Supreme Spiritual Awareness

Regard is one of The World's top most words. First word that each man uses often and also  properly to live developed. Which word is being reason for all development and appreciations, that word is being reason for appreciating itself. So that is "Regard".

Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam's Regard

Regard is being soulful contact for The Jeevan (Soul) that is being contact for Self and World, and also for The Jeevan that is being contact for World and The God.

Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam's Regard is,

"Ohm Sivamathi Pottri
Ohm Attchayanathar Pottri"

Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam Regard is optimal Regard that helps to get Power (complete) knowledge (Sivamathi) and to get our needs through The Power knowledge (Attchayanathar).

God Contact & Main Contact

Let us understand that Regard is used for contacting The God Contact and also as main contact for God contact. So, World special word is Regard.

Supreme Spiritual Awareness

Person Living with Consciousness will not Fall in his Life.
Person Living with Supreme Spiritual God Consciousness will not be Forgotten in the World.
Supreme Spiritual Awareness is being important reason for integrating Humanity and to make the human life unite and complete.
Supreme Spiritual Awareness gets completed only when using Regard.


The above mentioned reasons are being as a reason for doing the project on Regard. Our project is framed proper through Supreme Spiritual Awareness. The main aim of this project is that each one born in The Universe can contact The Universe Creator through "Regard - Supreme Spiritual Awareness".


NAME      : To Know The Love Regard The God.

PLACE     :  Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Training center,
                       Hosur, Tamilnadu, India.

DATE       : 25 November 2013 to 24 December 2013

Participants : 24

Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan - Leader of the project "To Know The Love Regard The God".

Project Participants :

Leader   : Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan


       1. N. REVATHY              -  God Contacter
       2. M. SIVAKAMI             -  God Contacter
       3. V. UMAMAHESWARI   -  God Contacter
       4. K. VIJAYALAKSHMI    -  God Contacter
       5. M. MALINI                 -  God Contacter
       6. M.K. KANNAN
       7. A. NAGAJOTHI
       8. T. NAGALAKSHMI      -  God Contacter
       9. R. MOHAN


       1. M. ELANGOVAN
       2. S. ELANGO
       4. G. PREETHI                        - God Contacter
       5. V. N. PALRAJAN
       6. P. MURUGAN
       7. PADMAVATHI
       8. K. K. LOGAMBAL                - God Contacter
       9. E. PAVITHRA
     11. VIJAYARANI                      - God Contacter
     12. E. PAVITHRA                     - God Contacter
     13. V. YAMUNA SRI                 -  God Contacter
     14. V.V JEEVITHA        




In man's beginning life Searching was his Work. Searching was his Total Life. Searching Work,
            Where it is began
            Where it is Growth
            Where it is Fell
            Where it is Fulfilled
            Where it is Experienced
            Where it is Shared
            Where it is Exchanged
            Where it is changed to Evolution Function.
       Regard emerged in times when all these were wandering Man's total life.


                                  Before the emergence of Regard Felicitation emerged.
                                  Before the emergence of Felicitation Thanks emerged.

          In which period the Feelings of Thanks joined with habits we call that period as First Consciousness period of our Life. That period's fame was that efforts was taken to change Indiscipline of life to Discipline manner. For this Great efforts, in World functions that is about  The plant's life method with which Human society contacting, The Nature's methods contacting to it, Living beings' method contacting to it, the Man's life method contacting as Thanks is the magnificence feelings is the beginning of man's scientific contacts appropriate for the creation of part by part expansion in life spreading within self and with each of those being contacted by us.

        Thanks method is the first Beauty in Life from that day to Today, from today to the days remaining to Live. "Principle of Thanks ! Great Principle !"

                                         Thanks is Feeling's Contact.


       Felicitation is the method that was set as basic reason for the creation of The Arts of message, Research, Art of Living Method about the man power for The Human Society who practiced to live in Thanks feelings.

                                   "Felicitation is helping by Felicitating."

       The man first time came to know about helping from the Nature which is lovely called as great Universe.

       The duty of Helping can be said as Universe's Function. That can be said as Universe's Duty.

       The basic reason for the complete creation of Good principle method of life is by doing The Duty.

