(Fundamental Medicine)

Founder : Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan


On consideration of World people wellness, I have created Sivamathi Medicine to renovate oneself by explaining the functioning method of body by itself to live healthy, the method we function, joining method with Universe and the method created by Universe Creator. 

Needed message to live the life well is explained in its functioning basis like living according to The God Creationism, contraries in it, effects by the contrary, effects by the thoughts, effects by the food, reasons for the occurrence of disease, eminence of natural herbal..................


Life is created by contact system. Contact system is created in life


Health is created when the World contact function method and life contact function method is joined (For example heat exposed by Sun and the method of using it by Man). When any one of these two changes from the method, disturbance in health occurs. So to know the disturbance in health, we have to know the contrary occurred in these two.

It is easy to reform the disturbance in health easily, if we know the proper method.

Life style

We have to set our life style suitable to the place we live. We have to create appropriate ways to fulfill our needs according to our life style.

* Man is born to know All over The Universe.

* He has citizenship to live in all known Universe.
* He born to govern all citizenship got Universe.
* He expands the generations for his life in all ruling Universe.
* Living method is necessary for man who is living either in Self Governance or Public Governance.
* Is health necessary for those born to live in governance and for those born to govern the life !

Let us know the health :

To know the Health, it is must to know all contacts of Soul (Bio) Body function. Because the Health is determined in functional contact by Thinking capacity, Energy in Activation, Speed level in Activation, situation of Activation, Contacts of Activation and Living and Nonliving things being support for Activation.

Soul Body Functional Contact :

We can segregate Soul Body functional Contact into three Big divisions.
1. Universe Contact
2. Universe Creator Contact
3. Self Contact that is being joined with Universe and Universe Creator.

Let us know these three proper
And live Completely.


In this natural body function, needed things for the body functions are explained in the natural fundamental system.

(Thought = Function + Growth) + (Food = Growth + Function)


Thought is also important, like the importance of food for the body's wealth.

Strength of thoughts are explained like how thought is important for the body's functional development, importance of thought reformation.............


It is explained detailed about the disease, reason for its creation, the importance for removing the reason..........

Disease is the one which is created on using without knowing the functioning method of the taste.
1. Contrary mixing of six tastes in the food is the reason for the disease occurrence. 
2. Disease occur when the Soul Body taste and Food taste gets contrary.
3. Disease occur when contrary occur between Nature's feature and life's feature.
4. Disease occurs even by the impurity in clean and sanitation.
5. Disease occurs when the purification and protection feature is not there in the production of things.
6. Disease occurs even by the contrary customs and habits.


It is explained detailed about the food such as quality food because "Food is cause for body growth", eating method, like the wages for the work food for the work is needed ............


Many opinions in The Universe is saying that Food is the first need for each one born in The Cosmos. By keeping forth these opinions, we are saying "Need : First Food Next Thought". If analyzed this in many ways, a thought arise to accept it.

Let us watch all living things keenly except man. For example, watch the hen, rat, sparrow which are living for short period of time. Those all are consuming the food only after some period of time. As watch the living beings like tortoise which lives for long period of time, it is also being like this. In this stage watch the feeding method of man to his child keenly.

What is the change happening in these two stages ?

Hmm, it is seemed clear that there are changes in these two stages.
If said that changes are seemed only to man in the food theory of living beings, what is the great thought about man in food consuming stage ?

That is Hungry and Eat !

If food is the first need, if food is the satisfied need, are we consuming the food with hungry ?
If so 'Yes' is the answer for this question, what is the stage of Medicine ? Or if so 'No', what is the stage of Medicine ?

This question is not only suitable for child's growing stage but also for each ones growing stages. The answer for this question is said by our ancestors for generations and generations as "Food is Medicine".

Can we take the theories Hungry and Eat, Food is Medicine as 'Food is Medicine if we eat with hungry' ?

If we can.......

Can we take 'Food as Poison Medicine' if we eat without hungry ?

