughts and to renovate the unwanted thoughts within us.

                                  "Let us move in the way The breath is moving."


       The service of Breath is continuing Service. Breath is needed one to all living beings that are living in this World.
                                             "No Earth without revolving
                                              No Air without moving."
       In this revolving Earth the air that is moving continuously contacts everything and creates contact with everything by going in and coming out of each living organism.

                              " Running air makes us to run towards The God."


          Emergency help is there as solution for each things. As like this Breath gives solution for all emergency help. Breath stands as first and gives complete support for all emergency helps. For example, We are drinking water till our thirst assuages. Before that observing the breath to bring down the breath to normal stage that is running speed gives us best.  As like that Breath glows as Base and means for everything.


         The service of Breath is not got by asking and is not the service that we are doing. It is the service done self by The Soul Air in God's creation. That too the breath's service is not the service done to one or two but it is for many millions of people.

                                                     "Service of Breath is
                                                      Most needed"


        We know that "The Breath gives comfort". It is needed one to take rest in between two two works. It is able to get needed rest and energy by observing the breath in this time. After that the work done by us gives best; gives Pleasant. So service done by breath gives rest.


         Observing the breath gives refreshment for the Body and The Siddham. We will make clear the body and the mind as we are blossoming with refreshment by observing the breath. Body's clarity and Siddham's clarity leads us to know The Soul. Knowing The Soul makes us to join The God.


         Breath's service glows as very great service. Breath also adds energy for 10 vital air. It makes us proper.


       As The Soul Air - Breath being important for all living beings, it is also being important for all living being's body. Breath has contact with Soul Body and being as essential and important for the functioning of Soul Body. It is being important for the activation of each cell in the body.

                                              "Breath is being as magnificence."


           Breath gives comfort, in accordance with this sentence if we observe our breath all our agony, sadness, worries and sorrows will be corrected and will be renovated. After renovating our Akangaram, The Siddham will be renovated. Siddham's renovation will show way to The God.

                                                "To know The God
                                                 Let us observe The Breath
                                                 Let us observe comfort."


          We know that The Breath has contact with The Soul Body. The Breath that has contact with The Soul Body gives the contact with The Soul Body. It shows the way to join with The God.

                                                "Let us get the proper contact
                                                 By making The Breath Proper."


          Observing The Breath gives us consciousness. We are becoming clear by observing the breath. This clarity makes us consciousness. Actions get completeness by having consciousness in each action. Complete action gives completeness. Complete makes to know the Complete Person (God).

                               "Let us know The Complete Person with completeness."


         Breath gives us needed energy. It is easy to work with energy. So that service given by Breath gives simplicity.

                               "Let make the simplicity to resource."


          Our birth and death has connection with breath. We are born with the breath given by The God. We are dieing by giving the breath to The God. Let us join with The God by knowing The God though Breath in the period of living with The Breath.


           Eminence rich Breath will do the work done by The Medicine.
                                              "Let us praise The Breath
                                               That does everything."



Mrs. Revathy (God Contacter) is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath. And also Secertary of Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Trust.

       We need strength to understand The Breath's Comfort.

       I have heard that All Great Peoples in All Worlds have announced about Breath's Comfort.

       When I tried to know about Breath's Comfort, Live* Breath was debuted by Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam in our living place. I have heard that commonly Breath is being as source for Birth and Death.

         As God is being as source for Birth and Death, I got interest to know about what will be taught by Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.

What I thought was true. Can anyone rather than God can expose the Breath that is created by God !

       Through Jeevayoga Breath I got chance to know The Soul in Soul Body Contact. This made me further to teach me for living in Jeevan.

       It was being as Effective Birth to be in Jeevan and also to contact The Universe Creator through Jeevayoga Breath.

        Why I am saying like this is that the first message announced in Jeevayogam is about methods to know The Jeevan by Breath's Eminence. The Breath that we came to know is named as Jeevayoga (Soul) Breath.
                                                                   Thank God.