       The base root for the creation of Principle " Protect all Living beings by Sharing" while knowing, while realizing, while experiencing the realization, while sharing the basic reason like this. So to know The Basic Root, the interest must be created to know The God. The basic reason for the creation of The Regard method is to know the base root through The God.

                                       "To know The Basic root
                                        Regard The God."


      Many times I have noticed the contacts of Learners about Regard and about those waiting for that in my class. Among all other messages' Gist, The Gist message of Regard attracted by attracting nature within them and in inner Soul that functioning within them and I also came to know that their Agony inside removed by their tears.

        As like that I can see and feel that their Happiness and Joyousness Melting by Supreme Bliss. While asking about this in my class to the students, they said that "Yes ! What you are saying is true. We can also feel it. We can Experience it."

       To know whether this is by a Single man stage or by Compound try?, we started to involve in the group containing 10 members as an organization created to experience in - out Supreme Bliss & to know Supreme Spiritual Awareness and also in the intention to make Training Center for it to know the result created by that result, the benefits created by it not only to us but also for the people living in The World to remove The Agony inside. For that beginning the time period took for it is 30 days [ November 25, 2013 to Dec 24, 2013 ].


        Though Regard stage is one, Regard saying manner is various. As like this, saying Regard by joining with the organ Mouth, Saying Regard by joining Mouth - that is Sense Organ speaking ...... as saying Regard by joining with Love in eminent event of saying Regard will be a support for joining us to The God. Love is being as central and as joining Bridge for Knowledge and Spiritual Wisdom.

This journey makes us clear. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

Love contact stage


Sense Organs contact with everything in Agam. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

as it has its contacts.

          Mouth that is used to contact This World - as by Regarding Universe Creator by speaking skill, we can contact The Universe Creator. For that

Regard with Love gives devotion. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam).

this contact

Let us Regard The God by Breath and Speech. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

and this contact must be joined. That is it is joined as,

Love in Regard gives complete activeness. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

       Love Regard Contact has usages in two contacts. Regard is in common for Science and Spiritual.

1. Love Regard Contact with Spiritual Wisdom
2. Love Regard Contact with Knowledge


        This stage is considered as Natural system and Complete system. Because of Spiritual Wisdom being in direct view of Universe Creator and joined with Love's functional contact, it is considered as completeness having stage. Spiritual Wisdom is of knowing everything by God's Grace. That too, as The Spiritual Wisdom joined with Love Regard has got The God Grace completely and very very keenly, if God orders it will exposes all those things to be announced through Spiritual Wisdom to The World people. Everything exposed in this stage is considered comparative to Vedas and Everyone exposed in this stage is considered appropriate to worship.


        If Love Regard joins with Knowledge, it is possible to expose with best renovation by taking in the things that are becoming eminence through his knowledge. This stage will become chance of giving further facilities. This stage is considered as Complete system and many times as Correction system. Because the things that are exposed in this stage becomes wealth for the creation in World and some times becomes chance for destruction. People relevant to this stage are considered as praise gotten in The Universe and appropriate to reverence and greetings.

   We will be Regarded by God Regard.

   Regard is one of the easiest methods to contact The God. Regard is being as one of The Supremacy message in Supreme Spiritual Awareness.

  While thinking about The God and contacting The God with thoughts,

               Sense Organs becomes Clear
               Akangaram becomes Calm
               Gunam becomes Best
               Iyyargai becomes Happy
               Kaalam does its Duty.

Attchayanathar Pottri

        Attchayanathar - The God will give whatever you need

        Though by saying 'God will see everything', we are praying for our needs to The God. We know that nothing is equivalent to God's mercy. God gives everything that we ask, but not for all. It is got for complete devotion and for wanted needs. God knows what we need. God gives our needs at the needed time. Attchayanathar fulfills our needs by glowing as giver of needs.
                                                     "Let us live with needs
                                                      Let us avoid the unneeds."