What is the explanation that we understand for the theory "Food is Medicine" and for the theory "Food is Poison Medicine" ? At the same time what is the theory given by Medicine ? What is the explanation of medicine becoming poison if consumed continuously ?


Food's role in Sole Body function, helps in the functioning of body's growth.

Food is of three types.
Liquid Food
Solid Food
Solid-Liquid Food

In it itself, there is three types,

1. Mother's Milk (Breast Milk)
2. Raw food
3. Cooked food

Mother's Milk
For a born baby Mother's milk is not only the first food but also the food containing all nutrients needed for the child to live in its life. As the milk powders doesn't contain the complete nutrients as in Mother's milk, it is best to feed mother's milk for the born baby.

Raw food is of two types.
1. Separate Raw food
2. Mixed Raw foods

Separate Raw Food
Separate Raw food is that consuming fruits, vegetables, greens, flowers, plats bark, roots and its gums separately. That is consuming any one fruit (eg. apple) or any one raw food at a time.

Mixed Raw Food
Mixed raw food is that consuming consuming mixture of fruits, vegetables, greens, flowers, plants bark, roots and its gums. That is consuming the mixture of fruits or mixture of vegetables or mixture of any one type of raw foods at a time.

Cooked food is itself of three types.
1. Veg
2. Non Veg
3. Mixed Food (Veg - Non Veg)


Soul Body development is held on basis of the six tastes.
Six tastes in the food are,
1.  Sweet
2. Salt
3. Sour
4. Bitter
5. Pungent
6. Astringent.

Proper mixture of food's taste......
Confluence of six tastes is the ambrosia (Amirdham)
Confluence of six tastes is the joining with Nature
Confluence of six tastes is the proper contact of The Soul Body
Confluence of six tastes is the guide to health
Confluence of six tastes is the protection to The Soul Body
Confluence of six tastes is the beginning stage of blissful life
"As we can say the result of six tastes in so many sentences."


As how we know the common ratio of mixing sweet, salt, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent in the food, we should know whether we have created it in the mixture of food.

"Healthy if known
 Healthy if experience
 Healthy if share - As
 Lets know the health healthy"


We have to know whether water drinking stages varies in consuming methods of food like liquid food, solid food and both solid-liquid food.

Not only while eating food but also whenever the need occurs, we have to drink the water and protect the wealth of The Soul Body.

"Consume food knowing the hunger
 Consume water knowing the thirsty."


Heat is felt easily throughout The World and used much among Five Elements of Nature. Because, life is began by The Sun's rays which is source of the heat. Further Heat is one of the various sources needed for the usage of our action's function. Heat has a very important role in participating the improvement for Body's health. 


Herbal's magnificence is explained about the herbal which is spread naturally throughout the pleasant World created by Universe Creator, its uses, its using method...........


Medicine is mentioned in the stages like Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food. Those knowing the eminence stages of medicine becomes the persons knowing the magnificence of human life.
Medicine is used for healthiness and also for health ailments.  
Medicine is used to block the disease occurring.
Medicine is used to cure after the disease is occurred.
Medicine is used for the development and also for the protection of the body.

Medicine is used for the development and also for the protection of the plants.

Medicine is used for protecting the needed living things and also for destroying unwanted living things (eg. Virus and harmful bacteria)..........................

Like these Medicine has many specialties. "So the message 'Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food' is needed to be known very well."


Brain is functioning and being functioned.

Howsoever connections the human body is connected, howsoever actions it's ready to do, all those connections and all those actions are connected with Brain. For all those actions, orders are emerged from Brain.So that only, Brain is said as an important source for The Soul Body functioning.

When brain's temperature is protected proper by the food we eat, thought we think, action we do and by the protection method surrounded by us, it means that Brain's function is suitable to the functioning of The Soul Body.

Neurons get affected when brain's temperature gets affected. If neuron gets affected, functioning centers in the brain gets weak. So no one can stop the effect in Soul Body functioning by weakness, tiredness, disease, underdevelopment and insecurity. If we think to reform it, lets correct it by knowing the effect, purifying, maintaining, protecting, practices, medicine, effort, consolation and understanding appropriate to it.