   Breath. I don't known completely about it. But whatever known is complete. Why I am saying like this is I am obstinate person. I will think whatever appeared right for me is right. If any change happens, I will be unable to accept those changes.

   In those situations, the anger created in me, the heat created by it have crossed even 140`C. Those saw me straightly becomes astonished. At the same time will become worried. Because they all are my well wishers.

Mrs. Sivakami (God Contacter)  is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

       My Husband is Doctor, Counselor, Egalitarian, Yogi............. While seeing my stage he will smile. If I ask why, he will say as Medicine is there within you, were are you searching ? That is Pleasurable comfort given by Live* Breath. Simple to learn it. Even though it is so difficult to obstinate person like me. While observing the Live* Breath Agony will be Roasted in my body.

   It will be consolation for me. Agony will reduce. These are the changes that happens often. Deep voice will be reflected within me that Observe Observe Observe I observed little by little. In Continuity of my Live* Breath journey...........  By Sivakami

                                                                  Thank God.


Mrs. Umamaheswari (God Contacter) is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

          I am born in the family that is respective to The Yogam Method. The reason for this is the members of the family in which I born and also the members of my Husband's family.

          In my family while speaking about Veda and also while speaking about Yogam, without forgetting they will speak about Breath.

          While praying The God to know contacts of Breath, I came to know through Jeevayogam

about Breath's functions and also the method to know The God through it. In the project of observing The Live* Breath throughout the day in between the actions, I am glad to say that I am also one of the person who passed in it.
                                                                 Thank God.


   I was thinking that Breathing is only for Living. After coming To Sivamathi I was able to Feel The Magnificence of The Breath.

   Breathing makes me to be Nature by moving The Happiness and Sadness and also to travel Continuously in God Contact. I felt All these are from Sivamathi's Jeevayogam. 

   Breathing helps to be nature in any Situations and able to do all actions with Satisfaction. My effort to see gives Satisfaction

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (God Contacter) is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

in Satisfaction........... By Vijayalakshmi.                             
                                                             Thank God.


Ms. Malini (God Contacter) is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

   Breath gives me Peace between the Actions. Still now I thought That Breath means only to know The Smell.

   That is the Flower Exposes its Smell wherever it is whether upon The God, On The Hair, Even Fallen on The Floor....

   Like it I too wish to Observe The Breath to be Natural at any situation and in any Place.

   By my Continuous Effort Now I can feel The Pleasurable Comfort in Breath. In that Pleasurable Comfort My Life's Journey .......... By Malini.

                                                                 Thank God.


   I got interest in Yoga Aasanam for the healthiness of body. Then by practicing I became Yoga Aasanam teacher. while teaching Aasanas as Yoga Aasana teacher my friends called me as Yoga Kannan. I was happy by hearing that.

   At that stage I saw Respectable Irrai Iyyal Sivamathi. He asked me that Yoga Kannan ! means have you become cleared by learning Yogam.
I thought about it at the time. Within

Mr. Kannan is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

me tiredness and weakness created while thinking that I came forward teaching Yoga without knowing it completely.

   Irrai Iyyal Sivamathi guided that I can know. At the time confidence filled on God within me. the Jothi "Live* breath" shown by Irrai Iyyal Sivamathi gave me light who was going in the Woodland without knowing what to do. I submit my thanks from mind to Irrai Iyyal Sivamathi for creating chance to join. My journey in that chance......... By Kannan.

                                                                   Thank God.


Mr. Gopalakrishnan is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

       Human Awareness is Motto of my Life.

       My Aim is to take this throughout The World.

       I have heard through many books and also through many people about the breath.

       This took me from Breath to Live* Breath. To involve in this project I got many sufferings and Agonies. Even though I learned this

project properly.
                                      " Winning the Sufferings, becomes Success"
                                                                  Thank God.


       Battlefield is my Life. That is learned Education, doing Work and The Family in which I am, like this I am living with Confusion and with Controversy in many stages of my life. In many situations I was longing that will Happiness be in my life. At those times my dominance and arrogance made to lose my family's Peace.