Sivamathi Pottri

        Sivamathi - The God will give full knowledge

       Complete learning gives Full knowledge. For Complete learning full concentration, full hearing and full interest is needed. Giving full knowledge is that teaching completely the knowledge inside self to others. In this it is important for us to get the full knowledge completely. Hearing a matter completely only gives us full knowledge. Knowing completely makes us to live complete. Completeness only shows The Complete person (The Universe Creator).


     Regard to The God
     By Speak and Breath.

     Wish to The God
     By Action and Think.

     Announce to The God
     By Strong and Ability.

     We will Live Happy
     Removing Experiment and Pain.

     We will achieve
     We will make History.

  "We realize to All in All by The God Grace"


Soundless speech in our breath gives us energy. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

       Regarding The God must be complete. Regarding The God must be mixed in breath as speech. Speech mixed in Breath is being as thoughts. That thought is continuing as Regard pronunciation within us without sound and without tongue movement.

       While the word 'Regard' is being as eminence and as first word within us, all the actions done by thoughts will be mixed with The God thought. Actions mixed with The God thought gets best by getting completeness. Thoughts get renovated by best actions.

       Unsound Regard gives power. Breath is being joined with Soul. Thoughts joined with Soul Breath gets best. If a thought Regard joins with Soul Breath, not only the thought Regard gets best but also adds best to everything.

                               "Through Regarding The God by Breath and by Speech
                                Let us get Completeness ! Get Mukthi !"


     It is not seen like the thoughts Inside - Outside does not attain our permission and not seen like waiting for whomever permission. Its speed, function, Revelation as it creates common tiredness and some time it creates special Tiredness within us. So it is unable to urge The Needed ability of thinking to make renovation in Habits. Not only for this but also to expose our thoughts, to grasp others thoughts and to give by Systematizing The Appropriate Answers for Grasped Thoughts.

                          "Let us Know. Let us know clearly The Unknowing."

                   "Let us Pottru (Regard) The Pottruthal within us to clear The Unknowing.
                                   Let us Regard in Revolving method.
                                   Let us Regard in Pleasurable Comfort Method."

    First Let it mix with wandering thoughts and reduce its Speed, After that the ensue created by continuous Regard, will little by little make us to know the thoughts within us in reduced Speed Function.

                                                       Let us know The thought
                                                       Let us know its function little by little.

        Even though Let us Pottru The Pottruthal continuously.


God Regard contact has four contacts in it.
1. Person regarding
2. Action and Reason
3. Meaning of Regard
4. Universe Creator (God)

Person Regarding
It is best for the person saying Regard to analyze himself whether he is in the stage of Regarding or not.

Action and Reason
One who uses The Regard for contacting The God, must know the reason and the action for what he is saying The Regard.

Meaning of Regard
Saying The Regard by knowing the reason makes the specialty of Regard, specialty of the person saying The regard and the specialty of The God complete.

Universe Creator (God)
Saying the Regard to The Universe Creator, who created the whole Universe, living and nonliving things in The Cosmos, in the proper way to be said helps to expose the eminence of the person saying The Regard.

"Lets know The Regard
 Lets Regard by Regard."

Than we are saying Regard
, message we have to know is that, we are been joined by saying The Regard.
Person Regarding + Action and Reason
The stage of person regarding is set by the action and reason of regarding.

Person Regarding + Action and Reason + Meaning of Regard
Knowing the meaning of Regard becomes the source to unite the person regarding and action and reason for regarding.

Person Regarding + Action and Reason + Meaning of Regard + Universe Creator
As The Universe Creator is the Creator and Activator of The Universe, it is necessary to not have contrary with The Universe, while the person regarding expresses his action and reason through Regard.

The contact of Regard gets fulfilled to the person who acts by knowing these three joining. The reason for saying this is the person who is regarding and the action and reason for regarding must be joined with The functions of The Universe. If contrary occurs in this joining, it would become incomplete. That is, World people wont accept it completely.

"Lets know the joining method
 Lets Regard by Regard"



Sivamathi Mathiyalagan - Leader of The Project Regard.

                                 I am The Kayam (Wound). I am The Kalpam (Medicine).

                                                Without knowing me I am The Kayam.
                                                By knowing me I am The Kalpam.

