Main Programs

Though yoga (Spiritual, Aasana, Meditation, etc.) classes are held daily, though Awareness and Spiritual programs are held at schools, colleges, companies and in public places by Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam, Only Main programs and events are given here.

Training Center Opening Ceremony

(Only few important photos are given)

Ceremony Date : 19 February 2012
Timing  : 11. 30 am

Man's opening day continues form the day of seeing The Universe by leaving mother's womb.

Soul Body,
  grows as opening mouth for food
  promenades as opening mouth for thoughts.

Man to get wealth in life "opening" only is being as a central polyp. Like the air coming while opening the door in outside contact, we can get clarity and decisiveness while opening The Mind in inside contact.

"Womb's opening
Happiness for the child
Jeevayogam's opening
Happiness for those with Jeevan."

Celebration for the child is on the day the womb opened. The opening day of Jeevayogam Training Center is happiness for all those willing to get Yogam. As Jeevayogam being as guidance for solving the struggles seen in life, let us get The God Grace by solving the struggles. 

Appreciation Ceremony

Place : Andhra Samaskritha Samidhi Mahal
Date  : 09 - Mar - 2013
Time  : 10 am to 12 pm

APPRECIATION TO  : M. Mathiyalagan (Irrai Iyyal Sivamathi Avl)
CHIEF GUESTS        :  Mr. Balakrishna Reddy,
                                 Municipality Chairman,
                                 Hosur, Tamilnadu, India.

                               Mr. K. Baskaran, M.A., M.Phil., PhD.,
                               Ex. Register and Director of Thanjavur Tamil University
Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam offered free classes on Yogam and Yoga exercises for 20 schools (Primary, Middle, Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools). Teachers, students of those schools and also the public in way of representing their thanks, they awarded "Best Yoga Educational Service Award" to Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam's Honorable Founder and Chairman Mr. Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan.


Date  : 16 August 2014
Time  : 6.30 to 9.00 pm
Place : Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Training Center.

Presidential Speech:  M. Mathiyalagan, Founder & Chairman,
                                Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam

Special Speech :  Honorable Sivakolundhu,
                           Member of Legislative Assembly, Panruti, Tamilnadu, India.

Certificate is being as proof that helps to prove the truth.

Man like willing to get certificate for the special outcomes, if he wills to get certificate himself for his outside and inside activities, the life will glow. All those following in that glowing way will get wealth and strength. Life will give comfort like grove if this situation continues. Though trying to get hell or though trying to get heaven in the life living on The World, we must do our duty within time to get success in trying. We must get the quality of getting certificate within self in doing. 

"Person having quality - Gets
Praise in The Universe."

On behalf of Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Trust we decided to celebrate a function in the manner of celebrating India's Independence day of 68th Year. By deciding to call Honorable Sivakolundhu, Member of Legislative Assembly, Panruti, we contacted him and made steps to honor the function by him. Further in the interest to add best in the art-fest of the function, we made the conference to participate in happiness with dances exposing India's skills and also by the dance of physically challenged student. We decided to provide certificate for those participating in the function by keeping forth the gist "Freedom News conference in Freedom Awareness". Beginning the function with Greeting to Tamil Thai and the manner of singing the song with the gist of Ramayana by devotee E. Pavithra added very great special to the function.


The Yogam that I (Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan) am teaching is Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam. Jeevayogam is The Yogam that announces The Jeevan. I debuted Jeevan's debut from 28 August 2014 to 31 August 2014 at Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Training Center, in order to exposes the fame of name's reason.

"Jeevan's Debut is the first event of this eon." Because in this eon events like this haven't happened yet.

Many great events like the following happened in it by the blessings of Sivamathi and with the support of Universe Creator.,
1. Saw Jeevan
2. Spoke with Jeevan
3. Felt the experience of Jeevan energy
4. Saw Jeevan in-front of themselves