       In time of wandering for Result of my search, I came to know about Jeevayogam through my Friends. In it The teachings like Breath, Aasanam, The method to know The Jeevan ............ made me to join and learn with my Family.

Mr. Elangovan is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

Learned through class,
          Sivamathi's Jeevan full Words 'Attract Air and Move'. This statement, Its meaning and Action methods are like one for me.
                      " I grasped that as I like
                        I saw that I'm learning
                        Won by Actions"
        "Live Breath Makes life Natural, Makes Life pleasant"
Continuity in the Continuing Life .........................By Elangovan.
                                                                   Thank God.


Mrs. Nagalakshmi (God Contacter) is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

      In the stage of Soft and fainted Body breaking and falling, I will always work active and restless. Everyone asks, In this Soft and Fainted Body where the Energy is coming for doing the work ? I will say that it is from Mind. Hearing this they will become silent.

       Even though as ensue inside me there is the effort in correcting my body. That is Breath. That too Live* Breath, Yoga Breath. By Body Clear and removing mind heat and Body Heat To contact The God I'm living as Pleasant person with Help of The God.

        I am doing service by joining Jeevayogam.
                                       Thank God.


      Some people say Breathing is important for Yogam. I was doing by knowing the fast Breathing Exercise for some days. For me it was Hard and Tired to Do.  

     At that time I got The chance to meet Sivamathi. He said in Detail about The Specialty of Breath that runs Naturally in our body. Further he said about the Specialty of observing The Breath Naturally. For me this was Easy.

     I can feel how Breathing travels inside me and was able to see and feel about Three types of Breath Contact Lines,
        1. Body Breath Contact Line
        2. Mind Breath Contact line
        3. Soul Breath Contact Line.

Mrs. Nagajothi is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

     I thank to Sivamathi as he taught me about The Live Breath* method. With gratitude my Life Journey.......... By Nagajothi.
                                                                Thank God.


Mr. Elango is one of the persons who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.

      While going yoga class to Sivamathi he said that,
       We are giving food for hungry and rest for body tiredness. At that time only our body activate naturally.

       As like that by giving rest to the breath by observing it, makes The Breath active naturally and properly.

       While doing like that I get clarity in seven organs, five sense organs and can feel the reformation made in Siddham.

       In the effort to know more about this I asked to Sivamathi and also joined Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam. In the continuity in that effort.......... By Elango. 

                                                                   Thank God.


        "Silence language is my Life's Vision." This is being as an effort to expose me inside me.

        Consoling to Vedas statement that "Live* Breath in Happy place" made me to observe God's Live* Breath and to get Spiritual Bliss in it. I like much to observe Live* Breath.

       Lord Sivamathi said me that by observing The Live* Breath we can see The God.

                    "We can feel all in all as God's Grace
                     By observing Live* Breath."
                                     Thank God.

Mr. Palraj is one of the person who joined both Theory & Practical in The Project Live* Breath.



Ms. Preethi (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.

   We should Observe Live* breath. While Observing our Thoughts will be Renovated. An Excellent way to Observe our Breath is Live* Breath. We should Observe our Breath in our Soul Body without any change and also Normally (Live* Breath).
   According to Sivamathi's Statement 'Free Breathing for Best Breathing', We shall Observe The Live* Breath. While Observing like that our Life becomes Pleasant.
One of The way of knowing the God in Six way according to Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam is Live* Breath.
     Observing The Live* Breath expose that it is one of the method to know The God.

       While Observing Live* Breath our thoughts will be Renovated and Mind will be united. Ever and Ever in Live* Breath ........................... By G.Preethi.

       Live* Breath is one of the ways to contact God. First, Before joining Jeevayogam I learned Breathing exercise like Pranayamam. But after joining Jeevayogam I learned that Live* Breath is the best and gives peace. In the same way our Natural (Live*) Breath creates peace in us. Live* Breath is needed for proper function of our body. Listening Live* Breath gives us peace, needed energy and renovates our thoughts and gives us God contact.