   I am The Kayakalpam (Medicine that gives Vigor and Youthfulness). Before Knowing Clearly I am itself Wound. My Life's Agony Journey was being continuous Journey because I was in the stage of not getting any medicine to remove my mind's wounds and helpers for it. Whomever hears will laugh and not accept to believe. For me it was not simple way to live as Good person, to make efforts and to analyze the ways for it.

   If achieve anything we have to Sacrifice Something. for me it was The stage to Sacrifice The Sacrifice itself. Sacrifice Stage. To understand this I will say one message, I saw one person in The stage of sore uncured Mind's Wounds that was taking my mind to The death point (Mind's Death). He said that he has medicine for my Mind's Sore. I asked him to give. For that he said, " I will give but you have to do one thing". I asked him what it was. He asked me to say any one word in God Contact from Yogam, Veda and Devotion. And also said that many people in The World must be known about that Word and at the same time I must not know The Meaning of that word. By hearing this I got laugh, after I got anger. You just think some about this, by not curing The Mind's Agony, my mind was in the stage to get The death. At that time I got this situation.

    How it is medicine is there, I will give, For that you must say this by knowing, If someone says this, how will be. OK Let it be, further let us come to the point.

    I asked whomever I saw. They said something. In it some was related to me but If I say that he did not accept. I was worried. At last I said one word that is "Ohm". After hearing that he exposed me The happiness. At that time I asked him to give the medicine. He said "What is within it ! I got cry and also anger more that that I got laugh. I asked him what to do further.

   He said me
                     " Not to ask meaning for this word (Ohm) from this time onwards to anybody else.
                       Don't say the answer said by others still now.
                       You have to say one word more than this.
                       If you say, The Medicine is for you."

    My first Guru Moorthy is the person who asked me these. This is my first travel in my God Journey. In this journey all the methods asked by him (First Guru) are there. From that Regard method, Supreme Spiritual Awareness.............. By Sivamathi M.Mathiyalagan.

                                                          "God is in all in all
                                                           To know by Every people
                                                            Let us Pottru Pleasantly."

                                                                   Thank God.


1. Sense Organs Function approaches The God.
2. Thoughts look towards God.
3. God belief gives strength. 
4. Strength gives Wealth.
5. Wealth gives eminence.
6. Eminence Expansion.
7. Expansion Extensiveness.
8. Extensiveness Excellence.
9. In Excellence the outcome of God's Mercy.
10. Feeling Everything as God.


       * Sense Organs becomes proper
       * Siddham becomes clear
       * Mind Blooms
       * Love increases
       * The Soul Energy
       * Can contact The Universe Creator



Mrs. Revathy (God Contacter) - one of the members of the Project Regard.
                         "To Get Clear Mind
  Pottru The Deity."

      I wish to live Nature but I was in the unable situation of Activating though tried. 

      I saw Sivamathi in the stage of praying The God to Guide me for living naturally in any situations. Sivamathi said that to live Natural not only Patience but also understanding is needed.

      Through him I came to know that Love's Support is needed for Understanding.

       My inside contact with Spiritual people

living in any part of The World, Spiritual people left The World, The Avathar God and The Aathar God is all of The Universe Creator's Support and my God Father Sivamathi's Grace. While asking him about The Basic reason for my inside contact he replied me that it is all of magnificence of Regard.

         So To get Love Support and to be in Regard, I continued my Journey in Jeevayogam's Way.......................... By Revathy

                                                                 Thank God.


  I was living in Devotion without knowing Education by the Habits known as practice. My Husband knows The Habits and Education as Devotion.

  War will be held between us because of The Devotion. I was supposed to stop praying The God from my Devotional Contact.

  I asked to many people that 'What is the result for it?'

  They all replied me that it is best to join with my Husband's Devotional theory method without making War.

Mrs. Sivakami (God Contacter) - one of the members of the Project Regard.
"To weed-out The War
 Pottru The Creator(God)."

        The result for me in that Effort is "Know The Regard To Know The Devotion". This way was Guided by my Husband as Guru and Guru's Guru (Husband's Guru) and also gave me chance with God's Support to contact Sivamathi(My Guru), My Guru's Guru, All Avathar God, Jeevan Mukthi Person within me. In the result of that Effort..................  By Sivakami.