"Lets know the functions of the brain, lets get developed in life"


Mind is a contacting device
Mind is continuous traveler

Lets know The Mind - Lets live happy.

We have to know the living method to know The Mind. Among the methods to know The Mind, Yogam method is the primary. That too knowing through Jeevayogam is more simple. Because Mind functioning methods are explained clear in Jeevayogam.

We can know Minds way in each actions of life like,
Minds living place
Exposure of thoughts
Spiritual Wisdom's way
Love's way
Knowledge's way
Siddham's contacting way
Sense Organ's way
Organ's way
World contact's In-Out, Out-In way
Recording place of recordings
Reforming method
Experience method
Sharing method.

Sivamathi Medicine Hints

Disease occurring method - Further message

Joining in unsanitary situation - man + living things + surroundings
Living in temperature ( heat & cool)
Beneficiary bacteria's function affects
Creation of germs (creation of harmful bacteria in our body)
Becoming reason for creating virus
Contraries in human thinking
Becoming contrary in human actions
Becoming contrary in sharing thoughts
Not knowing the principles of food
Contrary in consuming needed food
Unwanted actions while eating
Usage of illegal drugs while eating the food
Usage of smoking materials while eating the food
Consuming different taste food (sweet & bitter) at same time
Becoming emotion while eating the food (anger, happy)
Watching unwanted scenes while eating (Movie, TV programs.....)
Involving in intercourse while eating
Involving in romance while eating
Contrary (sex, anger, fight....) in Mother feeding
Improper intercourse (Using sex toys, involving through anus....)
Living life with compulsion

Knowing the disease - three types

We can know the disease in three types such as heat, cold and underdevelopment (body and Mind).


We must know that the heat functioning in body change according to the body parts. We get the chance to know the Soul Body function by knowing these heat changes. Further we can understand the importance of maintaining Soul Body. Because we are not giving or giving less importance to the maintenance of inner body like giving importance for the maintenance of outer body.

Heat (temperature) change

Human body is functioning by food and thought. Below mentioned two functions are functioning interlinked,

Body's growth function by food
Body's functional growth by thoughts

Living method is being in the situation of  joining with Nature method. The answer is no for asking  Whether its heat level is contacting directly with us. Because we get the heat, one of the five elements, as a mixture of plants, living things living in The Universe, before these water, land, air and the space. Like the heat mixture creating in the nature, our body is created by the mixture of food and thought. Heat level changes in the body because of the occurrence of various transmissions such as creation,  growth and reformation. 

Heat reformation - Gives
Body prosperity 


Like the percentage of water in the earth is of large quantity, the percentage of water in the body is of large quantity. Like the heat useful for the digestive system, water is useful for the coolness of the body, mixture of food and thought function and purification method.

When any one among heat and cool in body's functional growth transmission gets affect, the other one also get affected. At that time cool level changes like the change in heat level. So, to know the affect in the body, we have to know the water's exchange level in the body at the same time of knowing the heat level.

Like knowing the function of heat - cool (temperature) by the functioning method of food and thought, we can know the affect in body by the functioning method (anger, hunger, method of exposure of body waste.......) of heat - cool (temperature).

Underdevelopment (Body & Mind)

We can  know the  body's growth level through the cooperation method of body's functioning method.

Knowing the body's growth development doesn't end by knowing height, weight, circumstance of body or by observing the sitting level, standing level, walking level and sleeping level but also by knowing the sense organ's function and understanding capacity.

To know the disease

To know about the disease, we have to know the body function.
To know about the disease, we have to know the eating method.
To know about the disease, we have to know the living method.
To know about the disease, we have to know our surrounding.

So, lets know the life method in living method.
Lets reform by knowing the molecule of health and live good.

Cleanliness and purification

Cleanliness of body by water
Cleanliness of inner - outer by thought
Cleanliness of Soul body by proper life practices

Make clean and purification with fulfillment of health by medicine, food and proper method.