       I listen Live* Breath after doing any work for relaxation and to come back to normal stage out of fastness. In this situation Live* Breath gives me relaxation and needed energy for doing next work.

                                            "Live* Breath gives us Happiness."
       According to the above statement listening Live* Breath gave me happiness and I did the work with Happiness. Doing the work with happiness gave me the work completion.

                             "Lets us know The Complete person (God) by Completeness"
                                                                    Thank God.


         I got Live* Breath as the offering given by The God.  I become best in God thought by Live* Breath. I got refreshment by Live* Breath.

         I got Supreme Bliss by Live* Breath. I am trying to see The Agam's happenings by Live* Breath.
                            Thank God.

Ms. Pavithra - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.


Ms. Logambal (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.

    To Correct our Siddham we must observe the Live* breath. The meaning of 'Free Breathing for Best Breathing' is that if we observe The Live* Breath naturally we can live Pleasant.

   If we observe The Live* Breath Agony will be solved. That is it will join us to The God and so the agony will be solved.

   Happiness will be multiplied. By joining and joining with The God our Agony will be solved and so Happiness will be multiplied.

   Success will be added, that is Observing Live* Breath will help in Expanding us towards our Aim and with our Effort Success will be added. If we observe The Live* Breath we will get many benefits.

            "To Live in Pleasurable Comfort
             To Live independently
             Observe The Live* Breath
             Observe Comfortably"

         Live* Breath is very important for knowing The God. We should breath in between The works we do. Live* Breath is wonderful word that we are using in our daily life. We should use that Wonderful Word properly. If Live* Breathing is there only we can live. Live Breath is a guiding word for our life to know about The God. We should cooperate with the guiding word by devoting The God, by observing Live* Breath in between two works. I will not observe Live* Breath in between two works before. After Sivamathi God told me I started to know the meaning about Live* Breath and I started to observe Live* Breath. I also got the result of Live* Breath by seeing The God and slowly I started to talk to God. Live* Breath is the powerful word after regarding. Let us know the benefits of Live* Breath and use in our daily life. I thank Sivamathi God who taught me the benefits and uses about The God.

                        "Let us use the wonderful word and get benefits in our Life."
                                                                 Thank God.


         I got Live* Breath to fulfill within me. ( For example taking needed food and water........). I got Live* Breath as a Boon given by The God. I got God's grace and God's blessings through Live* Breath. I got Supreme Bliss by Live* Breath.

        I realized the magnificence of Breath by having Live* Breath as base.
                               "Magnificence of Live* Breath is
                                The Boon given by The God."

                                                                  Thank God.

Mr. Murugan - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.


Mrs. Padmavathi - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.

         I experienced The Supreme Bliss while observing Live* Breath. I got the chance to observe this Live* Breath by God's Grace. Before observing The Live* Breath I will say Thanks to The God and then start to observe The Live* Breath.

         I thank Lord Sivamathi forever and ever as he exposed me the magnificence of Live* Breath.

                   "Person observing The Live* Breath
                    Gets The God Bless."
                               Thank God.


          The Live* Breath is one of the methods to know The God. I made this Live* Breath given by The God as first in all places. I experienced God Supreme Bliss through Live* Breath.

        Live* Breath is being as an encouraging word (Mantra) for me.
                                       "Live* Breath method is
                                       Supreme Bliss giving word."
                                                   Thank God.

Mr. Veerakumar - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.


Mrs. Vijayarani (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.

         I got Live* Breath as a boon given by The God. By Live* Breath I got clarity in Agam and Puram. I got Live* Breath fulfill within me. By this Live* Breath I got God Supreme Bliss. I can feel The Live* Breath's energy along with The God's Grace.