                                        Thank God.


Mrs. Umamaheswari (God Contacter) - one of the members of the Project Regard.
"To Get Clear in Knowledge
 Pottru The Deity."

   Though by knowing Love's fame that, "Person with Love has Everything", I was in the unable stage to activate and continued my duty in that Way.

    At that time I got introduced to Sivamathi.

I came to know that In his Jeevayogam, about The Love it is mentioned in detail.

     I got The eagerness to know and feel The Love completely and as the result I was fortune to contact Sivamathi at anyplace and anytime within me by God's Support.

To run in the way of Eagerness........... By Umamaheswari.

                                                     Thank God.


       If we germinate The Sadness as Seed in The tree of life The Weed named Sadness will be Germinated and will be destroyed.

   I thought to know about The God while hearing Sivamathi's Speech that

                "Let us weed out The Sadness
                 Let us Bloom in Life."

   The Regard is one of the way to get The God's Grace. With God Support, In that effort to
know The God by The Regard, I got the

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (God Contacter) - one of the members of the Project Regard.
"To Exhaust The Agony
 Pottru The God completely."

contact inside from Avathar God and Jeevan Mukthi Persons. The Life's continuous path........... By Vijayalakshmi.

                     Thank God.


Ms. Malini (God Contacter) one of the members of the Project Regard.
"To Get Fortune
  Pottru The God."

     I have heard that Devotion is of Great Characters like Calmness, Happiness and Consciousness. But before knowing Regard I was living in my Life that Devotion means the place filled with Battlefield.

was living in The Sadness with questions raising inside me like "What is the use of Praying ! " was being as the power that shattered me around.

      I got fortune to make Regard as Prayer while seeing Mathi as Sivamathi, While feeling

the Yogam thought by him as Yogam with Jeevan.

      Before Saying The Regard completely that is "Pottri", The head of that Regard (God) make me happy by showing him in front of my inside Eyes because of God Support. Further with his Support I got The Inner Contact with Sivamathi, His Guru Krishnamurthy, Avathar God, Jeevan Mukthi Persons. The Sound of my Soul Breath is filled with Regard.................. By Malini.

                                Thank God.


   From childhood days I contacted The God for Praying. My Mom and Dad asked me to pray and Worship The God. I was praying as I wish as they did not teach the proper methods to worship The God. So I contacted The God for health, for Wealth, for studies and also for the people around me. I haven't said Thanks to most of the situations that held by prayer. I haven't asked methods to contact The God.

   While reading about The history of people contacted to The God in God contact situations, happiness created in myself.

Mr. Kannan - one of the members of the Project Regard.
"To Get God Grace
  Let us Pottru."

I haven't thought of contacting The God in that way and did not have the believe that I can also come to know The God.

   In this stage by Almighty God's Grace I joined Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam. After that only I came to know that 'To know The Love Regard The God.' And also came to know about The God contact methods. 

   Than contacting The God only for Prayer, I started to contact The God for Regard. By that with God Support I got the opportunity to see and feel three types of Breath Contact Lines :
            1. Body Breath Contact Lines
            2. Mind Breath Contact Lines
            3. Soul Breath Contact Lines

And once saw the opened Eyes of Lord Vishnu in Thiruvannamalai Temple. 

   In that Regard method............ By Kannan

                    Thank God.


Mrs. Nagajothi - one of the members of the Project Regard.
"To know what want to know
  Let us Pottru The God."

  Some people says, Yogam itself difficult.
 Can you understand how difficult it would be if we are forced to learn it? It will be so Difficult.

   My Guru Sivamathi made these two difficult as Simple. Regard is one of his ways to contact the God.

   By God's Support and His Grace I got the opportunity to see and feel Three types of Breath Contact Lines :

            1. Body Breath Contact Lines
            2. Mind Breath Contact Lines
            3. Soul Breath Contact Lines

     How pleasant it would be when I getting simple way who was Difficult in Difficulty.......... By Nagajothi.
                                 Thank God.


Though Good person or though expert, If we not become clear watercourse in clarity, that will not add Simplicity in Goodness and Strong.

   In the Effort to know this it is needed to learn The Contents in God Contact.

   It is able to find The answer for The Explanation Exam method from the lesson "The Regard".

   The Regard is The Relation bridge between me and The God. In that bridge I was able to travel with God Support by contacting The Avathar God, Jeevan Mukthi Persons (People left The World) inside me.

     My journey in The Bridge ............... By Nagalakshmi.

Mrs. Nagalakshmi (God Contacter) - one of the members of the Project Regard.
"To Strengthen The Relationship
 Truthfully Pottru."

Thank God.


Mr. Mohan one of the members of the Project Regard.
"Pottrida Pottrida Will Get Strength."

   The God Contact will be got by Three people - Matha, Pitha, Guru. But I got The God contact by my friend Sivamathi.

        I think the reason to get The God Contact through my friend is that before involving in Spiritual I was in political field and living oppose The Spiritual field.

         If the friend becomes as Guru, Conversation will be complete by Opening The Heart.

   With God Support once I got The God Contact inside me with Karl Marx and The Capital Books. Like that God Contact will be through The Regard..............By Mohan.

                                                               Thank God.



Mr. Elangovan one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

                "You will be Regarded by The Regard."                    "Regard is the key that opens the latch of The God." 

       Regard is one of the six ways that God(Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan) gave to us. Whatever the situation we are being, Regard is one of the easiest ways that makes us to join The God.

        While saying The Regard I can feel the reduction of (unwanted) thoughts within me. The timing being with

The God is increasing. I can feel the income of Energy and Supreme Bliss within me.

       I tried to correct a thought by thinking that I can correct that thought. I could not move even iota. I heard from God's (Sivamathi M.Mathiyalagan) Spiritual Wisdom speech that you did not create the thoughts, all the thoughts are created by The God and all those thoughts will not surrender you.  While hearing this I could feel that what I'm doing is wrong. We have to surrender the thoughts to The God which is created by The God. I started to say Regard by knowing that we have to say The Regard.

     I can feel that as God's thought going inside me, my thought is surrendering to The God. I can feel the reduction of unwanted thoughts little by little from Mind illness. Regard is taking us to God Path. It is The Motto that makes us to join with The God. By feeling this I am saying,

                                                    "OHM SIVAMATHI POTRI
                                                    OHM ATCHAYANATHAR POTRI"


     While I am working, my colleagues and my Higher Officers have contrary with me. At those times I will be saying The God Regard. Now I can feel that by continuous Regard my contraries are reducing little by little.

      Bad deeds within me are getting corrected while I am saying The Regard. To exclude the unwanted thoughts within me and to join with "The God who is most wanted".

Mr. Elango - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

      By saying and saying The Regard I can feel that I am joining with The God little by little.

      We have to say The Regard by Mind melt, with Blossomed Siddham and with Love. Within me a thought is appearing to say The Regard when I am being free without work and when I am joining with The Regard.

     We have to say The Regard every time. While I am saying The Regard I can feel that God is itself helping me. I am saying The Regard by thinking that Regard as the treasury and the Weapon given to me by The God.

      I thank Sivamathi wholeheartedly for giving simple method The Regard method though many methods are there to join The God.

                                               "While saying Regard
                                                Worries will be removed
                                                Agony will be distressed
                                                Happiness will be increased
                                                More Success can be created."

                                  I pray to be with The God by God's Grace.
                                               OHM SIVAMATHI POTRI
                                          OHM ATCHAYANATHAR POTRI

                                                             Thank God.


Mr. Gopalakrishnan - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

     "Regarding The God" is one of the best ways that I learned in Jeevayogam. Let me mention the experience that I got through Regarding The God continuously by God's Grace. Before Regarding The God, many unwanted thoughts (even while in work and not in work) rise inside me. Now by Regarding a peaceful stage is created within me and by it I can understand that I'm in Natural stage.

      I can see the reduction of blames, anger and sorrows within me by seeing others and others' action. I can also see the changes held within my body's actions. For example, hunger and activeness getting eminence, and I'm experiencing the reduction of sufferings on body's pain and agony.