          In the Jeevayoga class we got 24 hours live* Breath observing exercise in between the actions and I got succeed in it. As how the breath helps for the body in Digestion process, The Live* Breath helps for the proper functioning of Sense organs and so on. I got Supreme

Bliss on the day when I was able to observe The Live* Breath throughout that day. If I think about that day I get the Supreme Bliss even today.
                                                  "Comfort of Live* Breath is
                                                    Magnificence of God's Grace."
                                                                  Thank God.


       I got a chance to participate in the project of Live* Breath conducted by Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam along with my parents. My parents are members in this trust. By Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam I got chance to contact The God.

       I got Supreme Bliss in Live* Breath. By Live* Breath, I can realize the purity of creation and needed correction taking place in Agam and Puram. I got Live* Breath as a way to know The God.  I felt that,
                           " Breath gives Comfort."

           I saw The God by observing The Live* Breath. I got Supreme Bliss.

                                   Thank God.

Ms. Yamuna Sri (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.


Ms. Jeevitha Varthani - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.

        Live* Breath is one of The Boon given by The God. I got a chance to know about The Live* Breath said in Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam. I tried to follow the guideline of Sivamathi regarding Live* Breath.

       I observed The Live* Breath to see The God as per Sivamathi's Statement. I was able to see The God by observing The Live* Breath. I even saw happenings of Agam by Live* Breath. I got Supreme Bliss by Live* Breath.

                                       "We can become Great
                                        By Live* Breath."
                                           Thank God.


     I participated in the project of Live* Breath conducted by Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam along with my parents. My parents are members in this trust.      

    I am trying to contact The God by Live* Breath. I am trying to get Agam clarity by this Live* Breath.  And also trying to get Agam's happenings. I got Supreme Bliss. I am forgetting Worries by God's Supreme Bliss.

                   "To know The God
                     We have to know The Live* Breath."
                                  Thank God.

Ms. Pavithra (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.

11. R. MOHAN

Mr. Mohan - one of the visitors of the Project Live* Breath.

Belief is base for life

Belief to live with wealth

Belief to see God in Live* Breath

Belief to see The Jeevan by Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam

Belief of becoming Guberar by Guru

Belief to live best by Sivamathi

Belief of Supreme Bliss on Regarding The God

Belief of becoming Pure Man

Belief of Sivamathi’s Yoga Way – This is

Belief showing by Jeevayogam.

Thank God.


This Picture explains how Proper method must be there in Live* Breath.

Love : Free Breathing For Best Breathing


      To live Comfort, To live freedom observe the Breath. Observe Comfortably.


       Love is the staircase that helps to know The God and to Live Pleasant.


        Power knowledge is the knowledge that makes us to know the completeness and the complete needs of life.


         Do the duty as bloomed flower and as the ripen fruit. Do the duty with God's support.


         Ask your needs with Power knowledge. You will get your needs.


         It is possible only by God's Grace to move and to remove The Desire. To get The God Grace, love the World that is created by The God.


        Negatives are not created. We are creating.


         If our habits are modulated, if our best habits becomes customary, Happiness will be increased.


         Surrendering The God is possible to achieve the achievement by leaving the desire, by weeding out negative point and to achieve the achievement by increased happiness.


           Man rather than becoming distress by activating unknown in life, he can activate the known things and mix in God thought.


           World is of God way. The blame seen in The God way creates the feature without fulfillment by removing the pleasant and by losing the fulfillment.


           Respecting is way for Life's greatness. Let us respect the Almighty God to become Great in Life and to get eminence stage.


             As World is functioning by God's grace, let us fix the Love to know the functions. Let us join with God's grace.

"Live* Breath is needed to live naturally
 So, Let us observe daily and attain Supreme Bliss."

Conclusion :

World is moving continuously. That is World is revolving continuously. Let us know that each thing in The Universe is revolving continuously. Agony is created in the unable situation of continuing happiness and moving sorrows. The reason for this is that Breath energy is in unable situation to travel throughout The Soul Body. When the other four sense organs except BreAt the same time, if we try to learn the Live* Breath, our life becomes comfort by removable of sorrows.

Thank God.