      Through Regarding, we can make Sense Organ's action Peace. If I close my eyes, only my eyelids will be closed. I can see the movements of things outside. But by continuous Regard through God worshiping, I can experience the eyes (Seeing) sense organ getting closed. I have got unmovable belief that through regarding The God I can also contact The God.
                                                                   Thank God.


        " You will be Regarded By The Regard "
   According to the above sentence, Regarding gave me Regards. Regarding The God gives us Supreme Bliss.
    I came to know The God through Regarding The God. Regarding The God lets me to know and feel everything when it is needed.

     In my childhood days, my grandparents used to tell me to Regard The God when we go to temple. But they didn't teach me how to tell this. So at that time I said Regards only in words. After coming to Jeevayogam, I learned how to say Regards to The God. After that I Regarded The God with Devotion and God thinking. Regarding made me happy and gave the way to improve myself in my life.

Ms. Preethi (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

                          "Let us Regard The God by Breath and by Speak"

     Regarding The God in the mentioned way gives us everything we need (through God Contact) and lets us to know The God.

     Regard, glowing as a best way to get God's Grace by The God which leads a complete path to The God.

     I hope I get fulfilled by the treasury, by fulfilling The God of the treasury.

                                                                     Thank God.


Mr. Palrajan one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

         Regard is one of The Best way that I learned in Jeevayogam.

          Before I joined in Jeevayogam I was interested in Regarding The God. At that time I don't know how to Regard The God. After coming to Jeevayogam, I came to know the methods for Regarding.

           I love to Regard The God every time in my Life. Regard is one of the best way to see The God. Now, I am trying to see The God through Regard.

  " If you Regard, You can be in Better Level."

                             Thank God.


             "Regard - A Powerful Mantra"

      This is a true Sentence. How I am saying this is that before coming to Jeevayogam, I was not believing The God. After coming to Jeevayogam, my God Sivamathi told me that God is true and asked to believe The God. Sivamathi told me two types of Regard,

  * "OHM SIVAMATHI POTRI"  Which means God who gives Power Knowledge.

  * " OHM ATCHAYANATHAR POTRI" Which means God who gives whatever we want.

     I said two Regards and got benefited in my life. Like me all Believe The God and say two Regards.

     "By Regard you will realize the mistakes."

                             Thank God.

Mr. Murugan one of the visitors of the Project Regard.


Mrs. Padmavathi - One of the visitors of the Project Regard.


In the beginning of every work we must say Regard. Regard is one of the six ways to contact The God. By Regard we can get The Energy. We should say Regard every second. By Regard we can join The God easily. By Regard we can achieve our Aim.

     * By Regard we can join The Universe Creator. 
     * We can get our Needs.
     * We will be liked by everyone.
     * We will be liked by The God.

                                             "Say Regard and get The God's Grace."

                                          "Say Regard by Breath and by The Speech."

                                                                 Thank God.


      We should Regard The God by our heart.

OHM SIVAMATHI POTRI : We can gain Power knowledge.

OHM ATCHAYANATHAR POTRI : We can get whatever we want.

     By saying this two Pottruthal we can achieve our aim by gaining power knowledge. Regard is the first powerful word in our Life. By regarding The God we can see The God, we can speak The God.

     Regarding - Benefit word, Sweet word, etc. Like this we can say many thing about Regarding. By

Ms. Logambal (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

Regarding we can know all our mistakes, we can be good daughter or son for our parents, we can be a good student for our teacher. By Regarding we can start all our Works.

      Regarding is my favorite word because by Regarding I found my mistakes and started to avoid my mistakes. I started to feel the benefits of Regarding. 

                                                                      Thank God.


Ms. Pavithra - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

       Regard is one of the top 10 wonderful words. Now I am following  Sivamathi's advice of Regarding method and gaining lots of happiness. I am thankful to Lord Sivamathi because he told me the beautiful sentence and advice about Regard as,

       "For knowing the reason for creation
        let us Regard."

" To seek The God
  To join with The God
  To live in God thought
  To attach with The God
  To fix in God thought
  To realize The God's eminence
  To follow The God path
  To join The God
  Regard is one of The Easy method
  This is the method shown by The God."
                                                                                         Thank God.


              " Regard a guiding word to lead our Life."

      Regard is powerful word in my life because it cured my problem by reducing the angry. A pleasurable thanks to Lord Sivamathi who taught me about Regarding. If I get anger I will say regard and my anger get reduced. Regarding is the first and best way to know about The God.

                        "Let us come up by saying Pottruthal"
                                         Thank God.

Mr. Veerakumar one of the visitors of the Project Regard.


Mrs. Vijayarani (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

      I was in the critical situation whether to believe The God or do not believe The God. At that time my husband took me to Lord Sivamathi and he told me various ways to contact The God. But I took Regarding by the benefits told by him about Regarding The God. The Benefits are,

   * We can be brave and active.
   * We can do our work easily.
   * We can reduce our anger and can gain happiness.

   This impressed me to take up regarding.
                                                      " Let us believe The God
                                                        Let us gain Happiness."
                                                                   Thank God.


        Regard is one of the ways to contact The God. We can get God's Grace and God's love by Regard. Our tongue must be blessed to say "Ohm Sivamathi Pottri and Ohm Attchayanathar Pottri."

              "Let us say Regard
               To call The God
               To be best in life
               To join The God."

       Let us use and get the usage of God's Boon (Varaprasadham) as God Regard at every time and in everything.

              "Let us say Regard
               Let us get the benefit
               Let us say Regard
               Let us get Strength
               Let us say regard
               Let us get God's grace
               Let us say Regard
               Let us join with The God."

Ms. Pavithra (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

      At least by knowing the magnificence of Regard, let us succeed by fulfilling in regard and by living in Regard. By regard we can know self by oneself and can also know the happenings within us. Pottruthal, Pottruthal, Pottruthal as like that let us get fulfill in Regard.

                                                              Thank God.


Ms. Yamuna Sri (God Contacter) - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.

     I love to Regard The God but I don't believe The God. In this situation, my father and mother took me to Lord Sivamathi.

      He explained various situations in Ramayana and Mahabharata and he told me the ways to Regard The God.

       I followed the ways and saw The God. Then I believed that God is true.

      I came with Doubt and now saw The God with happiness. My life's fortune gets completeness by Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam's God contact.

            "Let us Regard The God in
              Our Breath and Speech."

                     Thank God


       I don't like to Regard The God but I believe The God. I went to Lord Sivamathi by the help of my father and mother.

       He told me various ways like Breathing, Regard, Reading Vedas, Analyze etc. But I chose regarding because my sister saw The God through Regarding.

       I am also trying to Regard The God and to see The God. I am gaining lots of happiness by Regarding. I think that Regard is a Wonderful Word.

       In my God contact family, first my dad, next my mom and then my sister and at last myself, we are all now enjoying the topmost happiness.
So we thank The Lord Sivamathi. 

                 "OHM SIVAMATHI POTRI

 "If you Regard, you can also gain Happiness."

                        Thank God.

Ms. Jeevitha Varthani - one of the visitors of the Project Regard.


     Though Regard is for a complete one and for a first one, we will say The Regard to The one which is fulfilling everything in everything. We are Regarding that Regard by The Regard.

                                 " Getting the complete knowledge and
                                   Hearing completely by that complete knowledge
                                   Seeing completely by that complete knowledge
                                   Saying completely by that complete knowledge
                                   Breathing completely by that complete knowledge
                                   Feeling completely by that complete knowledge
                                   Experiencing completely by that complete knowledge
                                   Sharing completely by that complete knowledge
                                   Regarding completely by that complete knowledge."

                               "Let us Regard the complete completely by The Regard."

                                                  "Regard the complete, Regard First
                                                   You will see the improvement
                                                   You will be living progressed."

Conclusion :

Regard is completeness among words and fulfills The Beauty, Energy and refinement for the sentence contacting The Regard.

Regard gives understandable solution for non-understandable puzzles.

Regard is Action word for Human self development. Regard unites Human's relations, habits and culture in non-diversity stage. Regard announcers the person optimal to Regard and frames the ways to live Bliss.

Thanks to All and The Universe Creator.